Key Allies China analysis on NEV market in June 2020

NEV (New Energy Vehicles) monthly sales data and market analysis


Analysis of NEV industry (Chinese market)

This report was based on the “research report on new energy vehicle (NEV) (electric vehicles [EVs], plug-in hybrid vehicles [PHVs], and fuel cell vehicles [FCVs]) industry prepared by the Chinese consulting firm Key Allies, and the report was edited and translated by MarkLines.

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Table 1) NEV production volume by vehicle type (thousand units) Table 2) NEV monthly production volume (thousand units)
Table 3) NEV sales volume by vehicle type (thousand units) Table 4) NEV monthly sales volume (thousand units)

(Note: CAAM’s figures are rounded off; therefore, figures of items may not add up to the figures in totals.)
Source: CAAM

  In the January to June 2020 period, benefits in running costs of new energy vehicles (NEVs) diminished due to the drop in gasoline prices. Impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, abolishment of subsidies for NEV purchases, abolishment of travel restrictions, alleviation of purchase regulations, and inhibition of mobility—such as e-hailing and leasing—during the pandemic caused the NEV market to stagnate. It is expected that stabilization of subsidy policy and decision on dual-credit policy would lead to a gradual, stable growth of the NEV market in the third and fourth quarters.


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