Aisin Group (China) FY2007

Business Highlights

<Highlights by segment>
Drivetrain systems

<Manual transmissions (MTs)>
- Tangshan Aisin Gear Co., Ltd., which is jointly owned by Aisian Seiki Co., Ltd. and Aisin AI Co., Ltd., started commercial production of drive plates in March, 2007. In April of the same year, the joint-venture company also launched mass production of the C50 and C66 manual transmissions for use in the Corolla built at Tianjin FAW Toyota.

- Aisin AI Co., Ltd., will expand its capacity to manufacture manual transmissions (MTs) in China. In 2008, it will produce 300,000 units, which is about 70% more than the volume it made in 2006 and out that total volume, 200,000 units will be supplied to Toyota.
In 2010 ,the company plans to manufacture a total of 3 million MTs in Japan, Thailand, and China, out of which 400,000 will be produced in China. (From an article in the Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun on Jun. 13, 2007)

Brake systems
-In December 2007, Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. and ADVICS Co., Ltd. jointly announced a plan to merge their two brake parts and components suppliers in Tianjin, China. The two companies aim to expand their brake business in China through promotion of production rationalization and management efficiency. Tianjin Aisin Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. and ADVICS Tianjin Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. will be consolidated with the latter as a surviving company maintaining its name. A total capital of approx. five billion yen will be invested by ADVICS (50.1%), Aisin Seiki (47.2%) and Toyota Tsusho Corp. (2.7%) to establish the new company in July 2008. Brake boosters/master cylinders, disc brake calipers and parking brakes will be manufactured with expected sales of 1.36 billion Yuan or about 18 billion yen in FY 2008. (From an article in the Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun on Dec. 6, 2007)

Aluminum die casting and cast iron products
- During fiscal year 2007, Takaoka Lioho (Tianjin) Industries Co., Ltd. set up additional casting lines, expanding its capacity to produce cast parts.