Nissan: Profits declined in North America and emerging markets

Selling and warranty expenditures soared in FY2013 3Q YTD



Nissan Sport Sedan Concept
The Nissan Sport Sedan Concept
at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show

 Nissan Motor Company (Nissan) revised its full-year goals downward when it announced its financial results for the first half of the fiscal year ending March 2014 (FY2013). The global sales target were downgraded by 100,000 units, consolidated net sales by JPY 180 billion, and consolidated operating profit by JPY 120 billion. Nissan seems left behind as many other Japanese automakers reported all-time highs or over 40% increase in operating profit for the period from April through December 2013. Nissan recognizes the present stagnation of its earnings to be a passing point caused by immediate volume expansion conducted as a part of the mid-term plan. The company will analyze its operations in detail by closely following the PDCA cycle and strive to achieve its mid-term target. For reference purpose, LMC Automotive's forecasts of Nissan's vehicle sales in 54 countries are added at the end of this report.

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