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2015 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Metal fiber heating

-Winded on SCR hose.

Beki-Shield BU11/7000 (Metal fiber roving of conductive plastic filler)

2014 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Beki-Shield BU11/7000 (Metal fiber roving of conductive plastic filler)

-Countermeasure to electromagnetic ray and static electricity of plastic material -Number 1 global market share of Metal fiber roving

Beki-Shield GR75 (Metal fiber master batch of conductive plastic filler)

Beki-Shield (Metal Fiber Mixed Polycarbonate Plate Sample)

Gasoline Particulate Filter - Beki-Pole

-Proto type

Metal Fiber Heater Element (1)

Metal Fiber Heater Element (2)

2013 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Compression spring

Bezinal springs (Higher performance and processability)

Oil seal

Bezalplast springs

Power spring

GPF filter

Wiper spring

Seat recliner bars

Wiper arm/Bezinal color vertebra

Precision F&S products

Flat and shaped with various sizes

Metal Fibre heating element

2012 JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Sample plate of metal fiber-concluding plastic

Molded sample of metal fiber-concluding plastic (reference exhibit)

DPF (reference exhibit)

Various applications of deformed wire for automobile

Various applications of spring steel wire for automobile

Beki-shield BU

Beki-shield GR

JSAE 2011

ESD・EMI Solution
Bekaert stainless
steel fibers


Bekistat Bekishield GR
Image   Image  

JSAE 2010

Vertebra Wire Wire for wiper system
image   image  

Steel code for truck Steel code for passenger car
image   image  

Bekishield GR Bekishield BU
image   image  

Conductive plastic Stainless filament yarn
image   image  

Bezinal spring Wheel hub cap ring
image   image  

JSAE 2006

Zinc aluminum alloy plated wires :Bezinal(R)
--Zinc alloy wire materials include  5% aluminum 
<Characteristics compared with conventional zinc plated steel wires>
-Excellent corrosion resistance
-Corrosion resistance is maintained at welding spots: 
 Even at temperatures exceeding 1,000 degrees Celsius. corrosion resistance attribute in the area affected by welding heat is maintained, because the steel, zinc and aluminum surface is kept intact.
-Protection of the cutting surface is improved: Sufficient sacrificial corrosion resistance function is certified.
-Molding and fabrication are improved: The product can withstand big bending due to ductility of the steel, zinc and aluminum surface.
-There is no plating peel-off even the product is heated up to 350 degrees Celsius.

<Applications for automobiles>
-Wiper blades, wiper springs, flat wiper arms and so on.

Polymer coated zinc aluminum alloy plated wires : Bezalplast(R)
-Bezalplast(R) steel wires are composed of three layers; PET (Ultra thin Polyethylene terephthalate), Bezinal (R) (High corrosion resistant zinc and aluminum alloy) and steel.

-High corrosion resistance :Even in case of trouble with the PET coating, Bezinal (R) protects wires and contain progress of corrosion.
-Expenses and time of treatment (anti-corrosion or coloring processes), which may be required following wire processing can be reduced.
-The PET coating reduces noise and contains friction.