CATARC report - May 2015: New Energy Vehicle trends in China

April 2015 production drops from March; EV buses have strongest year-to-year growth


Production volumes in China (Summary)

This report is based on a report by Beijing CATARC Automotive Technology Development Company*;
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Fig. 1 Production volume of electrified vehicles (Jan. to Apr. 2015)

  Production volume of electrified vehicles in April 2015 in China decreased by 27.7% month-over-month (m/m) and increased by 121.4% year-over-year (y/y) to 10,418 units (803 vehicles equipped with lead-acid batteries were included). Although monthly production volume did not reach that of the previous month, production volume exceeded 10,000 units in two consecutive months. Production volume of new energy vehicles (electric vehicles [EV] and plug-in hybrid vehicles [PHVs]) that were not equipped with lead-acid batteries was 9,060 units. Y/Y growth rate of electric buses marked a record high. Production volume of new energy passenger cars slightly declined from the previous month; however, production volume of passenger hybrid vehicles (HVs) significantly increased.