Electric Motor Technological Trends of Major Automotive Manufacturers

Motor-related patent application trends of Toyota, Suzuki, and NTN



 This report created by MarkLines focuses on a number of technical topics surrounding the automotive industry, and is based on patent information obtained from the "Technical Information Distribution Service-swimy" information service provided by Toyota Technical Development Corp. (TTDC). The two business areas of TTDC are in the fields of intellectual property (IP) and measurement control solutions. The intellectual property (IP) side of TTDC is involved in the collection and analysis of information on automotive technology developments globally, and provides services such as consulting for research planning, applying for patents in foreign languages, and technical translation.

 This report presents the technological trends of various motors such as general-purpose motors, vehicle drive motors, and actuator motors based on the status of patent applications filed by major automotive manufacturers such as automakers and automotive component suppliers.

 By country, the greatest number of patent applications filed for electric motors by major automotive manufacturers are in the order of Japan, China, the U.S., and Germany. Looking at the number of patents filed by applicant and country, Toyota has filed numerous patents in China and the U.S., followed by Germany. Denso has filed numerous applications in the U.S., and an equivalent number of applications in China and Germany. Bosch has filed the largest number of applications in the order of China, EP, and the U.S. In terms of the number of patents filed by applicant, Mitsubishi Electric and Toyota have filed the greatest number of patent applications, followed by Bosch and Denso, which submitted an equivalent number of applications. Looking at the number of applications for each development item, the number of applications submitted was the largest for Toyota Rotary Motors (Development Group 1), followed by Suzuki Rotary Motors (Development Group 2), and NTN Electric Actuators (Development Group 1). Toyota's development items: Toyota Rotating Electrical Machines (Development Group 1) developed technologies related to issues such as the suppression of eddy current loss and securing geometric tolerances by transposition. Suzuki's development items: Suzuki Rotating Electrical Machines (Development Group 2) developed technologies such as high torque output even in the low-speed range of the rotor. NTN’s development items: NTN Electric actuators (Development group 1) developed technologies such as being able to offer electric actuators that are low cost and suitable for series production.


 Source: Technical information distribution service swimy URL:http://www.toyota-td.jp/business/ip/swimy/
 This source (TTDC) has extensive content related to automobiles. Graphs can be created for contents of interest with a single click. The database also supports the detailed display and download of intellectual property related information.

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