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Tobelbader Strasse 30, A-8141 Unterpremstaetten, Austria

Business Overview

-The Company is a global leader in providing optical solutions, with a particular focus on sensing and lighting technologies. It services a number of markets including the automotive, consumer, healthcare and industrial technology fields.

-Within the automotive and mobility industries, the Company provides lighting, sensing and visualization technologies and systems. These include driver monitoring systems, gesture sensing systems, interior and exterior lighting, display lighting and functional illumination, light projections and lidars.

-In August 2019, ams began the process of acquiring OSRAM with a proposal offering EUR 38.50 per OSRAM share in cash. While this offer failed to reach the minimum threshold, ams later issued a second offer at a price of EUR 41.00 per share. The second offer was accepted on January 2020. ams received EU regulatory approval for the acquisition in July 2020. The acquisition was successfully closed in July 2020, as ams acquired OSRAM with transaction value of approximately EUR 2.7 billion, forming ams OSRAM. In May 2021, the Company began operations as a combined entity.

-The Company is currently organized into two operating segments: the Semiconductors segment and the Lamps & Systems segment. The Semiconductors segment is comprised of the historical ams business and the OSRAM Optical Semiconductor business. The Lamps & Systems segment includes the historical OSRAM Automotive and Digital businesses.


-The Company is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange stock exchange.


-Capacitive sensors for hands-on-wheel detection systems
-Active stereo vision for driver monitoring systems
-Structured light technology for driver monitoring systems
-Time of Flight technology for driver monitoring systems
-Flood illuminator for in-cabin sensing systems
-Proximity-based solutions for gesture sensing systems
-3D Time of Flight technology for gesture sensing systems
-VCSEL flood illuminator for IR in-cabin sensing applications
-Inductive position sensors for inductive motor control systems
-Position sensors for angle and rotary position sensing applications
-VCSEL arrays and driver technology for lidars
-Lidar systems
-Micro Lens Array projection technology for projection lighting
-Battery sensing solutions for battery management systems

Lamps & Systems
LEDS, infrared systems, lasers, photodetectors and sensors for the following applications:
-Intelligent forward lighting
-Adaptive driving beams (ADB)
-Standard front low-beams
-Standard front high-beams
-Daytime running lights
-Fog lights
-Reverse lights
-Laser lights
-Rear tail lights
-Rear stop lights
-Center High Mounted Stop Lights (CHMSL)
-Static and dynamic turn indicators
-Control illumination for mirror applications
-Car2X communication systems
-Exterior ambient lighting systems
-Lidar systems
-Exterior sensing systems
-Functional illumination systems for buttons, switches, displays and panels
-Ambient white lighting for reading lights, dome lights and floor illumination
-Ambient RGB lighting in footwells, roof lights, and material illumination
-Edge backlighting systems for automotive displays
-Direct backlighting systems for automotive displays
-Head-up displays
-Window projection systems
-Logo projection systems
-Ambient light sensing systems


Oct. 2021 Repatriated OSRAM Continental joint venture and established ams OSRAM Automotive Lighting Systems subsidiary for reintegration of the former joint venture’s operations.



1981 Austria Mikro Systeme International Gesellschaft m.b.H. was founded in August 1981 through a joint venture between American Microsystems Inc. (AMI) and VOEST Alpine AG.
1982 Founding of a 100 mm wafer plant, producing the first 100 mm wafers with 5 µm technology.
1986 Focus on ASIC and foundry business, telecom, automotive and industrial markets; launch of the first commercial ABS system with chips from Austria Mikro Systeme International Gesellschaft m.b.H. for the automotive market.
1992 The company converts from a limited liability company (GmbH) to a joint stock corporation (AG).
1993 The company goes public and is listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange.
2000 Due to the new majority shareholder Permira, Austria Mikro Systeme International Aktiengesellschaft was de-listed from the Vienna stock exchange and was taken private.
2001 Amendment of Articles of Association, including company name, renaming as austriamicrosystems AG.
2004 austriamicrosystems AG goes public again and is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich (ticker symbol: AMS).
2011 austriamicrosystems AG acquires Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions Inc. (TAOS).
2012 austriamicrosystems AG and TAOS are merged under one common brand name: ams AG (ams).
2015 The company acquires CMOSIS and expands its chip testing facility in the Philippines.
2017 The company acquires Heptagon and Princeton Optronics Inc.
2020 The company acquires OSRAM Licht AG.



1919 Was established through the merger of the incandescent lamp manufacturing activities of three organizations: AEG, Siemens & Halske AG, and Deutsche Gasgluhlicht AG (Auer Gesellschaft)
1993 Acquired Sylvania North America
2013 Spun off from Siemens AG and emerged as independent entity. Listed on both Frankfurt and Munich Stock Exchanges.
Jan. 2014 Sold ownership stake of Valeo Sylvania, to joint venture partnerValeo, for USD 104 million.
Jul. 2016 Announced agreement to sell Lamps business to Chinese consortium
Oct. 2016 Completed the purchase of Novità Technologies.
Nov. 2016 Acquired 47.5% of the shares in TVILIGHT B.V., Groningen, Netherlands
Feb. 2017 Acquired the operating business of Maneri-Agraz Enterprises.
May. 2017 Made a strategic investment via its venture capital arm, Fluxunit, in agrilution GmbH, Munich, Germany.
Jul. 2017 Acquired LED Engin Inc., San José, U.S.A.
Jul. 2017 Acquired a strategic equity investment in LeddarTech Inc., Canada.
Sep. 2017 Acquired Digital Lumens.
Jul. 2020 Announced the successful closing of the Company acquisition

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