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2015 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

Cockpit cross-car beam

Installed vehicles: Mercedes-Benz "E-Class", "C-Class"

Front-end adapters

Front-end carriers

Engine brackets

Plastic engine oil pan with additional functions

Plastic inlet manifold

Plastic front cover with integrated oil seal

Cam cover module

Variable impactor-fleece separator

High-temperature fuel cell system

Low-temperature fuel cell with integrated media module

Cell contact systems

Cell housings for fuel cells in HEV and PHEV1 formats

Lithium-ion HEV module

Lithium-ion hybrid battery

Standardized housing for various battery modules

Pressure equalizing element

<Insulation/Shielding materials> ElroCoustic C for underbody shielding

<Insulation/Shielding materials> ElroCoustic F for engine hood insulation

<Insulation/Shielding materials> ElroCoustic C for dampening pan for SUVs

<Insulation/Shielding materials> ElroCoustic C for tank shielding

<Insulation/Shielding materials> ElroTherm D insulation for catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter

<Insulation/Shielding materials> ElroTherm Light for engine shielding

<Insulation/Shielding materials> Weight comparison of various shielding materials

<Insulation/Shielding materials> ElroTherm Light for underbody shielding

<Insulation/Shielding materials> Combination of ElroTherm ML with ElroTherm Flex shielding

<Insulation/Shielding materials> ElroTherm Light for turbocharger shielding

<Insulation/Shielding materials> Side impact protection for driver-side door

Metal-layer cylinder-head gasket

Elastomer oil pump gasket

Metal-elastomer timing case gasket

Bonded pistons

Metaloprint transmission control plate

Metal-soft material transmission control plate

Metaloseal transmission control plates

Metaloflex cylinder-head gasket

Metaloflex cylinder-head gasket with backland support and partial coating

-Used in Ford's 1.0-liter EcoBoost gasoline engine

Metaloflex cylinder-head gasket for high-performance diesel engines

Sealing module for compressors

Mica and graphite-based exhaust manifold gaskets and volume sealing rings

R-ring and mica wire mesh gasket

Two-component front cover

Moldflon seal for plastic pump module


Metaloflex cylinder-head gasket with double stopper and backland support

ElroTherm D insulation for exhaust gas recirculation line

Metaloseal L on exhaust gas recirculation gasket

Emulsion/mixing tube


Speedflon oil seal made from PTFE

Metaloseal L and Metalseal M gaskets

Twinstage turbocharger with Metaloseal L gasket and Volumesoftseal V sealing ring

2015 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Transmission spacer plate

-Sandwich style

Transmission spacer plate

EGR gasket with filter

Module with sealing lip

Common rail parts - GDI / DDI injector seal

Common rail parts - GDI / DDI spring energized seal

Laminated piston / Laminated ring / Guiding band / Press ring

Thermo management module

Shaft seal / Memory packing / Seal cone

Volume ring

Hose, Oxygen sensor / Hose, Gear system

Plastic housing module

-Integral (single-piece) molding -Supplied with Mercedes-Benz Truck -Replacement from Cast Iron to Plastic

Shielding system

Cylinder-head gasket

Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2015

Plastic housing with EMC shielding and integral elastomer gasket

Li-ion battery module

Form hoses, tubes

Modules with sealing lip

Spring energized seals, injector seals

Cell contact systems

“ElroTherm ML and SL” shielding system

"ElroTherm D" shielding system

Structural components

Plastic rims

Plastic engine bracket for cars

Cam cover modules

Thermoplastic cam covers

Plastic engine oil pans

Plastic oil pan

Plastic cam frame

Plastic oil suction module

Plastic transmission cover

Exhaust manifold gaskets, volume sealing rings

Volume soft seal

EGR gaskets with integrated metal screen and preassembly clips

Exhaust manifold gasket

V-ring gaskets "Metaloseal"

Cylinder head gaskets

Cylinder head gasket

Bonded piston

SAE 2015 World Congress

ElroCoustic C underbody shield

-Used in BMW vehicles. Utilizes composite materials, specifically low weight reinforced thermoplastics, to provide noise and vibration damping.

ElroTherm D shielding system

-Provides thermal shielding by using silicate nonwovens to allow direct contact with shielded surfaces.

ElroTherm Light shielding system

-Provides thermal shielding by using lightweight materials in applications under strict weight constraints.

ElroTherm ML shielding system

Installed vehicle: Hyundai "Sonata" -Provides thermal shielding by using multiple layers of insulation.

Cylinder-head gaskets

V-ring gasket

Volume sealing rings

E-ring gasket

EGR gasket

Head cover assembly

Plastic intake pipe

Bonded pistons

Cockpit cross-car beam

-The Company's new product line. Produced using a combination hydroforming and injection molded process.

Filter and filter media

Gasket with wire mesh filter for low-pressure EGR system

Particle Oxidation Catalyst (POC)

Filter media for low-pressure EGR filter (100 micrometers)

Filter media for low-pressure EGR filter (195 micrometers)

China Auto Parts And Service Show 2014

Plastic engine oil pan

Plastic oil pan

Plastic timing gear cover

Cam cover module

Plastic cam frame with integrated cable harness for fuel injectors

"Elrotherm Acoustic" noise reduction

"Elrotherm Acoustic" noise reduction

Cylinder-head gaskets

Topseal gaskets

Oil cooler gaskets

2014 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Cylinder Head Gasket / Plastic Housing Module

Shielding System

Installed Vehicle: Nissan, Volkswagen

Aluminum Carrier with Holes for Acoustic Construction

Installed Vehicle: Jaguar -Factory located in Saitama, Japan.

High-performance Oil Separation System with Impactor Fleece

2013 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

Transmission control plates

Seals and gaskets for turbocharger applications

Cylinder head gaskets

Plastic housing

Plastic housing for energy storage units

Housing for battery cell

Cell contact system with cable harness

Plastic engine oil pan

Thermoplastic cam cover module

Plastic rim

Plastic intake pipe

Shield for exhaust pipe

2013 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Plastic Oilpan

Plastic Wheel

Heat shield

Cylinder-head gaskets

Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2013

Li-ion module

Topographic housing module

Oil pan

Thermoplastic cam cover

Plastic oil suction module

Plastic charge air duct

Closed particulate filter

Diesel particulate filter

Eltrotherm acoustic

Eltrotherm acoustic

Exhaust manifold gasket & seal ring

Cylinder gasket

PTFE expertise

China Auto Parts And Service Show 2012

Plastic timing gear cover

Cam cover module

Bondal timing case module

Plastic cam cover module for trucks with integrated sealing and decoupling elements

Plastic cam frame with integrated cable harness for fuel injectors

Metal elastomer cylinder head gasket for commercial vehicles

Cylinder head gasket

Eltrotherm steering shielding parts against heat from catalytic converter

Eltrotherm acoustic

Eltrotherm multifunctional thermal and acoustic shielding part

2011 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

Punch-packed rotor and stator laminations

Fuel cell stack as a range extender(electrical output of 6kW)


Plastic engine oil pan

High-performance oil separation module for crankcase ventilation systems

Cam cover module

Plastic oil suction module

Bonded pistons for hybrid transmissions

Direct component shielding "ElroTherm D"

Weight-optimized engine shielding "ElroTherm Light"

2011 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Cylinder head gasket
Speciality gasket
Image   Image  
Plastic module
 Plastic module
Image   Image  
Plastic module Heat shield
Image   Image  
Heat shield  Heat shield 
Image   Image  

2010 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

High temperature
speciality gasket
Cylinder head gasket

Heat shield Plastic cam cover
image image image
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