S&T Motiv Co., Ltd. (Formerly S&T Daewoo Co., Ltd.)

Company Profile




363, Yeoraksongjeong-ro, Cheolma-myeon, Gijang-gun, Busan, South Korea

Business Overview

-The Company was established in 2002 under the name Daewoo Precision Industries Co., Ltd. It was absorbed by the S&T Group in September 2006. It changed its corporate name from S&T Daewoo Co., Ltd. to S&T Motiv Co., Ltd. in March 2012.

-The sales ratio in the world : GM Group 41.8%, Hyundai Kia Automotive Group 17.5%.

-Main products

  • Chassis
  • Electrical/electronic
  • Airbag
  • Engine parts and transmission
  • Electric motor for automotive
  • Navigation



(As of Dec. 31, 2018)

Main Shareholder
S&T Holdings Co., Ltd. 37.21
National Pension Service 11.34
Baring Asset Management 6.30
Total 54.85


ーTraction motors
ーISG(Integrated starter motor and generator)
ーDCT (Double-clutch transmission) actuators
ーeMotors and pumps
ーTransfer case actuators
ーElectric power steering motor
ーAzimuth drive
ーPower seat motors
ーSeat reclining motors
ーAux pump motors
ーElectric shift motors
ーAdjustable pedal motors
ーSunroof motors
ーDRB motors
ーSingle pack seat motors

ーVehicle information display
ーInstrument clusters
ーHVAC (Heating Ventilation, Air condition switch)
ーDIC (Driver information center)
ーAVS (All around view system)
ーRVC (Rear view camera)
ーRKE (Remote keyless entry) / RES (Remote engine start)
ーSunroof ECU
ーDoor control module
ーSeat module
ーSDM (Airbag sensing & diagnostic module)

-Electric Vehicle Traction motor module
-Oil pump

-Suspension modules
-Shock absorbers


SCMC(Semi Conductor Machinery components) 

Die casting


Dec. 1981 Daewoo Precision Industries Co., Ltd. was established.
Oct. 1983 The Company established its Technology Research Center.
Jul. 1986 The Company completed an automotive parts plant.
Oct. 1989 The Company developed and launched mass-production of DC motors.
Dec. 1992 The Company went public as Daewoo Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
Jul. 1996 The Company completed its Boryeong plant.
Nov. 1996 The Company obtained ISO9001 certification.
Dec.1997 The Company obtained ISO14001 and QS9000 certifications.
Jun. 1999 Daewoo Precision Industries Co., Ltd. merged with Daewoo Communications as part of the reorganization plans of the Daewoo Group.
Feb. 2002 The Company spun off from Daewoo Communications and established as Daewoo Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2002 The Company was re-listed on the Korean Stock Exchange.
Dec. 2003 The company's M&A plan was approved by the credit banking group.
Dec. 2004 The Company obtained ISO/TS16949 certification.
Feb. 2006 The Company concluded a memorandum of understanding with Woori Bank (representative of the credit banking group) and S&T Heavy Industries (representative of the S&T consortium) concerning a merger plan with S&T Consortium.
Jun. 2006 Woori Bank finalized a stock transfer contract with S&T Consortium.
The Company sold off 51% of common stock shares and 100% of preferred stock of Daewoo Precision Industries Co., Ltd. at a cost of 126.4 billion won.
Sep. 2006 The Company adopted a new name, S&T Daewoo Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2007 The Company established S&T Polska in Poland.
Dec. 2007 The Company established S&T Daewoo Automotive Components (Kunshan) Co.,Ltd. in Kunshan, China.
Apr. 2008 The Company received General Motors' Supplier of the Year for FY2007.
Jun. 2008 The Company established S&T Daewoo India Private Ltd. in India.
Apr. 2009 The Company received General Motors' Supplier of the Year for FY2008.
Jan. 2010 The Company established S&T Automotive Mexico in Reynosa, Mexico.
Mar. 2012 The Company adopted a new corporate name, S&T Motiv Co., Ltd.
Sep. 2013 The Company established S&T Motiv America Co. in U.S.A.
Apr. 2014 The Company established S&T Automotive America, LLC in U.S.A.
Nov. 2016 The Company absorbed S&T Electrics Co., Ltd.

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