Aisan Industry Co., Ltd.

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1-1-1 Kyowa-cho, Obu, Aichi 474-8588, Japan

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-A major manufacturer of engine components. Its major products are fuel-pump modules, throttle bodies, and canisters.

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- From April 2022, moved to the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and to the Premium Market of the Nagoya Stock Exchange. (As of Mar. 31, 2023)
Name or Company Name Investment Ratio (%)
Toyota Motor Corp. 28.73
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 9.34
Denso Corporation 8.72
Toyota Industries Corporation 7.56
Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 4.85
Employees' Stock Ownership Association 2.75
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. 2.50
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited 1.02
Total 68.49


Fuel System Products
Fuel pump modules
 -Fuel pumps
 -Fuel pressure regulators
 -Fuel gauge sender units
Power saving fuel pump modules
Fuel injectors

Intake & Exhaust System Products
Throttle body
 -Electronic control throttle body
 -Resin throttle body
Exhaust gas recirculation products
 -EGR valves
 -EGR cooler bypass valves
Intake manifolds
 -Resin intake manifolds
 -Intake air control valves
Positive crankcase ventilation valves

Emission Control System Products
Charcoal canisters
Air filters

Valve Train System Products
Engine valves
Titanium alloy engine valves

Products for Green Vehicle
Products for fuel cell vehicles
 -Hydrogen supply unit
 -Air valves for FCV
Products for electric vehicles
 -Electric water pumps
Gas fuel systems for CNG/LPG
 -CNG injectors
 -CNG fuel rail assembly and high pressure regulators
 -LPG fuel rail assembly and fuel pumps


Dec. 1938 Company established in Mizuho-ku, Nagoya City with capital of 500,000 yen to manufacture war supplies.
Oct. 1945 Started production of automotive parts including carburetors.
Nov. 1957 Head office and plant moved to its present location in Obu City.
Aug. 1960 Started production of engine valves.
Jul. 1964 Set up Tokyo Liaison Office (now the Tokyo Office).
Feb. 1966 Invested in Teikei Kikai and made it into a subsidiary.
Mar. 1971 Anjo Plant began operation.
Jul. 1972 Set up Osaka Representative Office (now the Osaka Sales Office).
Aug. 1972 Completed construction of Main Office.
Dec. 1995 Established a joint venture, Tianjin Aisan Automobile Parts Co., Ltd., in China.
Jan. 1997 Established a joint venture, P.T. Aisan Nasmoco Industri, Indonesia.
Mar. 1997 Bought into Hyun Dan Industries (Korea)
Apr. 1998 Participated in establishment of Toyota Turbine and System.
Mar. 2001 Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the first section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
Feb. 2002 Production for injectors reached an accumulative total of 100 million units.
Mar. 2002 Hyun Dan Industries Co., Ltd., Korea, was made into a subsidiary.
May 2002 Opened its office in Shanghai.
Jan. 2003 Opened its office in Brussels.
Jun. 2003 Moved its European office to Paris and changed the name to Paris Office.
Jun. 2003 Established Sanai Precision in Kyungju, Korea.
Jul. 2003 Established Aisan (Tianjin) Auto Parts Co., Ltd. in Tianjin China.
Mar. 2004 Established Aisan Corporation Europe S.A. in Belgium.
Apr. 2004 Established Hyontan America in South Carolina, USA.
May 2004 Established Aisan (Foshan) Auto Parts Co., Ltd. in Foshan, China.
Aug. 2005 Established TK Tongyong Carburetor (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. in Ningbo, China.
May 2006 Established Hyundam Slovakia s.r.o in Slovakia
Aug. 2006 Established Aisan Corporation Guangzhou Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou, China.
Nov. 2007 Acquired equity capital in D&H in Asan, Korea, and its subsidiaries and business partners, making them its subsidiaries.
Jul. 2008 Established Aisan Kumamoto in Japan.
Aug. 2011 Established Auto Parts India Pvt., Ltd. in Andhra Pradesh.
Dec. 2011 Established Aisan Corporation Asia Pacific Limited in Bangkok, Thailand.
Feb. 2013 Established Aisan Auto Parts Mexico in San Luis Potosi.
Mar. 2016 Established Hyundam (Zhangjiagang) Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2018 Established Aisan Sales India Pvt. Ltd. in India.
Jun. 2018 Established Aisan Fiem Automotives India Pvt. Ltd., a joint venture with Fiem Industries Ltd.; in India.
Dec. 2020 Launched production of hydrogen supply systems.
Sep. 2022 Fuel pump module business transferred from Denso Corporation.
Kyosan Denso Manufacturing Kentucky, LCC (Aisan Industry Kentucky, LLC) becomes consolidated subsidiary.

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