Philippines’ 100% EVs by 2040 aim to be pushed by CREVI, says Department of Energy

[ Philippines ]

Reported on October 29, 2022, the Philippines’ Department of Energy (DOE) announced that the country will effectively limit the sale of new internal combustion engine (ICE) cars by 2040. This is part of the Comprehensive Roadmap for the EV Industry (CREVI), scheduled to be issued by Q1/2023 as a Republic Act.
CREVI will see the DOE, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and Department of Transportation (DOTr) will jointly develop a blueprint on the promotion, adoption, usage, and disposal of electric vehicles locally. Part of the Short-Term goals (2023-2025) of CREVI is the streamlining of EV registration for both private and public utility use as well as the adoption of a single charging protocol and/or standard. CREVI will also offer preferential subsidies for EVs used in public transport. By the Medium-Term (2026-2030), CREVI will offer a reduction in importation tariffs. Other policies and issuances that will generate demand for locally manufactured EVs will also be issued. By the Long-Term phase (2031-2040), CREVI will mandate a 100% EV fleet share and franchise to public transport firm while also mandating the installation of EV charging stations in public places, provide issuance for time-of-use rates for EV charging, and develop a business model for vehicle disassembly and disposal.
Currently, the Philippines is home to around 9,000 registered EVs and 300 charging stations.
(From an article of CarGuide.PH on October 29, 2022)