Bharat Gears Ltd. Business Report up until FY ended Mar. 2012

Business Highlights

Recent Years

Financial Overview

FY ended March 31, 2012
-During the FY ended March 31, 2012, commercial vehicle sales in India grew by 19.8%. LCVs recorded 27.3% growth and M&HCVs recorded 10.8% growth.

-In the USA, M&HCV recorded growth of 57.4% during the FY ended March 31, 2012. It is estimated that when the aging truck fleet in USA is scrapped, this segment will grow considerably.

-The Company's total revenue from operations and other sources increased by 30.1% from INR 3,354.6 million in the FY ended March 31, 2011 to INR 4,364.4 million in the FY ended March 31, 2012. 


R&D Activities

FY ended March 31, 2011
-The Company introduced a bevel gear dry cutting process with close loop technology.

FY ended March 31, 2009
-The Company has invested in acquiring an advanced bevel gear design software which will help achieve a better quality of gear sets for current customers and also help development of noise sensitive gear sets.

FY ended March 31, 2008
-The Company has placed an order for machinery to manufacture bevel and transmission gears by face hobbing method without usage of coolant i.e dry cutting. This new technology is already being integrated into the Company by imparting necessary training to various employees at Germany, Japan and Switzerland.

Investment Activities

Investment Within India

FY ended March 31, 2011
-In view of higher demand from both domestic and overseas customers, the Company planned necessary investments in expanding capacities by investing in additional machines and balancing equipments. Additional capital expenditure for the FY ended March 31, 2012 was financed by way of a mix of internal accruals and debt. Furthermore, the Company also drew up a plan for setting up a greenfield unit in the state of Maharashtra to take care of future expansion of business.

FY ended March 31, 2009
-During the year, the Company invested INR 201 million towards expansion of manufacturing capacity and upgrading technology.