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Tokyo Motor Show 2015

All-in-one standard LED light source "MonoLED"

-A light source socket with wide versatility -Special resin dissipates heat efficiently -Nominated as 2016 PACE Award nominee -White light source: Position lamp -Red light source: Tail / Stop lamp

Position lamp - MonoLED

Installed vehicle: Toyota "Alphard"

Tail / Stop lamp - MonoLED

Installed vehicle: Mitsubishi "Pajero Sport" (made in Thailand)

Head lamp

-LED light guide position lamp -LED low beam Installed vehicle: Subaru "Levorg"

LED High / Low unit (Bi-function system)

Installed vehicle: Toyota "Alphard"

High / Low beam reflector

Installed vehicle: Daihatsu "Move"

Rear lamp

-LED tail /stop lamp Installed vehicle: Suzuki "Lapin"

Door mirror

-LED side turn signal lamp

2015 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Head lamp

-LED tail lamp -LED stop lamp Installed vehicle: Daihatsu "Move"

Head lamp

-LED position lamp -LED low beam Installed vehicle: Subaru "Levorg"

Head lamp

-LED low beam (rectangular lens) -LED high beam (rectangular lens) -LED turning lamp -LED DRL & position lamp Installed vehicle: Renault "Espace"

Head lamp

-LED illumination (daylight) -LED position lamp -LED high beam & low beam -LED cornering lamp -LED position lamp: the Company developed its Mono LED Unit, which integrates LED chips, circuit boards and heat radiation parts into the socket. The socket-type lamp can be applied to several different models. Installed vehicle: Toyota "Alphard/Vellfire"

Rear lamp

-LED tail lamp -LED stop lamp -Laser welding assembly Installed vehicle: Toyota "Harrier"

Rear view mirror

-LED side turn signal lamp -Camera for around view monitor Installed vehicle: Nissan "Fuga"

Rear view mirror

-LED side turn signal lamp -Camera for side view (passenger side) Installed vehicle: Mitsubishi "Outlander"

Map lamp

-LED console lamp Installed vehicle: Nissan "Fuga"

Spot lamp

-LED spot lamp -LED dome lamp Installed vehicle: Toyota Lexus "LS"

Spot lamp

-LED spot lamp Installed vehicle: Toyota Lexus "GS"

JSAE 2008

On the theme of "Lighting & Vision" a host of new technologies including LED head and rear combination lamps and door mirrors are on display.
LED Rear Combination Lamp with ARS (Emergency Response Function)



Multi-functional Side Mirrors  
LED Headlamp System/Introducing the New System Utilizing LED

Image1 (AFS System Utilizing LED)

Image2 (LED Headlamp System)

Rear Combination Lamp Small sized and light weighted HID projector unit
Installed vehicles: Crown Hybrid (Toyota)
Installed vehicles: Subaru Impreza
LED Rear Combination Lamp Adaptive Front lighting System
Installed vehicles: GT-R (Nissan)
Installed vehicles Alphard (Toyota)

JSAE 2006

Side Blind Detection System
It Monitors the blind spots (about objects which are in between the direct and indirect fields of view of the mirrors ) on either side and rear of the vehicle, and provides warnings to the driver to help avoid accidents when changing lanes or making turns.
-To clearly define the detection area, the system adopted highly directional IR-Laser.
-To cover wide-angle area, it uses multiple (about 30) IR-Lasers.
- To filter out unnecessary targets for detection such as fences or walls, it conducts pulse irradiation.
-If there are any objects within detection area, the light source (LED warning light) installed on mirrors or door mirror housing illuminates to warn the driver.
-The system can be used independently of car navigation monitor.
-Currently being proposed to automakers. Practical use is expected to start in three to five years.

Headlamp Cleaning System
-In view of the fact that mandatory attachment of headlamp cleaner is under consideration in Japan, the Company is tackling with the challenges regarding its performance, reliability, design and standardization. The system is currently mounted on Citroen A4.
-Cleans headlamp only with water pressure using water in a washer tank
-Can be used for lamps with various forms by adopting a variation of nozzle strokes

LED Head Lamps
The Company has not exhibited main beam using LED as it is a light source under development, but this time decided to exhibit it for the first time in consideration of recent developments in LED performance.