2013 Sales by model & engine displacement (Japanese market analysis Part 2)

Number of mini-cars expected to surpass 20 million units



日本のモデル別乗用車販売台数  Toyota Aqua sold 262,000 units in 2013, and replaced the best seller, Toyota Prius, which had been in the top position for 4 years. More spacious mini-cars such as Honda N-BOX and Daihatsu Move have sold 235,000 units and 205,000 units; posting a year-over-year (y/y) increase of 24,000 units and 59,000 units respectively.
 By engine displacement, the 2013 sales for vehicles with 1500cc or less accounted for 67.3% of the entire volume. Moreover, mini vehicles under 660cc accounted for 37.0%, an increase of 2.9 percentage points y/y. Non-mini and commercial vehicles sales are declining. Conversely, minicar sales display a steady increase. Sales volume of minicars for the full-year 2013 is estimated to surpass the 20 million-unit level and cover almost half of the passenger vehicle sales. This is the report of 2013 sales in the Japanese market by model and engine displacement. Number of vehicles owned in Japan is also focused.

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