Bosal International N.V.

Company Profile



20 Dellestraat, 3560 Lummen, Belgium

Business Overview

The Company is a global manufacturer of components and systems for the automotive and industrial markets. In relation to the automotive industry, the Company develops and manufactures emission control systems and chassis parts.

-The Company is organized into four market segments:

  • Powertrain
  • Chassis
  • Energy
  • Microgrid


-The Company is a family-owned private company.



-Cold-end exhaust systems
-Hot-end exhaust systems
-Catalytic converters
-Diesel particulate filters
-Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems
-NOx traps
-Silencers and pipes
-Lightweight exhaust packaging systems for hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles
-Advanced heat exchangers for fuel cell vehicles
-Range extenders for battery electric vehicles


-Roof carrier systems
-Bicycle carriers
-Fixed towbars
-Flange ball towbars
-Horizontal detachable towbars
-Vertical detachable towbars
-Retractable towbars
-Air pressure vessels for secondary safety systems
-Seat frame sub-assemblies
-Customized seat frame sub-assemblies
-Rectangular fuel tanks
-Cylindrical fuel tanks
-Electrical sets to connect vehicles to other systems, such as trailers or carriers


1923 Established Alkmaar, Netherlands as an exhaust distribution business.
1952 Started commercial production of the exhaust systems.
1968 Moved the headquarters to Belgium.
1998 Established a new plant in Blue Macaw, Brazil.
New plant started in Argentina.
1999 Established a new plant in Brandys, Czech Republic to manufacture complete exhaust systems for the Skoda Felicia Diesel and downpipes for the Opel Omega series.
Feb. 2000 Bosal International North America announced plans to expand its three USA plants.
Dec. 2000 Bought the aftermarket wholesaler SDL, one of the Company's biggest UK customers. The purchase will ensure its continued supply to the UK aftermarket. SDL will be managed independently of the Company's other UK operations.
Jan. 2002 Strengthened its presence in Russia with a new sales office.
2003 Acquired German jack manufacturer E.A. Storz GmbH
2004 Acquired Hungarian towbar manufacturer Auto-flex
May 2005 Established a joint venture with Delphi.
2005 Opened its Shanghai Representative Office
Sep. 2006 Acquisition of Autoflex Russia to strengthen its position for towbars in the Russian market.
Sep. 2006 Joint venture with ORIS, German based towbar manufacturer
Jul. 2007 Acquired a 244,000 square meters site at Kaluga, Moscow. The Kaluga site will serve as the central manufacturing and distribution hub for Bosal’s operations in Russia where it also anticipates establishing regional satellite facilities to serve OEM assembly plants.
Nov. 2007 Opened a new state-of-the-art 17,000 square meters plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan.
Dec. 2007 Opened a modern new 19,000 square meters plant in Pelitli near Istanbul, Turkey.
Jan. 2018 Announced the divestment of its Automotive Carrier and Protection Systems (ACPS)-division and After Market tow bars-business to TowerBrook Capital Partners, a transatlantic investment management firm. 
Jan. 2021 Announced that it is opening a new plant and competence centre in Nykoeping, Sweden.
Feb. 2021 Announced that it is opening a new plant and R&D centre in Shanghai, China.

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