Subaru (Part 2): Consolidation to a single platform in 2016

New EyeSight System debuting in 2014; radar-based safety systems available in U.S.



 This second report on Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the manufacturer of Subaru automobiles, describes the company's model plans, EyeSight System and other safety features, as well as plans for the U.S., its largest market in the world.

 In 2014, FHI will launch the all-new Outback and Legacy initially in the United States. In June 2014, FHI released the Levorg for sale in Japan as the successor to the Legacy Touring Wagon.

 FHI plans to reduce the number of platforms from two to only one to increase the efficiency of development and production. The models to be launched in 2016 will start to feature the new common platform.

 As for safety features, the vehicles released in 2014 are fitted with the third-generation EyeSight System. In addition to the EyeSight, radar-based safety devices are available on U.S.-specification models.

 FHI's powertrain enhancement plans include expanded use of direct-injection engines (eventually on all vehicles) and the introduction of the cylinder-on-demand and lean combustion technologies. With regard to electrified vehicles, FHI has announced plans to launch plug-in hybrid (PHVs) and all-new hybrid vehicles (HVs) with higher fuel efficiency than the existing models.

Subaru Levorg
Subaru Levorg launched in June 2014
Subaru Levorg
Side view of Subaru Levorg

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