New Japan Radio Exhibit Highlights


Automotive World 2016

Power-supply ICs/high power leadless package for automotive (PMAP) Ionizer monitoring system
-High-voltage/high heat resistance and downsizing have bee achieved at the same time

Audio/video devices Automotive amplifier for resolver excitation
-Operational amplifier: MUSES series

Application: Power control unit Application: Array microphone manufactured by Transtron Inc.

-Operational amplifier, switching regulator, comparator -Operational amplifier, Low-drop-out regulator (LDO)

Application: Meter panel Application: Rear-view camera

-Switching regulator, low-drop-out regulator (LDO), power amplifier -Video driver

Application: GPS module Application: Keyless entry
-SAW filter -SAW filter

Application: Wireless for business use
-SAW filter

For reference :Wearable sensor For reference :Vital sensor
-Reflective optical sensor for detecting a pulse wave -Microwave sensor for measuring the heart rate and breath
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