Archives of Past Exhibits: Continental Group (China)

SAE China 2015

Long range radar

Short range radar

Multi-function mono camera

Safety domain control unit

Onboard equipment

Wireless charging system

Hybrid control unit

48V DC-DC converter

48V motor

48V Inverter integrated starter generator

Intelligent battery sensor

SAE China 2014

Electronic brake systems “MK C1”

-Brake master cylinder and ABS/ESC are integrated. It can be used in HV and EV vehicles and will be mass production in 2016.

Engine control unit

Fuel injector

Common rail with high pressure sensor

Flex fuel sensor

Electrical compressor bypass valve

Turbo purge valve

Electronic throttle body

Long range radar environmental sensor

Short range radar sensor

Multifunctional camera

Short range lidar sensor

SRL Cam: CMOS camera and infrared lidar sensor

Diesel high pressure pump

Free programmable cluster

Installed vehicle: Mercedes-Benz “S-Class”


High temperature sensor

SCR (Selective catalyst reduction) injector

In-tank SCR (Selective catalyst reduction) dosing system

Urea concentration and level sensor

Electronics for demand controlled system

Electronic parking brake central integrated ECU (Electronic control unit)