Toyota in U.S. and Europe: Reinforcing Lexus and high-performance lines

Recent sales and operating income in U.S. and Europe contribute to financial results



 This report summarizes Toyota's business in the US and Europe mainly focusing on its model planning in those markets.

 Japanese vehicles have been rated high because of their high quality and reliability. Toyota plans to explore still higher market image for the Toyota and Lexus brands by developing high-performance vehicles with emotional appeal to customers. For instance, Toyota will expand the high-performance Lexus F series and develop all-new Supra and Lexus LF-LC. These plans are one of Toyota's development and product planning pillars other than the adoption of TNGA and major renovation of internal combustion engines.

 Toyota reported record-high operating income in the fiscal year ended in March 2014 (FY 2014) and in the April-June quarter in FY 2015. The high record was largely attributable to solid results in the U.S. and Europe. Toyota's sales in emerging markets in Asia and other parts of the world have been expanding in recent years but their growth is somewhat sluggish partly due to slow sales in Thailand.

High-performance the RC F to be launched
in U.S. in fall 2014 (photo courtesy of Toyota)
Driver's seat area of the RC F
(photo courtesy of Toyota)

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