Shanghai Motor Show 2011 (1): exhibition by eight Chinese major emerging OEMs

53 new models that Chery/BYD/Brilliance/JAC/Geely/Great Wall/Zotye/Soueast Motor plan to launch by 2



 Shanghai Motor Show 2011 (Auto Shanghai 2011: The 14th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition) was held in Shanghai from April 21st to 28th, 2011 (Press days: April 19th and 20th).

 The following is a summary of reports on the exhibition of 53 new models to be launched from April 2011 to 2013 by eight Chinese emerging passenger car manufacturers - Chery Automobile, BYD Auto, Brilliance Automobile, JAC (Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group), Geely (Geely Holding Group), Great Wall Motor, Zotye (Zotye Motors), and Soueast Motor (Fujian Motor Industry Group).

 Details of 16 new energy vehicles (including six PHEVs, one HEV, and nine EVs) and 37 other new production vehicles are reported.

 Incidentally, for a summary of reports on the exhibition of new production vehicles including new energy vehicles by six Chinese major state-owned OEMs (including SAIC (SAIC Motor Group), DFM (Dongfeng Motor Corp.), FAW, CHANA (Changan Automobile Group), BAIC (Beijing Automotive Group), and GAC (Guangzhou Automobile Group)), please refer to the second report ("Shanghai Motor Show 2011 (2): exhibition by six major state-owned OEMs in China") on Jun. 15..

1. In this report, "EV" means "Battery Electric Vehicle". "HEV" means "Hybrid Electric Vehicle". "PHEV" means "Plug-in HEV". "TCI" means "Turbo Charging with Inter-cooling". "TGDI" means "Turbo charging with Inter-cooling and Gasoline Direct Injection".

2. Figures such as the maximum cruising range and fuel economy without driving conditions are those announced by each OEM.

Exhibits that Chery, BYD, Brilliance, JAC, Geely, Great Wall, Zotye, and Soueast Motor plan to launch by 2013

(Note) Find more detailed information below on the model with link.
Exhibitor New energy vehicle
(PHEV, HEV, EV, etc.)
New production model
Chery Automobile Riich G3 plug-in, X1 EV, M1 REEV Cowin 5, new Eastar
Chery E5,
Riich G3, Z5, G6 2.0T
Rely V8 2.0T
BYD Auto F3DM Low-carbon Version
G3R, G6, S6
Brilliance Automobile Zhonghua 530 HEV, Junjie FSV Plug-in
Jinbei Haise W
Zhonghua 530
Jinbei S30
Jianghuai Automobile Group
Tongyue EV, Heyue Plug-in Refine 2 Hechang
Geely Holding Group
Emgrand GPEC-EC7
Gleagle EK, IG EV
Englon SC5, SC6, SX5, SV5, SX6
Emgrand EX7, EX8, EV8
Gleagle IG GSG version, GV5, GC3, GC7
Great Wall Motor Voleex C20 EV
GW Range-Extended-type PHEV platform
Haval M4, H6
Voleex C20R, C70, C50
Wingle CL
Zotye Holding Group Zotye M300 EV Zotye Z200HB, Z200, Z300, T200, T300, T600
Soueast Motor
(Fujian Motor Industry Group)
V3 Lingyue EV  
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