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2015 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

SFRD - Sensitive Frequency Response Damper

Electronically controlled variable damper system without additional sensors

S-SEES II - Showa Super Empowering Efficient Suspension dampers

Variable damper system ECU

Dual pinion assist electric power steering system

-Installed vehicle: Mazda "Roadster"

Belt rack assist electric power steering system

Rear differential assembly with viscous couplings

-Installed vehicles: Honda "N-BOX", "Jazz"

High-efficiency oil pump for transmissions

Gas spring with free stop mechanism

2015 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Electronically Controlled Variable Damper System

-Under development

SFRD (Sensitive Frequency Response Damper)

Installed vehicle: Honda "Accord Hybrid"

DPA-EPS (Dual Pinion Assist - Electric Power Steering)

Installed vehicle: Honda "Civic Type R"

BRA-EPS (Belt Rack Assist Electric Power Steering)

-Under development

Viscous Differential Assembly for Small Cars

Installed vehicle: Honda 4WD models including "N-Box" and "Fit"

High-Efficiency Oil Pump for Transmissions

Installed vehicle: Honda "Step WGN"

Gas Spring

S-SEES (Showa -Super Empowering Efficient Suspension)

Study of Vehicle Trace Performance and Stability

2014 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition



Differential assembly with viscous coupling

Gas spring

Front fork for motorcycle

Sensitive frequency response damper

Tokyo Motor Show 2005

Tokyo Motor Show 2005

Electromagnetic Damper <<<Features
- This solution allows a free control of continuous damping force selection, including roll 
  control and braking nose dive. 

Power assist unit
- This unit, compact, light weight and low cost, enlarges torque power. Easy to mount due 
  to simple and compact design. These are applicable for various components that require 
  power assistance.  

<Power Steering>
Rack assist electric power steering (belt drive type)
- The high power brushless generator and structure of 2-way reduction gear (belt +ball 
  screw) is the solution of low inertial power and less friction  making excellent steering 
  feeling and quietness. Applicable for the high-output design for full-size vehicles.. 

Pinion assist electric power steering (one ECU type)
- System modularization. Reduction of huge amount of automobile wiring harness.

<New technology>
Side force cancel spring shock absorber
- Coiling machine, controlling pitch and operating load direction made it possible to cancel 
  side force with a single spring.

Automobile gear dry-cutting 
- Environmental friendly new technology like high-speed dry machining without use of 
  cutting fluid.

<Under development>
Pipe rack for power steering
- The Company is developing all pipe rack produced by cold forming, aiming high machining 
  accuracy of gear and light weight.

Worm gear for EPS
- The Company also conducts development to form the gear surface by the rolling process,
  aiming to reduce production process and the yielding ratio of materials.