Hokuriku Electric Industry Exhibit Highlights


Automotive World 2016

Electronics components for smart car Element for throttle positioning sensor

Element for fuel sender unit Answer-back buzzer for keyless entry

Printed resistor P.W.B. for control
of air-conditioner actuator
MEMS gas sensor & ESD protector
-New product
-MEMS gas sensor for alcohol detection.

Humidity-temp. sensor for car air-conditioner RF module for engine starter

Humidity (Capacitive) & Temperature sensor /
Resistive type humidity sensor
Pressure sensor module /
Piezo-resistive pressure sensor
-New product

Thermal conductivity type hydrogen sensor Magnetic thin-film sensor
(Anisotropic magneto resistance)
-New product -New product

Multiple speaker / Actuator Push-lock switch "SMD type"
-New product

High function chip resistor Current detecting metal plate resistor

-Surge current type high power chip resistor (New)
-Sulfrization-proof chip resistor
-Sulfurization-proof wide terminal chip resistor
-ESD protector (New)

Circuit module Wireless module
-LED module for notebook PC
-LCD module for car navigation
-Low power RF transceiver module (2.4GHz band)
-Low power RF transceiver module (900MHz band)
-Low power RF transceiver module (400MHz band)


Electronic components for smart cars

Profile of Hokuriku Electric Industry