Chery Automobile: moves forward with joint venture projects with foreign partners

Explores export and knockdown production in emerging and developing countries



 Chery Automobile, established in 1997 in Wuhu City, Anhui Province, is the largest Chinese proprietary brand automotive manufacturer in China. Operating under five brands, Chery, Cowin, Riich, Rely and Karry, the company is a regular winner in the Chinese proprietary brand passenger car sales race.

 Chinese automakers experienced a sluggish business overall in the Chinese proprietary brand passenger car market in 2011. Chery Automobile, too, saw a 5.9 percent year-on-year decline in its vehicle sales to 642,000 units. Nevertheless, the company maintained its market share and won the vehicle sales race for eleven years in a row in that market.

 Chery Automobile was active from 2011 to early 2012 in promoting joint venture operations with foreign companies. In November 2011, its joint venture company formed with Israel Corporation announced a new brand, Qoros, intending to launch its models under the brand in European markets. In March 2012, Chery Automobile and Jaguar Land Rover reached an agreement on establishing a joint venture company in China.

 Chery Automobile is also active in exploring overseas markets in the forms of export and knockdown (KD) production. In 2011, the company began exporting its products to Australia to gain a foothold in Western markets. The company became the first Chinese manufacturer to build a complete knockdown (CKD) plant in Brazil where demand is growing steadily. Chery Automobile exported 159,000 vehicles in 2011, up 72.8 percent from the previous year, and earned the top place in the passenger car export market for nine years in a row.

Trends in domestic operation

 In China, Chery Automobile is building new plants and promoting joint venture businesses with overseas companies. The new plant in Kaifeng, Henan, is already operating and when all plants currently under construction are completed, Chery Automobile's annual production capacity is expected to exceed two million vehicles (other than the capacities at joint venture plants with overseas companies).

 Joint venture businesses with overseas companies, especially with Israel Corporation and Jaguar Land Rover, are developing steadily. The joint venture business with Fuji Heavy Industries, however, is supposed to be shelved with the approval of the local authority still pending.

Chery Automobile's Production capacity

( units/year )
Plants as of April 2012 Plan Brands or Models
Wuhu Plant,
Anhui Province
The first, second, third
and fourth plant
900,000 900,000 Chery, Cowin, Riich,
Rely and Karry Brands
North Area
(The fifth plant)
Construction started
in January 2010
(Will start
in 2012)
Dalian Plant, Liaoning Province Construction started
in September 2009
(Will start
in 2013)
Riich and Rely Brands /
Export models,
such as A3 and Tiggo
Kaifeng Plant, Henan Province Running
(Start date unknown)
380,000 Karry Brand
Ordos Plant, Inner Mongolia Construction started
in May 2010
(Will start
by 2015)
SUVs, pickups, company cars,
modified cars
Source: Chinese media
(Notes) 1. The Dalian plant is also intended to be an export base. It has been reported that the "Subaru" brand may be introduced in the event the joint venture with Fuji Heavy Industries becomes a reality.
2. Production of the Karry brand vehicles continues at the Wuhu plant after the completion of the Kaifeng plant. The Wuhu plant will become the production base of the "Karry Youya" and all other models will be produced at the Kaifeng plant. Kaifeng's annual capacity is expected to be 300,000 minivehicles and 80,000 light-duty trucks, etc.
3. The Ordos plant will initially produce automotive parts with plans to produce completed vehicles in phases.


Joint venture businesses with Israel Corporation

 In November 2011, Chery Quantum Auto Co., Ltd., a joint venture company formed by Chery Automobile and Israel Corporation, changed its corporate name to Qoros Automotive Co., Ltd. The company's new brand, Qoros, was announced at the same time.

 Qoros Automotive was established in December 2007 jointly on a fifty-fifty basis with Israel Corporation, the largest holding company in Israel. This marked the first case of a joint venture in China between a Chinese manufacturer and a non-automotive foreign company. It was Chery Automobile's intention to benefit from Israel Corporation's marketing resources in international markets and explore European markets as part of its globalization initiative.

 The new brand "Qoros" announced along with the new corporate name will make a market debut on a midrange sedan that will reach the market in 2013. Its prototype car is being produced using a platform co-developed with Magna Steyr, a German company. Safety performance tests were conducted from January to March 2012 in accordance with European standards. All models carrying the Qoros brand name will be launched in China and Europe simultaneously. Qoros Automotive is confident that they will earn a five star rating in Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme) in 2013 at the earliest.

 Qoros Automotive is currently building its production base in the Changshu Economic Development Zone of Jiangsu. The base will have an annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles when the construction is completed toward the end of 2012. The city of Changshu is close to medium and large cities including Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi and Nantong and is home to the port of Changshu. This provides an ideal location environment for Qoros Automotive to expand businesses in domestic and European markets.

Outline of joint venture business with Israel Corporation

Name of Corporation Qoros Automotive Co., Ltd.
(Renamed in November 2011 from Chery Quantum Auto Co., Ltd.)
Investment ratio Chery Automotive 50%, Israel Corporation 50%
Date of Establishment December 2007
(*The company is
headquartered in Shanghai)
Changshu Economic Development Zone of Jiangsu (to be completed by the end of 2012) with a building area of 190,000 square meters that will house press, welding, painting and assembly lines and auxiliary facilities.
Production capacity 150,000 vehicles a year (initial capacity)
Models Qoros brand: Midrange sedan (starting model), hatchback, SUV, EV
* Three models to be launched within two years
R&D base R & D center: Shanghai Design center: Munich (Germany), Graz (Austria), Sweden
Alliance Supplier Getrag, TomTom, Magna Steyr, Magna, Frog, TRW, Continental, Benteler, Valeo, Denso, etc. (95 percent of them are suppliers with global reputation)

Source: Chery Automobile's news release (March 7/November 30, 2008), Qoros Automotive's news release (February 19, 2008, June 1/July 1, 2010, November 28, 2011, January 16/February 24/March 8, 2012), Chinese media

 The change of the company name is part of the company's policy to depart from Chery Automotive, often associated with the image of an economy brand, and to build an independent development and sales organization under "Qoros" as a high-end brand ready for market launch in Europe. The new leaders of Qoros Automotive include Mr. Volker Steinwascher, Vice Chairman, who was executive vice-present of VW's North American operation, and Mr. Gert Hildebrand, chief designer, who held the same title for BMW's MINI range operation. The company also has a large number of global suppliers including Getrag, Magna Steyr, TRW, and Continental. It has also constructed a sales network for the "Qoros" brand in strategic cities in China.


Joint venture with Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)

 In March 2012, Chery Automobile and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) announced that they had concluded an agreement for establishing a joint venture company. The new company will produce and sell not only the Jaguar and Land Rover brands but also its own brands. It was also announced that the company would start producing engines that will be fitted in their models and open an R & D center.

 JLR has been meeting with a number of Chinese manufacturers since 2010 regarding the possibility of forming a joint venture company and starting local production of vehicles in China where demand is growing rapidly in the luxury car market. After negotiating with Jiangling Motors and Geely Automobile, an agreement was finally reached with Chery Automobile as a joint venture partner. The two companies filed an application toward the end of 2011 with the local authorities for a joint venture project.

 Unlike the Western markets where JLR's sales are declining, the company's vehicle sales in China rose significantly to 42,063 vehicles in 2011, up 61 percent from the previous year. JLR sold 17,997 vehicles in the first quarter of 2012 (January - March) alone, up 110 percent from the same quarter a year earlier. This makes China the JLR's third largest market in the world. The company aspires to make China its largest market in the future and is determined that local production is a necessity to seek further sales increase.

 However, the joint venture project has not been approved by the local authorities for unknown reasons. According to media reports, the project requires 17.5 billion RMB in total and JLR plans to build an annual capacity of 50,000 or 80,000 vehicles by 2015. The first local production model is likely to be the small SUV called "Range Rover Evoque" under the Land Rover brand which is very popular in the import market in China.

Outline of joint venture business with Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)

Name of Corporation n.a.
Investment ratio Chery Automobile 50%, JLR 50%
Date of Establishment n.a. *Approval of the local authorities pending
Plant Changshu Economic Development Zone of Jiangsu (to be completed in July 2014)
*Also building an engine plant (to start operation by the end of 2015)
Production capacity 50,000 or 80,000 vehicles a year (initial capacity)
Models Jaguar, Land Rover, and original brand of the new company *The first and second models to be compact SUVs under the Land Rover brand. The first likely to be Range Rover Evoque and the second Freelander2. The original brand model is expected to be built on the Jaguar brand platform.

Source: Chery Automobile's news release (March 7, 2008), Chinese media


Joint venture with Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru)

 It has been reported that the local production plan of the "Subaru" brand cars in China by Chery Automobile and Fuji Heavy will be shelved. The two companies had reached an agreement in May 2011 to establish a joint venture company and filed an application with the local authorities in June of the same year. According to Japanese media reports, Fuji Heavy has decided to give up the plan to start local production in 2013 because the approval was left pending too long.

 A possible reason behind the prolonged pending of approval is the lack of material plans of the joint venture business. The Chinese authorities are applying stringent conditions for foreign manufacturers intending to do business in China in fear of excess capacity. Under the circumstances, it is said an approval for a joint venture is subject to realistic plans by the two companies such as launching the original brand and introducing technologies for developing new energy vehicles. It is also said the approval is not being granted because Fuji Heavy is considered to be a part of Toyota which is its largest shareholder (16.48 percent). The establishment of a joint venture manufacturer in China by foreign companies is limited to two. Toyota already has a joint venture manufacturer with China FAW Group and with Guangzhou Automobile Group, and the joint venture with Chery Automobile is reportedly considered Toyota's third joint venture in China.

 It has been reported that Fuji Heavy does not intend to give up the joint venture plan itself but has decided to lower the priority and shelve it for a while.


Trends in overseas operations

 Chery Automobile's overseas operation began in 2001 when the company exported ten original models to Syria. This was followed by exports to emerging and developing countries and knockdown production in those countries to expand its markets. This proved to be successful and the company sold its original models to more than 80 countries and areas in 2011, ten years after the Syrian export.

 In 2011, Chery Automobile began exporting its vehicles to Australia to gain a foothold to Western markets. In addition, the company began construction work in Brazil to build the first CKD plant by a Chinese manufacturer.


Exploring export markets

Entry in Australian markets

 In March 2011, Chery Automobile began import and sale of A1 (dubbed J1) and Tiggo(J11) in Australia with a local partner, Ateco. This marks the company's first experience of selling cars in that country and Chery Automobile sees a great significance in it to explore right-hand drive markets and gain footing in Western European and North American markets. The company plans to increase the number of local sales outlets from 45 to 90 in two years and launched two-box versions of the A3 (J3) in September 2011.

Source: Chery Automobile's news release (March 1, 2011), Chinese media

Riich X1 SUV launched in Latin America

 In August 2011, Chery Automobile launched an entry SUV Riich X1 (Chery BEAT) in Chile and Peru concurrently. This marks the company's first introduction of SUV in Latin America.

Alliance with a government fund to explore African markets

 In August 2011, Chery Automobile concluded a memorandum of understanding regarding a strategic alliance with the China-Africa Development Fund, a government fund aimed at encouraging investments in Africa by Chinese enterprises. The two companies established a joint venture company called Chery Overseas Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. in the same year according to the memorandum with Chery Automobile having 55 percent control and China-Africa Development Fund 45 percent. The new company is currently acting as Chery Automobile's exclusive agency of exports to Africa for vehicles, automotive parts, equipment, etc.

Source: Chery Automobile's news release (August 22, 2011), Chinese media

Import sales company established in Indonesia

 In February 2012, Chery Automobile established PT Chery Mobil Indonesia, a Jakarta-based Indonesian corporation to handle import and sale of its original models. PT Chery Mobil is a joint venture company established jointly with PT Gaya Motor, a local partner (affiliated with PT Astra International). To celebrate the birth of the new company, Chery Automobile launched three starting models, namely the Cross MPV (dubbed Eastar), SUV (Tiggo) and Karry Youjin pickup (Transcab). Hosea Sanjaya, CEO of the new company, is confident about the price competitiveness of the Chery models and estimates that the company would sell 1,000 to 1,500 units in the FY2012. When its market share increases to a certain level, construction of a local assembly plant is a likely development.

Source: Chery Automobile's news release (March 6, 2012), Chinese media
(Note) CKD production is no longer existent in Indonesia after the alliance with Indomobil Group was terminated in March 2011. The Cross MPV and Tiggo SUV are imported from the neighboring countries and the Karry Youjin pickup will be imported from China.


Expansion of overseas KD production sites

List of Chery Automobile's overseas KD production sites

Country Business partner Production base Production
Iran Kerman Khodro Kerman Khodro's subsidiary Modiran Vehicle Manufacturing Company
Location: Tehran
n.a. MVM 110(QQ3), MVM 530(A5),
MVM X33(Tiggo)
* Sale under the MVM brand
Iran Iran Khodro Co.
Solitac Inc.(Canada)
Joint venture plant
Location: Babol, Mazadaran
Egypt Daewoo Motor
DME's Plant
Location: Industrial Park in 6th October City, Cairo
15,000 A113(A1), A520(A5 2.0L),
A516(A5 1.6L), A620(Eastar),
* Sale under the Speranza brand
Ukraine UkrAVTO UkrAVTO's subsidiary Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant
Location: Zaporizhia Oblast
25,000 ZAZ Forza(Fulwin2)
* Sale under the ZAZ brand
Uruguay Socma Group(Argentina)
Oferol S.A.(Uruguay)
Joint venture plant Chery Socma S.A.
Location: Montevideo
20,000 or more Tiggo, A1
Malaysia Alado Corporation Sdn Bhd Alado's Business alliance partner Oriental Assembler Sdn Bhd
Location: Johor Bahru
30,000 Eastar MPV, Tiggo
Vietnam Vietnam Motor
VMC's Plant
Location: Nguyen Trai Road, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi
n.a. QQ3
Thailand Charoen Pokphand Group
Yontrakit Group
Joint venture plant Thai Chery Yarnyon Co.,Ltd
Location: Rayong Province
5,000 QQ(QQ3), Tiggo
Syria Hamsho International Group Joint venture plant with Hamsho and trade company Borouj
Location: Hassia Industrial City, Homs
30,000 QQ(QQ3), Tiggo

Source: Chinese media


Construction of a KD plant planned for Myanmar

 In May 2011, Chery Automobile and the Second Industry Ministry of Burma (SIM) reached an agreement regarding the construction of a semi-knockdown (SKD) plant with an annual production capacity of 3,000 to 5,000 vehicles. The SIM began SKD production of the QQ3 (local name Myanmar Mini) in 2010 for market launch that began in May 2011. When a Chery Automobile representative visited Myanmar to conduct research on the progress of the SKD project, the SIM reportedly showed an order request for nearly 10,000 vehicles saying that the production increase of the QQ3 was an urgent matter. To meet the growing demand, a "QQ3 sales center" was opened in January 2012.

Source: Chery Automobile's news release (May 23, 2011), Chinese media

First Chinese plant being built in Brazil

 In July 2011, the cornerstone laying ceremony was held for Chery Automobile's CKD plant in the city of Jacarei, Sao Paulo, Brazil that will be the first plant in the country constructed by a Chinese manufacturer. The company had concluded an agreed framework in September 2010 with the local government of Sao Paulo regarding the plant construction. The first phase of work will build the painting, welding and assembly lines with an annual capacity of 50,000 vehicles (2 shifts). The second phase will build the stamping line that will increase the plant's total capacity to 150,000 vehicles (3 shifts). The plant is scheduled to start operations in September 2013. Its initial production models will be the A1 (dubbed S12) and Fulwin2 (A13). To increase local content ratios and defend itself from the increased industrial product taxation (IPI) imposed by the Brazilian government, Chery Automobile plans to entice reputable suppliers from China and build a supplier park adjacent to the CKD plant site. The entire project will cost US$400,000,000 and will form Chery Brazil Industrial Park with a million square meter area.

Source: Chery Automobile's news release (September 20, 2010, March 8/June 24/July 20, 2011), Chinese media

KD plant in Venezuela starts operating

 A Chery car KD plant, financed by a Venezuela government-owned Corpivensa and ZGT Automotive Corporation, started production in September 2011. The plant is located in an industrial complex called Las Tejerias, Aragua, in the northern part of Venezuela and has an annual production capacity of 18,800 vehicles. It will initially produce the A1 (dubbed Arauca) and A3 (Orinoco) models. With the start of official production at the KD plant, Chery Automobile has become the only Chinese manufacturer authorized in KD production of passenger cars in that country.

Source: Chery Automobile's news release (September 7, 2011), Chinese media
(Note) In October 2011, Chery's local partner, ZGT, was granted a license to import assembled passenger cars and the company purchased 2,750 units of Chery cars.


New model launches (2011 and on)

 Chery Automobile currently has five brands including "Chery" for low/middle-end passenger cars, "Cowin" for economy passenger cars, "Riich" for middle/high-end passenger cars, "Rely" for high-end company cars, and "Karry" for mini-vehicles. "Cowin" used to be a series name under the "Chery" brand but it was upgraded to an independent brand after the divisional restructuring in 2010.

Chery Brand (Low-middle-end passenger car brand)

Model Release time Outline
Tiggo 1.6L DVVT June 2011  A new available grade of the Tiggo SUV. Powered by a 1.6-liter engine with the first self-developed DVVT in China that contributes to 20 percent improvement in fuel efficiency compared to a conventional 1.6-liter engine.
New A1 July 2011  Face-lifted from the "A1" A0 class compact hatchback with a price ranging from 36,800 to 56,800 RMB. A combination of a 1.0-liter engine and a 5-speed MT is a new option.
2012 Tiggo April 2012  Face-lifted from the Tiggo SUV with a price ranging from 84,800 to 123,800 RMB. Powered by a 1.6-, 1.8- or 2.0-liter engine. The chassis, steering system and the shift mechanism have been improved.
A3 CVT April 2012  A new available grade of the "A3" A class cars. Fitted with the same 1.6-liter DVVT engine as the new grade of the Riich G3 that was launched concurrently. Combined with the second-generation of the self-developed CVT which is fitted with the EXEDY fluid torque converter, Bosch's seventh-generation pushbelt, and NSK's bearing with wet friction material.
Source: Chery Automobile's news release (June 29/October 13, 2011), Riich Brand's news release(April 11, 2012), Chinese media
(Note) The following applies to all four brands:
1. Prices are the manufacturer's suggested retail prices.
2. Chery Automobile's models are fitted with the ACTECO series engines developed jointly with AVL, an Austrian corporation. Chery Automobile holds their intellectual property rights.
3. Research and development efforts by Chery Automobile on the CVT started in 2004. The company invested several hundred million yuan in 2010 to import a CVT automated production line from Germany. The CVT rolling out from the imported line passed the 1 million km durability test conducted on taxicabs and the company began using the CVT on "Chery E5" and other market models. It is said this marks the first self-developed CVT by a Chinese manufacturer.

Cowin Brand (Economy passenger car brand)

Model Release time Outline
Cowin 1
Shuzhi Version
June 2011  A new grade available with the "Cowin 1" A0 class sedan, fitted with the EBD (electronic brake-force distribution) type ABS, remote keyless entry, GPS navigation and a number of other cutting-edge systems with the minimum rise in the vehicle price making it a highly cost effective model.
E5 July 2011  A new middle range sedan model developed on the "Cowin 3" car with the price ranging from 59,800 to 81,800 RMB. The 1.5-liter engine is combined with the 5-speed MT, and the 1.8-liter engine with Chery Automobile's first self-developed CVT. With less noise, vibration and harshness than the base model, and more than 20 storage spaces, the new model is designed carefully with the passengers' comfort in mind.
2012 Cowin 2 October 2011  Face-lifted from the "Cowin 2" A class sedan with the price ranging from 47,800 to 59,800 RMB. It reflects improvements over the base model in 45 places under four performance headings including appearance, fuel efficiency, safety and comfort.
2012 QQ January 2012  Partially face-lifted from the "QQ3" mini hatchback with the price ranging from 30,900 to 50,900 RMB. It reflects improvements in 33 places under energy saving, engines and appearance. The 1.8-liter engine is combined with a 5-speed MT, and the second-generation 1.0-liter engine with a 17 percent increase in fuel efficiency over the previous model is combined with a 5-speed MT or 5-speed AT with a manual mode.
2012 Cowin 1 February 2012  Face-lifted from the "Cowin 1" A0 class sedan with the price ranging from 39,900 to 54,900 RMB. It reflects improvements in 14 places under appearance, equipment, quality and energy saving performances. The second-generation 1.0-liter engine is combined with a 5-speed MT, and the 1.3-liter engine with a 5-speed AT with a manual mode.
Cowin 5 March 2012  The first B class sedan under the "Cowin" brand, developed upon the former "Eastar" model, with the price ranging from 75,800 to 101,800 RMB. It measures 4,770mm long, 1,815mm wide and 1,445mm high and has a 2,700mm wheelbase. Powered by a 1.8-liter engine in combination with a 5-speed MT or CVT. Equipped with GPS navigation, steering wheel with an auto-drive control, parking sensor with a color display, "follow-me-home" function, and other systems.
New Eastar 2012  Face-lifted from the "Eastar" B class sedan with a 2,768mm wheel base, 68mm longer than the predecessor. Powered by a 2.0-liter DVVT engine in combination with a 5-speed MT or CVT.
New QQ3 End of 2012  Fully remodeled from the "QQ3" mini hatchback slated for market launch by the end of 2012 at the earliest, likely powered by a 1.0-liter engine.
(Note) The "QQ" mini hatchback was renamed "QQ3" in 2006 to distinguish it from the successor, "QQ6" mini sedan. However, the 2012 model is called the "QQ" as before since the "QQ6" and the "QQme" were removed from the production list in 2009 and the "QQ3" became the only model existing in the QQ series.


Riich Brand (Middle-high-end passenger car brand)

Model Release time Outline
2011 Riich M1 January 2011  Face-lifted from the Riich M1 A00 class compact hatchback with a price ranging from 41,800 to 60,800 RMB. Its core technology has been improved to achieve a 16 percent increase in fuel efficiency to meet the growing demand for low emission and low fuel consumption cars in the market facing price increase of gasoline.
Riich X1
Shuxiang Type
July 2011  A new grade available with the "Riich X" urban-styled compact SUV with the price tag of 54,800 RMB. Powered by a 1.3-liter engine in combination with a 5-speed MT. Based on one of the existing grades "Shuxiang" with the additional features of the aluminum alloy wheel hubs, electric rearview mirrors, four-door power windows, and a remote key system.
Riich G6 August 2011  A B class sedan introduced as the top model in the G series with the price ranging from 189,800 to 259,800 RMB. Designed in accordance with the production criteria of the C class models. Powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine in combination with a 5-speed AT.
2012 Riich G5 September 2011  Face-lifted from the "Riich G5" midsize sedan with the price ranging from 99,800 to 152,800 RMB. A 2.0-liter DVVT engine has been made available in addition to the 2.0-liter inter-cooled, turbocharged engine in the existing mode.
Riich G3 December 2011  The first compact sedan under the "Riich" brand developed upon the "Chery A5" with a price ranging from 69,800 to 86,800 RMB. Powered by a 1.6-liter DVVT engine in combination with a 5-speed MT. It has the McPherson strut suspension in the front and the multi-link suspension in the rear to offer high stability and comfort. Shock absorbing type bumpers and steering column, and EBD (electronic brake-force distribution) type ABS are standard safety features.
2012 Riich X1 April 2012  Face-lifted from the "Riich X" urban-styled compact SUV with a price ranging from 53,800 to 64,800 RMB. Powered by a 1.5-liter engine in combination with a 5-speed MT, and a 1.3-liter engine with a 5-speed AT with a manual mode. Equipped with an intelligent liquid crystal display that provides real-time information about the vehicle speed, travel distance, instantaneous fuel consumption, and warranty travel distance.
Riich G3 CVT April 2012  A new grade available with the "Riich G3" compact sedan with the price ranging from 84,800 to 96,800 RMB. Powered by a 1.6-liter DVVT engine in combination with the second-generation self-developed CVT as is the new grade under the "Chery A3" that was released concurrently.
Riich G2 July 2012  A new A0 class compact hatchback model that took five years to develop. Designed by Pininfarina of Italy. It measures 3,995mm long, 1,788mm wide and 1,555mm high and has a 2,500mm wheelbase. Powered by a 1.6-liter DVVT engine in combination with a 5-speed MT or CVT. Debuted at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show (Auto China 2012) and expected to reach the market in July. The local media reports that market launch of a 3-box type will follow shortly.

Source: Chery Automobile's news release (January 10/August 3/December 14, 2011), Riich Brand's news release(January 11/April 11/July 14/August 3, 2011, April 9/April 11, 2012), Chinese media

Rely Brand (High-end company car brand)

Model Release time Outline
2012 Rely V5 August 2011  Face-lifted from the "Rely" MPV. Powered by a 1.8-liter engine with an MT, 2.0-liter engine with an MT or AT, or 1.9-liter turbocharged engine with an MT. It reflects improvements under four performance headings including quality, stability, safety and comfort.
Rely X5 August 2011  A new SUV model offered in FWD and AWD types. It measures 4,697 long, 1,878 wide and 1,836mm high and has a 2,725mm wheelbase. Powered by a 2.0-liter inter-cooled, turbocharged engine in combination with a 5-speed MT. The "luxury" type AWD is equipped with the DVD, GPS and an engine cover.
New Rely H5 August 2011  Face-lifted from the "Rely H5" light-duty commercial van. The 8-seat and 9-seat versions are made available in addition to the conventional 14-seat model.

Source: Rely Brand's news release(August 15, 2011), Chinese media

Karry Brand (Mini vehicle brand)

Model Release time Outline
2011 Karry Youyou
Diesel engine type
July 2011  Face-lifted from the "Karry Youyou Diesel" model released for sale in August 2010. Powered by a 1.0-liter inter-cooled, turbocharged diesel engine in combination with a 5-speed MT.
Karry Youyou
Long wheel base
February 2012  A new grade available with the "Karry Youyou" MPV. The long-wheelbase model has a new chassis and the vehicle measures 4,430mm long, 1,626mm wide and 1,930mm high. The roomy cabin has 4,700 liters of space, up 17 percent from the conventional model. The body is made with high tensile strength steel, supplied by Baosteel Group, to increase the car's safety performance.

Source: Karry Brand's news release(March 2, 2012), Chinese media


Vehicle sales by models

Chery Automobile's sales volume by model

Brand Segment Models 2008 2009 2010 2011 Jan.- Feb.
Jan.- Feb.
Total of Passenger Cars 356,093 500,303 674,774 634,311 120,895 82,095
Chery Sedan, Hatchback A1 28,482 15,058 16,039 20,257 2,037 3,811
A3(2box, 3box) 6,965 59,235 58,492 39,215 8,942 3,569
Fulwin 2(2box, 3box) - 11,174 74,005 82,787 16,092 9,276
SUV Tiggo 50,155 45,966 65,062 99,338 14,965 14,054
Cowin Sedan, Hatchback *QQ6(QQ3 3box) 38,029 26,488 0 0 0 0
QQ3 95,357 142,065 151,634 150,769 26,419 18,847
*QQme - 1,350 374 102 66 0
*A520(A5 2.0L) 59,582 70,630 0 0 0 0
* Cowin 52,027 65,023 0 0 0 0
Cowin 1(New QQ6) - - 29,861 30,672 9,115 3,342
Cowin 2(New Cowin) - - 68,930 54,956 12,366 5,317
Cowin 3(New A5) - - 74,679 42,187 13,055 3,986
Eastar 6,127 2,646 2,850 1,261 518 159
E5 - - - 34,691 - 9,543
Riich Sedan, Hatchback Riich M1 - 15,461 22,510 8,088 1,924 378
* Riich M5(M1 3box) - - 338 348 57 1
Riich G3(Eastar 6) - - - 1,246 - 2,906
Riich G5 - 139 2,391 2,103 193 334
Riich G6 - - - 153 - 35
SUV Riich X1 - 2,995 18,006 14,596 2,451 2,052
Rely MPV Rely V5(Eastar Cross) 9,522 8,257 11,459 5,475 1,335 165
SUV Rely X5 - - - 2,043 500 101
Karry MPV Karry Youya(Riich 2) 7,940 16,614 19,515 10,283 2,268 852
Karry Youyi(Karry 3) 1,907 1,051 657 162 52 10
Mini Vans(Youyou, Yousheng, Youpai) - 16,151 57,972 33,579 8,540 3,357
Total of Commercial Vehicles 0 0 7,286 7,404 735 567
Tracks - - 7,286 5,719 735 488
Buses - - - 1,685 - 79
Chery Automobile's Total 356,093 500,303 682,060 641,715 121,630 82,662
Source: MarkLines Data Center, Chinese media
(Notes) 1. "*" indicates discontinued models.
2. "Cowin" originally was a model name until May 2010 when it was promoted to a series name under the "Chery" brand. As a result, the face-lifted models of the existing models, QQ6, Cowin and A5, were added to the "Cowin" series under the model names of Cowin 1, Cowin 2, and Cowin 3, respectively. Following the organizational change of the company that took place in August of the year, five new divisions, including the Cowin Division, were established at the end of that year. "Cowin" that was then a series name under the "Chery" brand was promoted to an independent brand tantamount to the "Chery" brand. Today, the "Cowin" brand operated by the "Cowin Division" accommodates the models from the former "Cowin" series and new ones such as the "QQ3," "Eastar" and "E5" as well.
3. The "Cowin G3" debuted at the 2008 Beijing Motor Show where it was presented under the model name of "Eastar 6" deriving from the base model, Eastar. It was then renamed "Riich G3" in March 2009 when the birth of the "Riich" brand was announced. It was released for sale in August 2011 as a member model of that brand.
4. An existing model "Eastar Cross" was renamed "Rely V5" in March 2009 when the birth of the "Rely" brand was announced and it was released for sale as a member model of that brand.
5. The existing models, "Riich 2" and "Karry 3," were renamed "Karry Yoya" and "Karry Youyi" respectively in January 2009 when the birth of the "Karry" brand was announced. They were released for sale as member models of that brand.
6. The "Karry Youpai" was released for sale in March 2009, and the "Karry Youyou" in September 2009, and the "Karry Yousheng" in March 2010.

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