S&T Motiv Co., Ltd. (Formerly S&T Daewoo Co., Ltd.) Business Report FY ended Dec. 2018

Financial Overview (Consolidated)

(in millions KRW)
FY ended
Dec. 31, 2018
FY ended
Dec. 31, 2017
Rate of change Remarks
Sales 1,058,426 1,137,470 (6.9) Sales by product (Ratio)
-Suspension parts: KRW 91,992 million (8.3%)
-Electronics: KRW 112,166 million (10.1%)    
-Motors: KRW 324,595 million (29.1%)
-Airbags: KRW 60,382 million (5.4%)
-Engine parts: KRW 277,366 million (24.9%)
Operating income 56,281 96,737 (41.8) -
Net income 57,225 59,056 (3.1) -


R&D Structure

-The Company conducts its development activities mainly at its technical research center in Busan.

-The Company has a total of 134 researchers at its technical research center and electronic component as of December 31, 2018.

-S&T Daewoo Automotive Components (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. established a research center in March 2016.

R&D Expenses

(in millions KRW)
FY ended Dec. 31, 2018 FY ended Dec. 31, 2017 FY ended Dec. 31, 2016
Amount 19,390 24,359 23,980
% of Sales 1.8% 2.1% 2.1%

Development Activities by Business Division


Motor - The Company is increasing its shares in the powertrain motor and sunroof motor markets.

- The Motor-Driven Power Steering (MDPS) systems, brushless motors, and high-power motors made by the Company are featured in an increasing number of vehicle models.

- The Company is developing motors for use in next generation vehicles as well as motors to support X-by-wire technology.
Electronic - The Company developed remote keyless entry systems in 1986. After that, it developed immobilizers and body control modules (BCMs), which are now being mass produced.

- Recently it developed a motor-integrated sunroof controllers with an anti-pinching protection function.

- The Company is developing in-vehicle cameras and display modules. 
- In 1987, the Company formed a technical alliance with Calsonic Kansei Corporation.

- In 1995, the Company successfully developed instrument panels in-house.

- The Company is developing Full TFT clusters for multimedia interface.
Chassis - In the initial stage, the Company developed its chassis business by collaborating with Boge of Germany, which is now called ZF Sachs.

- After that, it developed chassis products on its own, supplying them for use in new vehicle models.

- Currently it is transferring its technology to Gabriel India.
Airbag - In the initial stage, the Company developed its airbag business through its technical collaboration with TRW and Breed (now called KSS) based in the U.S.

- After that, the Company was successful in developing airbags on its own.
- In the initial stage, the Company conducted its development activities based on a technical partnership with AC Rochester (now called AC Delco).

- After that, it developed engine components on its own, supplying them for use in new vehicle models.

- The Company developed and started commercial production of semi-electronic control throttle bodies in order to support increased use of electronic parts in automobiles.

Recent Developments

(For the PSA K0 project)
Jan. 2014 -
Jan. 2016
Instrument panels
(For the GM Uzbekistan M150, T250, J200)
May 2014 -
Apr. 2016
Oil pumps
(For GM)
Jan. 2015 -
Feb. 2018
Traction motors
(For FCEVs)
Feb. 2015 -
Dec. 2015
BWTTS E-GEAR actuators
(For Chinese market)
Jan. 2015 -
Oct. 2015
ASG DRB motors
(For European market)
Jan. 2015 -
Mar. 2016
EV traction motors
(For Hyundai Kia)
Nov. 2014 -
Apr. 2016
R-MDPS motors
(For Hyundai Mobis)
Jul. 2015 -
Mar. 2017
Transfer cases
(For Magna)
Jun. 2015 -
Apr. 2017
Room mirror displays
(For PSA)
Nov. 2015 -
Feb. 2018
Instrument panels
(For GM 9BUX)
Oct. 2016 -
Apr. 2019