Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd. Business Report FY2010


R&D Facility

Name Fuyao Technical Center
Overview -The technical center currently conducts its R&D activities in 10 divisions: the automotive glass research center; construction glass research center; float glass research center; the research center for cutting-edge technology; CAE/CAM application research division; technical information and patent division; inspection and testing center; planning and project management division; production equipment technology center; and dies and jigs research and development center.
-The center was certified as a national level research facility in September 2006.
-The total investment in 2009 was 87.4 million yuan; and that in 2010 reached 155.17 million yuan. 

Product Development

- The Company began mass-production of its Low-E glass for use in automotive windshields. The company has filed a patent application for this Low-E glass coating technology it had developed on its own. The single- and multiple-layer, silver-coated Low-E glass offers a visible light transmission rate of 75 percent and above and a solar transmittance rate of 43 percent or lower, both achieving high international standards. (From a press release, January 28, 2010)

Investment Activities

Capital Investment Projects

(As of Dec. 31, 2010)

Projects Planned amount of investment
(million  yuan)
Amount invested in 2010(million yuan) % so far invested of the total planned  investment
Constructing two new production lines to manufacture automotive float glass at Chongqing Wansheng Float Glass Co., Ltd. 680.0 286.1 46% Under construction
Improving a production line to manufacture automotive float glass at  Fuqing
386.8 173.4 89% Under construction