SAIC Motor's brand strategies and operations

Goal of 2.4 million Chinese-made vehicles sold in 2015




 SAIC Motor Corporation, Ltd. has set its 2015 sales target at over 6 million units. As of April 2104, the SAIC Group has capacities to produce 6 million vehicles per year. In order to achieve the target, SAIC will expand its own-brand business in China, including MG, Roewe, Wuling, BaoJun, Yuejin, and Maxus. Simultaneously, the company will promote export of own-brand cars, which has a significant room to expand sales, and sales activities supported by local production.
This report summarizes SAIC's operation policy for its own-brand business , sales plan for all vehicles, model plan for own-brand cars, activities related to its own-brand commercial vehicle business, and global expansion of the own-brand business.

Note:   "Own brands" in this report include both of the following: 1) SAIC Group's own brands such as Roewe and Yuejin; 2) Joint venture (JV) brands like BaoJun, developed with its foreign partners.

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Own-brand business policy

 As one of the strategies stated in the five-year business plan (from 2011 to 2015), the SAIC Group aims to increase production and sales of own-brand cars and other vehicles which are developed in China. The group intends to enhance production and sales of these vehicles to reach a 40% share of the entire group business. The group's own-brand passenger car unit, SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle Co., Ltd., has been committed to enhance its competitiveness through innovation of commercializing technologies and marketing techniques.  Meanwhile, its own brand light truck subsidiary, SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle Co.,Ltd., has acquired a U.K commercial vehicle brand, Maxus. The company has been trying to revitalize Maxus brand cars in Europe while entering into other markets to increase export. In February 2014, the commercial vehicle company announced its brand strategy. This announcement included a new logo emblem for the Maxus brand and a new multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), named the Maxus G10. In the first phase of the strategy, the company is focusing to improve its brand image. It further aims to be a pioneer in the commercial vehicle industry in the second phase.

Own-brand business policy

<Own brand strategy>  To enhance visibility and image of the Roewe/MG brands. Starting from 2016, all Roewe /MG brand cars will be unified into its new A platform. The model lineup including derived models will be established based on this A platform. Currently, several platforms are being used, such as A0, A, A+, and B segments and sports utility vehicle (SUV) platform.
<Foreign markets>  In the short term, SAIC will not seek to increase its sales volume but try to enhance visibility and image of its brands (announced in March 2014).
 As of March 2014, the MG6 and the MG3 have already been released in the U.K. The models are produced at its U.K. plant.
Model strategy <MG/Roewe brands>  In 2012, the MG5 and the Roewe 950 were newly launched as its own brand passenger cars.  In 2013 and onward, additional nine models are scheduled to be released. (For details, please refer to "Own-brand model plan" in this report.)  In 2014, SAIC plans to promote sales mainly in the A+ class vehicle and SUV markets with its own brand cars.  By 2019, the company aims to expand sales of vehicles equipped with its new power system globally, including Europe and Southeast Asia. The new system will come with the MGE/SGE series engine and comply with Euro 6 exhaust emission standards.  Regarding export to global markets, SAIC initially aims to increase the volume of MG/Wuling brand passenger cars and Maxus brand commercial vehicles, including knockdown production outside China. In the future, the company also hopes to export Nanjing Iveco Yuejin and other brand cars.
<Maxus brand>  In 2014, SAIC plans to double the V80 sales volume year over year (y/y) and start its import and sales in the U.K. in October. In the short term, the company has set the export target of Maxus brand vehicles at 20 to 30% in the export of the entire group. Later, the ratio is expected to be raised to 40 to 50% further. In global markets, Maxus brand cars have already been released in 22 countries and regions. Under this brand, new models will be launched gradually, starting with the Maxus V80 in 2014, followed by the Maxus G10 in early 2015 and the Maxus Pickup, a model for foreign markets, in 2017.
Three overall targets for own brand cars  By 2020, SAIC aims to achieve three goals for its own brand cars: to reduce CO2 emission by more than 20% from the current level; to increase performance of powertrains also by more than 20%; and to improve fuel and other economic efficiencies by 20%.



Plans to sell 2.4 million independently-developed vehicles in 2015

 As a total of passenger and commercial vehicles, the SAIC Group has set its sales target at 5.4 million to 5.6 million units in 2014 and at over 6 million units in 2015.

Out of the total, the group has set the production and sales target of vehicles which it developed independently in China under foreign-affiliated JV and own brands at 2.4 million units in 2015. This will account for 40% of the group's total. In May 2013, SAIC also announced that it has set the annual sales target of Maxus brand light vehicles at over 200,000 units in the medium term.

Sales plan by subsidiary

OEM Product model/brand Results Plan
2012 2013 2014
Total (SAIC Group) 4,490,211 5,105,836 5,406,000~5,661,000
Shanghai VW VW/Skoda passenger car 1,280,008 1,525,008 1,680,000~1,750,000
Shanghai GM Chevrolet/Buick/Cadillac passenger car 1,392,658 1,575,167 1,600,000~1,770,000
SAIC-GM-Wuling Wuling mini vehicle/BaoJun passenger car 1,458,188 1,600,550 1,800,000
SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle Roewe/MG passenger car, Yuejin commercial vehicle 200,017 230,020 265,000~280,000
SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle Maxus light truck 7,069 11,300 24,000
SAIC-Iveco Hongyan Hongyan heavy-/medium-duty truck/trailer 17,008 28,008 32,000
Shanghai Sunwin Bus Sunwin large-/medium-sized bus 3,250 3,783 5,000
Nanjing Iveco (note 2) Yuejin/Iveco light commercial vehicle 132,013 132,000 158,400
Note 1. The values for 2012 and 2013 were those announced by SAIC Motor.
2. The values for 2014 are calculated by MarkLines based on SAIC's plan announced as "an y/y increase of 20%."



Own-brand model plan

 In February 2014, SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle announced its future model plan. According to the announcement, the company will release several A-segment models, in addition to midsize vehicles like the Roewe 550/350 and MG6 cars. Meanwhile, SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle plans to launch one new model every year under the Maxus brand. With the new model launches, the company aims to revitalize the presence of Maxus brand cars in the European market. Specifically, the Maxus G10 (MPV) was launched in February 2014, in addition to current Maxus V80 commercial vehicles. The company's future lineup will include Maxus pickup trucks and Maxus new energy vehicles. Under the BaoJun JV brand, SAIC-GM-Wuling will start producing and selling new hatchback and MPV models in 2014, in addition to the current BaoJun 630 and BaoJun Spark models.

Release plan of own-brands' new models (to be locally-built)

OEM Model Launch (planned) Details
SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle New Roewe 350 N/A  It will feature a new 1.4-liter turbocharged engine.
New Roewe 550 2016 A fully-redesigned Roewe 550. It will be the first model to be built on the A platform under the new own- brand.
Roewe 350PHV N/A  It will come with an independently- developed plug-in hybrid system.
New Roewe 950 N/A  A fully redesigned new Roewe 950 will feature a new 2.0-liter engine.
New Roewe W5 N/A  A fully redesigned new Roewe W5 will have a new 2.0-liter engine.
MG Mid-size At the end of 2014  The product code is AP13. A new 1.4-liter turbocharged engine will be featured.
MG SUV N/A  An SUV unveiled in April 2013 with a product code of AS21.
MG CS N/A  A future flagship SUV will be premiered at the Beijing Motor Show in April 2014.
MG sedan N/A  A new sedan.
SAIC-GM- Wuling BaoJun 730 (Code:CN200) 3Q, 2014 The first MPV under the BaoJun brand. It also competes with Wuling Hongguang S MPVs under its own brand. The size is 4,568 mm in length, 1,785 mm in width, and 1,735 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,750 mm, which is larger than the Wuling Hongguang S. A new platform will be used and the 7-seater version is expected to be the future flagship model.
Its powertrains are almost the same  as the BaoJun 630. Turbocharged engines will also be added(including t 1.5-/1.8-liter engines paired with 5-speed MTs or 6-speed ATs).
BaoJun 610 2014  A hatchback version of the BaoJun 630, sized at 4,401 mm in length, 1,736 mm in width, and 1,463 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,640 mm. The expected price range is between CNY 60,000 and CNY 90,000.
It will feature a1.5- or 1.8-liter engine mated with  a 6-speed AT with manual mode (second-generation GF6) or a 6-speed MT.
BaoJun A-segment model March 2014 or later  Several A-segment models are scheduled to be launched in the future.
BaoJun SUV 2015  BaoJun brand's first SUV.
BaoJun Mid-size 2016  A mid-size model under the BaoJun brand.
SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle Maxus G10 (MPV) Feb. 2014  A new three-rpw Maxus MPV based on the BD100 platform. Production started at its Wuxi plant in March 2014. The sales are scheduled to start in the near future with an expected standard price range between CNY 129,800 and CNY 219,800.
 It was developed jointly by SAIC's R&D center in the U.K., SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle's technology center, and Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center in the SAIC Group. The exterior has been designed by an Italian design company. The size is 5,168 mm in length, 1,980 mm in width, and 1,928 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 3,210 mm. The roomy and comfortable interior is designed to allow 360-degree view and featuring a large panoramic sunroof.
It has a 2.0-liter TGI turbocharged engine featuring the dynamic variable valve timing (DVVT) mechanism made by SAIC Motor (maximum output of 225 hp or 165 kW and maximum torque of 345 Nm) paired with a 6-speed MT or ZF's 6-speed AT with manual mode.  A 2.4-liter engine with a 5-speed MT will also be available. Its monocoque body is made of super high- and high-tensile steel sheets. It also features Bosch's state-of-the-art electric stability program (ESP) and a parking monitor system.
MaxusPickup N/A  Pickup trucks to be mass-produced.
Maxus new energy vehicle N/A  New energy vehicles to be mass-produced.


New energy vehicle business: to launch HVs and EVs initially and focus on FCVs in mid- to long-term

 SAIC's own brand subsidiary, SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle, has invested a total of CNY 1.16 billion in development and production of a new plug-in hybrid sedan, the Roewe 550 PHV. In December 2013, it was also reported that the company will release several plug-in hybrid passenger car models between 2015 and 2020.

Positioning FCVs as flagship models among its future new energy vehicles; to launch their sales in 2015
 In December 2013, the SAIC Group announced that it is positioning fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) as its promising new energy vehicles. The group aims to start selling the Shanghai FCV, a Roewe 750-based fuel cell passenger car, in 2015 and gain a certain market share by 2020.
 In May 2013, the group presented a roadmap to develop technologies for its new energy vehicle business. SAIC is focusing on hybrid vehicles (HVs) and electric vehicles (EVs) to promote electrification in automotive drive systems. In the mid- to long-term, however, the group regards FCVs as its flagship models in the energy-saving and new energy vehicle market.



Global expansion of own-brand business

 SAIC Motor aims to expand the group's own brand car business outside China. As of December 2013, SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle imports and sells Maxus brand light commercial vehicles, the Maxus V80, in 22 countries and regions (partially including knockdown production and sales).


<Global business strategy>  For the time being, SAIC has identified four target areas to develop its global business: ASEAN, Latin America, Middle East and Eastern Europe. 1. SAIC positions ASEAN, right-hand drive markets, as the most important area for the near future, including Thailand with the greatest market growth potential.
2. In Latin America, the group's sales network has been more developed than in the other three areas. As its brands have been recognized highly by customers here, SAIC positions this area as a matured (international) market where increase in sales volume is expected.
3. Middle East is a new market for the group to enter. In March 2014, SAIC started importing and selling the Maxus V80 Series in Iran and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The group hopes to expand its sales to all countries and regions in this area, including the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.
4. Eastern Europe is an area where traditional brands are highly regarded and people are very brand conscious. This means that the area is the most difficult for a new brand to enter. SAIC Motor, however, regards the entry to this market as the first step to expand its business to Western Europe.

Note: SAIC Motor owns a 6.01% share of GM's subsidiary in South Korea.


Global expansion of own MG and Roewe brand cars

Establishes JV for manufacturing MG brand passenger cars in Thailand
 In December 2012, SAIC Motor signed an agreement with a Thai conglomerate, CP Group, to establish a JV in Thailand. The JV will start operations with an initial annual production capacity of 30,000 units (with 200 employees). The company plans to expand the capacity to 50,000 units in the next three years, and up to 200,000 units if export to the ASEAN market gets on a growth track.
 SAIC established a JV, SAIC-CP (Thailand) Co., Ltd., in Thailand to manufacture SAIC passenger cars under the MG brand for the ASEAN market. The JV is starting manufacturing the MG6 in 2014, followed by the MG3 and MG5.
 CNY 1.74 billion has been invested in the first phase construction of the Thai plant, 49% by CP Group and 51% by the SAIC Group (jointly by SAIC Hong Kong Investment Company and SAIC UK). SAIC Motor partners with CP Group also in manufacturing motorbikes and air conditioning compressors (for the Chinese market) in Thailand.
 As of April 2014, it is also reported that SAIC is considering constructing its second passenger car plant in Thailand (details are yet to be disclosed).
Establishes MG brand passenger car sales company in Thailand
 SAIC-CP established an MG brand passenger car sales subsidiary in Thailand, MG Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., in which SAIC-CP holds 90% of shares. The new company has already started importing and selling MG brand passenger cars in Thailand.
 This JV will establish a sales network of 15 to 20 sales dealers within 2014 (about half of them will be located in the capital, Bangkok). In the long term, export to Oceania is also planned to further expand sales.
Resumes selling MG brand passenger cars in U.K.
 SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle has produced the new MG6 at its U.K. plant since 2011. MG brand passenger cars have made a comeback to the U.K. market and the local price starts at GBP 15,455 (about CNY 160,000) as of April 2014. In China, the 2014 model of the MG6 is sold starting at CNY 124,800.


Global expansion of Wuling and BaoJun brand cars

Plans to introduce BaoJun brand cars into global markets
 In October 2013, SAIC-GM-Wuling announced a plan to introduce its first model under the BaoJun JV brand, the BaoJun 630 A-segment sedan, into global markets. The BaoJun 630 is scheduled to be sold from the end of 2013 as the Optra under the Chevrolet brand through complete knockdown (CKD) export or knockdown production.
 First, export of finished vehicles started for the North African market at the end of 2013. Sales of imported vehicles are starting in the market in early 2014.
 Currently, SAIC-GM-Wuling sells Wuling brand mini vans under the Chevrolet brand in India, Egypt, South America, and Chile by utilizing GM's global sales network. These products are exported from China or produced locally through CKD.
Plans to produce Wuling brand cars in South America
 SAIC aims to increase the ratio of its international operations to 10% (equivalent to international sales of 200,000 units) by the end of 2015. To achieve this goal, the company intends to enter into emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
 SAIC is promoting an international CKD production project in Uzbekistan and Colombia. It has also been reported that its foreign JV may start operations as early as October 2014.
Starts selling Wuling Hongguang-based Chevrolet Enjoy in May 2013 in India
 In May 2013, GM released the Chevrolet Enjoy, which has been developed based on the Wuling Hongguang from SAIC-GM-Wuling. CKD kits are imported from China and assembled at the Halol plant in Gujarat.


Global expansion of own Maxus brand commercial vehicles

 Regarding global expansion of Maxus brand vehicles, SAIC Motor has established a sales JV in Thailand and has been performing various operations in multiple regions as shown below.

To expand sales in Europe, starting from U.K.
 SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle plans to start exporting Maxus V80 small vans to Europe in the second half of 2014. The Maxus V80 is designed for industries like distribution and sales of imported vehicles are scheduled to start first in the U.K. around October 2014. From 2015 and onward, sales will be expanded to other markets in Europe, with a new release of the Maxus G10.
 The Maxus V80 features higher fuel efficiency, larger cargo space, and higher operability compared with major models in the Chinese distribution market, like the Power Daily from Nanjing Iveco and the Transit from Jiangling Motors. Since its establishment, the company has sold more than 10,000 vehicles and its market share has reached 8%.
 The Maxus V80 has two wheelbase versions, short and long, in addition to three different types of top roofs. Three models are available: business VIP model, commuter model, and urban distribution model. The Maxus V80 is offered in 96 versions, with seating capacity from 2 to 16 persons. Special-purpose models are also available.
Accelerating expansion in Middle East
 In March 2014, SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle announced that it will introduce Maxus brand light trucks into Iran and UAE.
 In Iran, the company has formed a partnership with a local automotive production and sales company in the Bahman group, Bahman Diesel. This partnership works to import and sell Maxus brand light trucks. Around April 2014, a total of 54 vehicles are being delivered. In the UAE, the company has a JV partner, Naboodah, a leading local engine distributor. As of April 2014, the company has already delivered 40 vehicles and started accepting pre-bookings.
 With the above and Saudi Arabia, the company has established its sales channels in three big markets in Middle East. The company has focused on expanding markets for the Maxus brand on a global scale and started exporting finished vehicles to Saudi Arabia in June 2013.
Starts importing and selling Maxus V80 in Oceania
 In January 2013, SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle started importing and selling Maxus V80 light vehicles in Australia. In total, four types are available: 10-, 11-, and 15-seater light buses and commuting bus.
Import and sales in South America
 Following ASEAN, Africa, and Oceania, SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle aims to enter into the South American market. In May 2012, the company signed an agent contract with a Chilean dealer in the Kaufmann group, Motores de Los Andes (Andes Motor). This contract covers import and sales of light commercial vehicles under its own Maxus brand, the Maxus V80, in Chile. The progress has not been revealed but import and sales were planned, in the contract, to start in August 2012.
 In South America, the company has also started importing and selling the Maxus V80 in Colombia, Brazil and Peru.
Starts importing and selling Maxus commercial vehicles in South Africa
 Following Malaysia, the company started importing and selling the Maxus V80 in South Africa in July 2012. The Maxus V80 is a light van manufactured at its Wuxi plant and the import and sales in South Africa are conducted via a leading local dealer, CMH.
Starts importing and selling Maxus V80 in Singapore
 In January 2013, SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle signed an import and sales contract with a local dealer in Singapore for Maxus V80 light commercial vehicles. Following this, the local dealer has placed its first order.
 Also in January 2013, SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle signed an import and sales agency contract with a distributor in New Zealand for the Maxus V80. Import and sales in this country were scheduled to start within 2013 (the progress has not been revealed as of March 2014).
Establishes sales JV for Maxus light trucks in Thailand as first step to enter into ASEAN
 In January 2014, SAIC Motor officially established a sales JV with CP Group in Thailand. The JV, named Maxus Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd., was established as an exclusive agent in Thailand for Maxus brand commercial vehicles. The JV is starting operations initially with import and sales of vehicles manufactured in China under the brand.
 At JV's inauguration ceremony, order forms for the Maxus V80 Minibus (16-seater with long wheelbase) were officially delivered. The Maxus V80 Minibus will be sold to governments, media companies, schools, and private companies in Thailand. The company also plans to introduce leasing models in the future. The first vehicle was delivered in March 2014 and the sales are scheduled to start in May.
 By 2015, China is expected to sign regional trade agreements with ASEAN countries. Under these agreements, a Chinese automaker will be exempted from taxes for exporting vehicles from an ASEAN country to other ASEAN countries if the ratio of locally sourced materials for finished vehicles (on a monetary basis) in that country exceeds a certain standard (and vice versa for ASEAN automakers).
 Under such circumstances, SAIC Motor aims to expand its sales to ASEAN countries, starting with its Maxus brand commercial vehicles in Thailand. As of December 2013, the Maxus has already been imported and sold in 22 countries and regions, including Malaysia.
Establishes sales JV for Maxus brand commercial vehicles in Thailand
 In February 2014, SAIC Motor established a JV with CP Group for Maxus brand commercial vehicles, Maxus Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The JV is starting operations initially with import and sales of Maxus commercial vehicles. Later, knockdown production will also start, as well as manufacturing special-purpose models.
 The JV will first start importing and selling Maxus brand light trucks, the V80 Minibus (16-seater with long wheelbase), in May 2014. Then, the company plans to release additional models with different wheelbases and seat arrangements. In the future, SAIC Motor is also considering establishing R&D and design centers in Thailand.



Own-brand commercial vehicle business in China

 In 2014, SAIC Motor aims to sell more than 400,000 commercial vehicles. This will be an increase of more than 14% from 350,000 units in 2013.

 Out of the total, SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle, a manufacturer of Maxus brand light trucks, plans to double its sales y/y to 24,000 units in 2014. Regarding export (international sales), the company hopes to account for 20% to 30% of the entire group in the short term, and further increase the ratio to 40% to 50% in the longer term.

Starts second phase construction of its Wuxi plant for Maxus brand

 In October 2013, SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle started the second phase construction of its Wuxi plant in the Huishan Economic Development Zone in Wuxi, Jiangsu province. The second phase construction is mainly conducted to establish a plant for new light vehicles, including the SV71 (product code) and the G10. These products will use the SV6 and SV7, second-generation platforms under the Maxus brand. CNY 1.51 billion will be invested in total to develop an initial annual production capacity of 80,000 units (in two shifts).
 At the Wuxi plant, a technical research center of SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle is also located as a satellite facility of the company's main commercial vehicle R&D center. Its operations include synchronizing product development and production processes, supporting model enhancement, testing prototypes, and preparing development of manufacturing technologies.

SAIC-Iveco Hongyan: constructing plant to produce 300,000 axles annually in Chongqing

 In June 2013, SAIC-Iveco Hongyan began constructing a new axle plant in Chongqing. The company plans to develop an annual production capacity of 300,000 units in 2016. The capacity consists of 100,000 non-drive front axles, 100,000 single-reduction axles, and 100,000 double-reduction axles.
 More than CNY 600 million will be invested in total in this plant on a 186,700-square-meter plot. The new plant will have facilities for machining (13 production lines), assembly (3 lines), and painting (2 lines). In addition to axle technologies introduced from Steyr by its predecessor, Chongqing Heavy Vehicle Group, the company has introduced new axle technologies also from its partner, Iveco.
 Iveco's Chinese import and sales subsidiary, Iveco (China), plans to increase the number of its sales agents to 15 by the end of 2014.

SAIC Tangshan Bus: starts production at bus plant in Tangshan

 In September 2013, SAIC Tangshan Bus in Hebei province completed the first phase construction of a bus plant in the Caofeidan district in Tangshan. The construction started in October 2011 on a 186,700-square-meter plot. SAIC Motor holds a 51% of this JV's shares. CNY 330 million was invested in the first phase construction. The plant has already started production and is equipped with production lines for body working, painting, assembly, inspection, and measurement. In the first phase, the plant will produce up to 3,000 buses (in two shifts) annually. By 2016, the company aims to develop a production capacity of 1,500 units.
 In 2017, the company plans to sell 1,500 buses as a total including new energy, natural gas, diesel, and internal combustion engine models (revenue of CNY 710 million and net profit of CNY 43 million). As a step toward this goal, its first new energy bus rolled off the production line in May 2013.
 Its production will be expanded to include other segment models like sightseeing buses. Furthermore, the company plans to start the second phase construction of its bus plant in Tangshan, according to the business conditions, to expand the annual production to 6,000 to 10,000 units. Development will also be conducted for HVs, new energy vehicles like EVs and plug-in vehicles (PHVs), and technologies to reduce vehicle weight.



Production Forecast by LMC Automotive: SAIC production to rise to 2.5 million units in 2017

(LMC Automotive、February 2014)

SAIC Light Vehicle Production Forecast According to LMC Automotive's forecast in February 2014, light vehicle production of SAIC's own brand and its joint ventures' brands will increase slowly by 7.3% to 2,039,000 units in 2014 from the previous year. The Chinese OEM will start producing its MG brand models in Thailand plant, with a capacity of 50,000 units, from 2014.

 SAIC's production volume will continue expanding up to 2.49 million units by 2017, which is a 31% increase from 2013.

SAIC's light vehicle production forecast of own brand and JV brand's by country and by make

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Total 1,376,716 1,689,822 1,899,442 2,038,707 2,218,086 2,366,280 2,486,925
China   BaoJun   Maxus   MG (Mingjue)   Roewe   SAIC   Wuling 1,375,401 21,968 3,164 49,573 107,633 652 1,192,411 1,678,606 91,555 7,582 72,147 123,535 0 1,383,787 1,877,588 98,532 11,455 73,227 157,818 0 1,536,556 2,007,423 102,043 19,667 78,662 163,551 0 1,643,500 2,163,205 128,843 29,769 105,006 185,402 0 1,714,185 2,305,443 146,218 49,723 114,762 202,842 0 1,791,898 2,418,285 153,745 54,900 123,574 218,120 0 1,867,946
India   Wuling 0 0 11,216 11,216 20,861 20,861 23,716 23,716 26,630 26,630 32,175 32,175 39,604 39,604
Thailand   MG (Mingjue) 0 0 0 0 0 0 5,783 5,783 26,289 26,289 26,816 26,816 27,620 27,620
UK   MG (Mingjue)   Roewe 1,315 0 1,315 0 0 0 993 419 574 1,785 866 919 1,962 939 1,023 1,846 910 936 1,416 579 837
Source: LMC Automotive "Global Automotive Production Forecast (February 2014)
(Note) 1. Data indicate figures of only small-size vehicles, including passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of under 6 tons.
2. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any data will require permission of LMC Automotive.
3. For more detailed information or inquiries of forecast data, please contact LMC Automotive.



(Reference) SAIC Group passenger car sales by subsidiary and by model

Subsidiary Brand Mode; Unit sales (on factory shipment basis)
2010 2011 2012 2013
SAIC Passenger Vehicle Roewe Roewe W5 0 4,062 7,396 10,512
Roewe 350 42,437 63,707 70,692 110,337
Roewe 550 (incl. PHV version) 81,820 40,296 37,615 24,019
Roewe 750 6,770 4,574 2,005 2,938
Roewe 950 0 0 4,598 3,827
Roewe E50 (EV) 0 0 238 409
Total 131,027 112,639 122,544 152,042
MG MG3 6,574 22,129 40,764 45,473
MG350 0 2 3,829 2,720
MG5 0 0 9,174 9,065
MG550 1,532 1,363 1,006 462
MG6 19,652 25,129 22,397 19,987
MG7 1,606 759 283 197
MG750 9 140 321 183
Total 29,373 49,522 77,774 78,087
Total 160,400 162,161 200,318 230,129
SAIC-GM-Wuling BaoJun BaoJun Spark - - 12,231 32,300
BaoJun 630 - 21,854 68,092 68,200
Total 21,854 80,323 100,500
Wuling Wuling Rongguang - - 372,099 339,295
Wuling Xingwang - - 98 0
Wuling Hongguang - - 316,237 530,050
Wuling Hongtu - - 2 3
Wuling Sunshine - - 523,841 455,718
Wuling minivan 1,057,804 1,125,770 - -
Total 1,057,804 1,125,770 1,212,277 1,325,066
Chevrolet Spark 77,800 70,258 29,985 -
Total 1,135,604 1,217,882 1,322,585 1,425,566
Shanghai GM (3 subsidiaries) Buick Royaum 2 - - -
GT 43,321 96,741 127,575 150,521
Yinglang XT 38,366 38,095 45,737 53,753
Excelle 222,500 253,516 277,071 296,183
Regal/New Regal 79,387 78,888 85,440 86,050
LaCrosse 104,405 103,370 86,101 89,279
Encore - - 10,015 61,563
GL8/New GL8 52,155 66,912 64,001 70,191
Park Avenue 3,376 2,206 1,501 160
Total 543,512 639,728 697,441 807,700
Cadillac Total (Seville SLS) 5,204 7,008 7,007 20,116
Chevrolet New Aveo - 29,898 56,626 35,509
Captiva - - 19,601 37,601
Cruze 187,752 221,232 232,592 246,890
Lova 85,365 58,136 1 0
Aveo 5,041 0 1 0
Epica 53,802 31,694 18,595 18,290
Sail/New Sail 131,381 197,889 279,742 276,242
Sail EV (EV) - - - 69
Malibu - - 51,926 100,141
Total 463,341 538,849 659,084 714,742
Total 1,012,057 1,185,585 1,363,532 1,542,558
Shanghai VW VW Passat GP 130,971 68,061 22,754 22
Cross Polo 11,882 178 17,909 18,730
New Santana - - 2,919 177,528
Santana 98,363 95,819 101,385 3,089
Santana Vista 111,781 108,170 98,484 62,732
New Polo 8,177 122,242 118,849 132,019
New Passat (NMS) 0 97,797 210,567 227,240
Touran 22,037 31,241 36,044 35,310
Tiguan 70,455 129,172 173,062 199,782
Lavida 251,615 247,475 246,687 374,056
Gran Lavida - - - 59,814
Polo GP 2Box/3Box 105,776 45,663 21,345 3,486
Skoda Fabia 39,278 48,759 48,380 33,554
Octavia 113,226 126,450 137,616 120,246
Yeti 0 0 0 4,090
Skoda Superb 37,796 44,800 44,007 37,258
Rapid 0 0 0 36,052
Total 1,001,357 1,165,827 1,280,008 1,525,008
SAIC Motor Total 3,309,418 3,731,455 4,166,443 4,723,261
China Total 13,757,794 14,472,416 15,495,240 17,928,858

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