Shanghai Motor Show 2013 (2): Six emerging major Chinese OEMs

Six new technologies and 28 new models are premiered



Executive Summary

 This is the second of a three-part series of MarkLines' reports covering 28 new models and six new technologies exhibited by six Chinese major emerging passenger car manufacturers - Chery Automobile/Zhejiang Geely Holding Group/Great Wall Motor/BYD Auto/Brilliance Auto/JAC (Jianghuai Automobile Group) at the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show (The 15th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition).

 The first report has already been posted in May 2013, covering seven Chinese major state-run OEMs' new models (for details, click here).

 The third report to be posted at the end of May 2013 will cover exhibitions by major Japanese, US, European, and Korean OEMs including Toyota/Nissan/Honda and VW/GM/Hyundai.

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Main new models and technologies exhibited by six major Chinese emerging OEMs at 2013 Shanghai Motor Show

OEM New model
New-energy vehicle
(New model only)
New technology
Chery Automobile * Cheryα7, β5,All-new QQ * Chery @ANT2.0 (EV) * Chery’s core technology platform    "iAuto"
* Chery iAuto
  (cut model of Cheryα7)
Geely Holding
* Gleagle FE-6 Concept
* Emgrand KC Concept, EV8, EX8
* Englon SC7 methanol
* Emgrand EC7-EV
Great Wall Motor * HAVAL new H8, new H2,
  H6 Sport
* Great Wall
* Kulla 2013Type (EV)
* HAVAL Plug-in Hybrid platform
  (3nd-generation platform of plug-in
  hybrid vehicle of Great Wall Motor)
BYD Auto * BYD Si Rui, S7 * BYD Qin (PHV) * BYD Green Hybrid Energy
  Management System
* BYD PM2.5 Green Clean Technology
Brilliance Auto * Brilliance C3, H330,
  Dazhonghua III concept
* Brilliance H230 EV
Automobile Group
* Refine S5, M6
* He Yue A30, S30, A20 (STT)
* JAC iEV REEV <Reference>
* The principle of iEV REEV
Note 1. Models include new concept cars and new models launched in January 2013 and later
* The following abbreviations are used in this report.
"EV": "Battery Electric Vehicle"
"HV": "Hybrid Electric Vehicle"
"PHV": "Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle"
"REEV": "Range-Extended Electric Vehicle"
"GDI": "Gasoline Direct Injection"
"ISG": "Integrated Starter Generator"
"BSG": "Belt Driven Starter Generator"
"TCI": "Turbo Charging with Inter-cooling"
"DVVT": "Dual Variable Valve Timing"
Note 2. In this report, a standard charging or a standard household charging means recharging from a 220V outlet.
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