The Secondary Battery Show in Japan: Review Part 2 - Parts and Materials



This Report introduces remarkable new products and technology for parts and materials concerning a Li-ion battery to be used in green vehicles (hybrid vehicle, plug-in hybrid vehicle, electric vehicle, and fuel-cell vehicle) by 19 companies at the 2nd Battery Japan 2011 (held at Tokyo Big Site from March 2 to 4, 2011).

Field Company Product/Technology
Mitsubishi Chemical Positive-electrode material/ negative-electrode material/separator/ electrolyte for Li-ion battery
BASF Japan (Germany) Positive-electrode material for Li-ion battery
Umicore Japan (Belgium) Positive-electrode material for Li-ion battery
Formosa Energy & Material
Technology (Taiwan)
Positive-electrode material for lithium-ion iron phosphate battery
Changs Ascending
Enterprise (Taiwan)
Positive-electrode material for Li-ion battery
Phoenix Silicon
International Corp.
Positive-electrode material for Li-ion battery
Hunan Reshine New
Material (China)
Positive-electrode material for Li-ion battery
Hiramatsu Sangyo/
Shinshu University
Graphite web (The company receives many inquiries from LG Chem, BYD, and other Chinese companies)
TIMCAL Graphite &
Carbon (Switzerland)
Carbon negative-electrode material
Separator Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc. Separator for Li-ion battery
Celgard (USA)/Hohsen Separator for Li-ion battery
Electrolyte Ohara * Lithium-ion conductive glass ceramics (solid electrolyte)
* All-solid state battery
* Lithium air battery
Kanto Denka Kogyo Lithium hexafluorophosphate (electrolyte)
Nihon Pall Electrolyte filter
Binder Zeon Corporation Battery binder
Solvay Solexis (Italy)/
Solvay Solexis (Japan)
Fluorine polymer (binder material)
Electrode foil Nippon Graphite Industries * Graphite powder for positive/negative-electrode of lithium-ion battery
* Graphite coating aluminum foil
* Porous foil for lithium capacitor
Fukuda Metal Foil & Powder * Electrode copper foil "CF-LBX"
* High purity smooth nickel foil
Furukawa Electric/
Furukawa-Sky Aluminum/
Nippon Foil Mfg.
Copper foil for negative-electrode current collector (electrolysis, rolling) [World's largest share of 40%]

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