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Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Piston ring

Crankshaft (upper) Steering knuckle (lower)

Pulley seal ring for CVT (upper) Rotation seal ring (AT/CVT) (lower)

Valve seat (upper) Valve lifter (DLC) (lower)

Aluminum retainer valve spring (upper) Aluminum vane (lower)

Steel vane

Turbo seal ring


Brake drum

Brake disc rotor

2015 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

SiboDur iron alloy

-The Company has a license and partnership agreement with Georg Fischer Automotive AG in which Georg Fischer grants the Company a license to use its SiboDur alloy in Japan and South-East Asia. The use of SiboDur allows a much lighter construction of chassis parts in iron and competes successfully with aluminum and steel forgings in terms of performance and weight at a lower cost.

SHORIK quench-solidified aluminum powder alloy

-The aluminum alloy contains 20% silicon. The UTS of the SHORIK alloys exceed 450MPa and can be maintained even at 150℃.

Cast iron parts (steering knuckle)

Cast iron parts (camshaft)

-Major customers: Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Daihatsu

Cast iron parts (brake disc rotor)

-The Company produces the brake disc rotor only in Indonesia for supply to Japanese OEMs. -The Company supplies the crankshaft for Mitsubishi Motors' 1.8-liter engines.

Cast iron parts (brake drum)

-The Company produces the brake disc only in Indonesia for supply to Japanese OEMs.

Piston ring

-DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating is used to reduce friction on engine components. Installed vehicles: Nissan "Note" (low friction piston ring for spark ignition engine), Mazda SKYACTIV engines (new oil ring (RNS-M、GN-T))、Toyota "Aqua" (new oil ring (RNS-M、GN-T))

Leading edge seal ring

Other engine parts (lifter)

-DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating is used to reduce friction on engine components.

Other engine parts (valve seat inserts)

Turbo seal ring

2014 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Hollow Camshaft

The light camshaft helps to significantly reduce weight in the engine valve train.

Steering Knuckle

Brake Disc Rotor

Under development

Spiral PXS, Noise Superprevention Sheet

Aluminum Vane, Steel Vane, Aluminum Retainer Valve Spring, Turbo Seal Ring

Rotation Seal Ring (AT/CVT)

Piston Ring

Tokyo Motor Show 2013

SiboDur - Iron alloy

-Acquired a license of SiboDur and signed partnership agreement with Swiss-based Georg Fischer (GF). The Company will manufacture on behalf of GF in Japan and South-East Asia, and GF on behalf of Riken in Europe. -Optimally designed products made from SiboDur, a high-strength ductile alloy, offers reduction in product thickness and weight

Hollow camshafts


Steering knuckle

-Made of ductile cast iron

Seal ring

-The Company estimates its domestic market share of seal rings is approximately 90 percent

Piston ring

-The Company estimates its domestic market share of piston rings is estimated to approximately 50 percent

Valve seat

Non-flammable absorber

Aluminum retainer & Aluminum vane

Brake disk rotor

-Under development

Tokyo Motor Show 2011

Piston Rings

Engine Parts

Tokyo Motor Show 2005

Tokyo Motor Show 2005

Piston ring
<Preventing Aluminum Adhesion Technology> 
-"New Tough-RIK"
- Thermal resistance and wear resistance were improved thanks to the review of solid lubrication and improvement of binder made from thermal resistance resin.

<Surface Treatment Technology>
-DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) / Amorphous Carbon
application material for cylinder Features
periphery cast iron less friction + better fuel consumption
aluminum preventing aluminum adhesion and scuffing + wear resistance + less friction
lateral - measure to abrasion of groove in the piston (preventing aluminum adhesion)

Engine parts

Deformed Hollow Tilt Camshafts
- Making shaft hole at the core along cam profile achieved weight reduction and less machining cost. Possible to make a hole of the oil-through-bore at one time. 

Valve Lifter
- A combination of bonding techniques and downsizing allowed to reduce weight and to minimize engine size. A barrel shaped type reduced sound at the time of engine revolution and achieved to enhance the quietness. At the same time, less friction was achieved. 

Aluminum Alloy Retainer
- Resistant to abrasion and achievement of weight reduction

Processed material parts
Double Wishbone Type Steering Knuckles
- Cost reduction by near-net-shape treatment of complex dimension. Reduced the 
   back-end process as well as realizing the easier-cutting. The unified component  reduced 
   its weight.

Strut Type Knuckles
- The unified casting part of complex dimension.

Lower Control Arm
   -Deletion of forged product and stamped product