Archives of Past Exhibits: Stanley Electric

CES 2018

Collection of LEDs used in automotive applications

Sensor integrated headlight

-Utilizes time-of-flight sensor to determine the distance of objects from the headlight.

Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) demonstrator unit

Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Improving visibility rear lamp

-Flexible OLED

Stress free HMI

-When needed, necessary switches float in the air, make it possible to quick operation.

High resolution ADB (Adaptive Driving Beam)

-Road surface depiction lighting -TOF (Time of Flight) sensor


LED for automotive interior

LED for automotive exterior

LED Direct Insert Coupler Socket (DICS)

-Direct insert coupler socket
-RED 83/7 lm (Rear lamp/Stop lamp): In production
-WHITE 350 lm: Ready for production
-AMBER 250 lm: Market launch in 2018

Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Laser headlamp

-High beam: 4 pcs. of laser Low beam: 4 pcs. of laser -Contributes to downsizing of unit. -Realized 1.5 times longer distance sight vs LED headlamp. -Under development

LED headlamp

Adaptive driving beam headlamp (ADB)

-Using 300pcs of LEDs -Realized light distribution by making OFF of LEDs which are located where the driver doesn't want to light by high beam. -Under development

Whindow rear lamp

-Light the rear glass by LEDs. -Under development

OLED rear lamp

-Under development

Ceatec Japan 2015

Signal lamp projection (First-time exhibit)

-Under development -The system projects light images on the road surface to let pedestrians and other drivers predict the vehicle's next move easily

Emergency stop signal

(Rear lamp)

Turn signal lamp

(Door mirror)

LED for automotive interior

-Compact and high brightness LEDs offer new lighting designs for instrument panels: “Black out” and “Smoke panel”

LED for automotive interior

PBTLCD for HUD system

-Offers high contrast, monochrome segment display using Pure Black Technology (PBT)

MEMS scanner device for HUD system

Ceatec Japan 2014

Adaptive driving beam

-Glare-free high beam headlight using LED array -Mazda exhibited its adaptive LED headlight at CEATEC. ( image , image ) It is estimated that Mazda's component is the same as Stanley's.

Laser headlamp

MEMS scanner device

-MEMS scanning mirror reflects laser light from diodes and project the image. It can be used for HUD and projector applications.

LED for automotive interior

Tokyo Motor Show 2013

LED headlamp


LED illumination lamp

LED illumination lamp

Illumination lamp - Crystal wing

Multi line LED fog lamp

LED fog lamp

Automotive LED headlight & exterior LED

LED for Automotive room lamp, back light of LCD and automotive cluster

Motion HMI for center display

-Motion of the hand is detected and input by means of TOF sensor -Intuitive operation is possible by touch sensor of the hemisphere surface where a palm fits

Environment friendly next generation lighting system with laser headlamp

Environment friendly next generation lighting system with laser headlamp

Ceatec Japan 2013

LED Illumination Lamp

3D A/C Panel

LED for Automotive Interior (Room Lamp)

LED for Automotive Exterior

Tokyo Motor Show 2011

LED Head Lamp

LED Rear Combination Lamp

Center Console Panel

3 in 1 LED Devices (Application examples for Meter Lighting)

Tokyo Motor Show 2009

Vision chip camera (New type)

High power white LED (New type)

Installed in the BMW "5 Series Grand Tourismo"

Color comparison of headlamps

Liquid cooled LED headlamp (Reference exhibit)