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Tokyo Motor Show 2005

Vane pump for CVT oil pressure sources
-This pump has been designed exclusively for CVT oil pressure sources. The small size, light weight and high precision parts of the pump have resulted in high efficiency.
-Low noise level tuning enables oil containing a high percentage of air to be used for this pump.
-Durability is assured even if  highly contaminated oil is used for this pump, which is designed to contain high revolution, high flow and cavitation. 

High pressure and large displacement Vane pump

-High pressure and great volume (15cm3/rev., 15.5MPa), which were assumed extremely difficult, have been achieved, as well as the highest revolution of 9000rpm.
-This pump is expected to be used for high-class passenger cars, SUVs, pickup trucks and so on. 

Continuous Adjustable Shock Absorber

(Mono-tube) Shock Absorber
(Twin-tube) Shock Absorber
-A continuous adjustable shock absorber suitable for semi-active suspension system to control damping force.
-The damping force is adjusted within 0.02 second continuously by responding to electric current.
-The Company can supply a wide range of  shock absorbers, strut-type, mono-tube, and twin tube type shock absorbers to meet various needs of customers. The damping force adjustment mechanism can be installed either in the piston rod or in the outer tube.

R&P Hydraulic power steering

-The Company uses a hollow rack bar for this power steering as part of development of environmentally friendly products. This product is lighter by 34% than a conventional hollow rack type steering due to reduction in metallic waste through rack bar molding by cold forging process. 

Electric rear wheel steerage actuator (4WS ACTR)
-The dual system of potentiometer improves redundancy. Non reverse gear, whose reversal efficiency is zero, is also used.
-The controller calculates the rear wheel steering angle based on signals from the steering angle sensor, the vehicle speed sensor and the yaw rate sensor. The controller also strokes the rod.

-This system connects tubes of shock absorbers for  the front right and rear left wheels, and for the front left and rear right wheels respectively, thus controls the movement of a  vehicle in an X-shaped direction.