Visteon Group (China) FY2010

Business Highlights

Business Overview

-For 2010, the net sales of Visteon China is 450 million dollars, which is 6% of the total sales of the Group, reached an increase of 18.42% year-on-year.(From Visteon's annual report)

<Interior and exterior Parts>

Supply agreement from Geely

-Yanfeng Key (Shanghai) Automotive Safety Systems Co., Ltd. (YFKSS), a subsidiary of the Company, was awarded a contract from Geely Group of China for the first time. YFKSS recently started supplying products including driver and passenger airbags, steering wheels and seat belts for the LG-3 Jinying model. (From a press release on October 18, 2010)


Starting production in Nanjing

-On September 15, Yanfeng Plastic Omnium Automotive Exterior Systems Co., Ltd. (YFPO), a subsidiary of the Company,  held a line-off ceremony at its Nanjing Jiangning Plant. Construction of this facility started on March 3, 2010. The plant produces bumpers and other exterior components. (From a press release, September 17, 2010)

New plant in Zhuzhou

-Yanfeng Visteon (Chonqing) Automotive Trim Systems Co., Ltd. established a new production facility at the Liyu Industrial Park, Tianyuan district, Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, following its establishing the Guangzhou Branch. The Zhuzhou facility will supply instrument panels and door panels to Beijing Automotive's Zhuzhou Plant, starting at the end of 2010, as well as Geely Automobile's Xiangtan Plant, starting in 2011. (From news releases issued by multiple sources on October 24, 2010)


New plant in Liuzhou

-Yanfeng Visteon Automotive Trim Systems Co., Ltd. will soon start constructing a new plant in Liuzhou, China. In the first phase of the project, the company will build a 22,213-square-meter facility. Both Yanfeng Visteon Jinqiao Automotive Trim Systems Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Yanfeng Johnson Controls Seating Co., Ltd. will locate their respective subsidiaries there to manufacture interior parts and seats for use in the Shanghai GM Wuling GP50 and successor models. The company intends to finish the first phase of the construction project by the end of this year and start commercial production.(From a press released on July, 8, 2010)

Established a joint-venture in Chongqing 

-Changchun Faway Automobile Components Co., Ltd. and Yanfeng Plastic Omnium Automotive Exterior Systems, a subsidiary of the Company,  are planning to establish a joint-venture company in Chongqing City also, following their existing joint-venture company in Chengdu City. The new joint-venture company will be formed based on the existing Chongqing facility of Yanfeng Plastic Omnium Automotive Exterior Systems in terms of operations, production equipment, and employees. The planned amount of investment in this joint-venture project is 148.3 million yuan. The company will be capitalized at 72 million yuan, of which 51 percent will be provided by Yanfeng Plastic Omnium Automotive Exterior Systems and 49 percent by Changchun Faway Automobile Components. The new facility will manufacture exterior parts such as bumper assemblies, door assemblies, radiator grilles, and wheel trims for 312,000 vehicles each year. The facility plans to operate at full capacity from 2014. (From an announcement by the company, January 30, 2010)

 <Lighting Division>

New plant  in Changzhou

 -Visteon TYC Auto Lamps Co., Ltd. (VTYC), a Chinese joint venture of Visteon Corporation and TYC Brother Industrial Co., Ltd., celebrated its five-year anniversary in its recently expanded automotive lighting manufacturing plant in Changzhou, China. VTYC has a broad automotive lighting product offering, including headlamps, rear lamps, fog lamps, park turn lamps and side markers, center high mount stop lamps and interior lamps. It serves both international and domestic automakers in China, such as Chang'An Ford Mazda Automotive, Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW Volkswagen, Haima, General Motors, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automotive (DPCA) and PSA. TYC Brother Industrial, headquartered in Tainan, Taiwan, is an automotive lighting equipment manufacturer. (From a press release on October 28, 2010)

New plant in Chongqing

-The Visteon Group is planning to add a new plant to manufacture automotive lighting systems in Chongqing, where it already has four production facilities. Since Changan Automobile and other automakers are expanding their operations in the city, the company is intending to further increase its capacity by enhancing its existing factories.(From a press release on October 11, 2010)


<Climate Control Divisions>

Climate Systems Operations in Changchun Expanded

-FAWER Visteon Climate Control System (Changchun) Co., Ltd (FVCC) has moved the Changchun Automotive Development Zone and expanded its manufacturing operation in Changchun, China. The new plant will produce heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) and mechanically assembled aluminum radiators, in addition to brazed aluminum radiators that FVCC currently produces. In 2009, FVCC established a technical collaboration with Japan Climate Systems (JCS), another Visteon joint venture, leading to the introduction of the HVAC product line. In addition, FVCC localized the design of radiators. The Changchun facility has the capacity to produce 1.2 million brazed radiators, 250,000 mechanical radiators and 240,000 HVAC systems annually. FVCC serves a range of automakers such as FAW-Volkswagen, FAW Car, FAW Jiefang, FAW Xiali, FAW Haima, Shanghai Volkswagen, Chang'an Ford, Chery, Geely, and Great Wall. (From a press release on June 22, 2010)


<R&D facility>

Company name Year established City Overview
Visteon China Technical Center(CTC) Nov. 2005 Shanghai -The company integrates the group's engineering activities that focus on automotive interior and electronic parts in the Asia Pacific region. CTC will also focus on developing various products, some to be marketed globally and others to specific countries.
Testing Center Mar. 2009 Shanghai -Visteon and Halla Climate Control (HCC) established a new facility in Shanghai to measure and test various air conditioner parts. The testing center is equipped with various measuring systems including an airflow meter, a noise and vibration measuring room for HVAC systems and cooling systems, and measuring devices for evaporators and heaters.


Product developments

-China's Yanfeng Visteon Automotive Electronics (YFVE) developed an instrument cluster and audio systems on Shanghai General Motors' small car Chevrolet New Sail. (From a press release on February 25, 2010)

-Yanfeng Visteon Automotive Electronics has developed a new cockpit system - Advanced Cockpit Electronics Interface (ACE-I). The ACE-I comes with a 7-inch full-color Thin Film Transistor (TFT) screen with touch-sensitive functionality. It integrates a wide range of vehicle controls in a single-screen display. These controls include navigation, video, audio, climate and driver information. This system also enables connection with consumer electronics such as SD cards, USB keys, MP3 players or iPod(R) devices. (From a press release on April 23, 2010)

-Visteon Corporation began showcasing its latest technology in its demonstration vehicle, the C-Beyond,for vehicle manufacturers and media in China. The vehicle features more than 40 innovative technologies in climate systems, infotainment and connectivity, and interior and exterior lighting. (From a press release on July 29, 2010)