Aichi Steel Corporation

Company Profile



1 Wanowari, Arao-machi, Tokai-shi, Aichi-ken, 476-8666, Japan

Business Overview

-Materials manufacturer under the Toyota Group. In addition to manufacturing stainless steel and specialty steel, the Company manufactures forged parts, as well as electromagnetic products such as magnetic sensors.

-The Company operates in the following business segments: steel, stainless steel, forging, smart, and other.

-The main products and services of each of the companies are listed below.

  • Steel: Manufacture of steel; development of production technology
  • Stainless steel: Manufacture and sale of stainless steel, titanium, and stainless structures, engineering.
  • Forging: Manufacture and sale of closed die products, processed dies for forging.
  • Smart: Manufacture and sales of electronic functional materials and parts, products for magnetic use, plant activating agent, metal fiber.
  • Other business


‐From April 2022, moved to the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and to the Premium Market of the Nagoya Stock Exchange. (As of Mar. 31, 2023)
Name or Company Name Investment Ratio (%)
Toyota Motor Corp. 23.90
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust account) 7.88
Nippon Steel Corporation 7.76
Toyota Industries Corp. 6.90
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. 2.49
MUFG Bank, Ltd. 2.40
Toyota Fudosan Co., Ltd. 2.34
Aichi Steel Employee Stock Ownership Plan 2.08
Custody Bank of Japan (Trust Account) 1.94
Yutaka Stock Ownership Association 1.67
Total 59.17


Specialty Steel

Stainless Steel
-Stainless steel for use in devices for fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen stations

Titanium Products

Forged Products
-Sleeve yokes
-Ring gears; rolling mill parts
-Rear axle shafts
-Heat extrusion products

  • Drive pinions
  • Drive shafts
  • Center differential cases
  • Sleeve yokes

-Hot and cold forged products

Electro-magnetic Products
-Magneto-impedance sensors
-Anisotropic Nd-Fe-B resin bonded MAGFINE
-Bonding pads
-Lead frames (profile rolling and irregular shaped crimping)
-Heat spreaders for bare chips


1934 Established a steel manufacturing division with the goal of carrying out R&D on "specialized steel," which was key to localizing production of everything from engines to auto bodies, etc.
Mar. 1940 Separated the steel manufacturing division from Toyota Industries and established it as Toyota Steel Works, as independent company.
May. 1949 Listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
Nov. 1945 Changed the Company name to Aichi Steel Corporation.
Sep. 1959 Listed on the Osaka Stock Exchange.
Sep. 1961 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Jan. 1995 Acquired Philippine Forge, Inc. (Philippines) and changed the name of the company to Aichi Forging Company of Asia.
Mar. 1995 Changed the fiscal year closing date to March 31st.
Jun. 1995 Made Aichi Forging Company of Asia into a subsidiary through a share purchase.
Aug. 1997 Established Aichi USA in the United States. Aichi USA then established a joint venture company, Louisville Forge and Gear Works, LLC, with LFG. Inc. Aichi USA has 20% ownership of the joint venture company.
Jan. 1998 Aichi Steel Works, Ltd. opens a representative office in Seoul, Korea.
Apr. 1999 Aichi Steel Corporation has opened a representative office at Dusseldorf in Germany.
Dec. 1999 Aichi USA acquired total ownership of Louisville Forge and Gear Works, LLC, thereby making it into a subsidiary.
Jun. 2000 Established the Dusseldorf Representative as Aichi Europe, making it into a local subsidiary.
Capital for the transaction was about 10 million yen. In the processing of registering the establishment, the office will open on August 1, 2000.
Nov. 2000 Tie-up with Nippon Steel Corporation to produce and develop technology for specialized steel products for automotive use. The companies are investigating mutual OEM and division of production to prevent duplication in the areas of bar steel, a specialized steel and line materials which are used in automobiles.
Dec. 2000 Established Aichi Micro Intelligent Co., Ltd. in Tokai City, Aichi Pref.
Jan. 2001 Shrunk the development time required for specialized steel, a new type of steel, from the conventional three years to two years. In a business tie-up with Nippon Steel Corporation, Nippon Steel Corporation is responsible for basic materials research and the Company is responsible for applied research for automotive components.
Mar. 2001 Aichi U.S.A. established a joint venture, Kentucky Advanced Forge, LLC with Koyo Corporation of U.S.A and acquired 51% of its stake.
Feb. 2002 Established Aichi International Thailand Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2002 Established Asdex Corporation.
May 2002 Established Shanghai Aichi Forging Co., Ltd. in China.
Nov. 2003 Established P.T. Aichi Forging Indonesia.
Apr. 2006 The Company acquired Fukaumi Metal Co., Ltd. in Tsubame City, Nigata Prefecture, making it its subsidiary. The name of the Nigata-based company was changed to Aichi Techno Metal Fukaumi Co.,Ltd.
Sep. 2007 Established Aichi Magfine Czech s.r.o. in Czech Republic.
Mar. 2008 Established AMIT Inc. in Taiwan.
Mar. 2008 Aichi U.S.A. sold its stake in Kentucky Advanced Forge, LLC, which then became a non-consolidated company of Aichi Steel.
Apr. 2009 The Company's consolidated subsidiary,Aichi USA Inc.,absorbed another consolidated company,Louisville Forge and Gear Works LLC.As a result,Aichi USA Inc was then renamed Aichi Forge USA, Inc.
Dec. 2010 Established Aichi Korea Corporation in Korea.
Jun. 2011 Completed the No. 3 bloom continuous casting (BL/CC) facilities, launching operations.
Nov. 2012 Established Aichi Magnet Technology (Pinghu) Co., Ltd. in China.
Apr. 2017 Revised the corporate organization, which now consists of three companies, i.e., steel (strength), forging (endurance), and smart; corporate offices; and direct functions.
Apr. 2020 Formed four business segments out of the previous three, after spinning off the stainless-steel operations from the Steel Business.
Jul. 2020 Invested further in Zhejiang Aichi Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. in China, turning the company into a subsidiary.

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