Eberspaecher presents heating solutions for drive concepts  [ Germany ]

Eberspaecher informed that its engine-independent vehicle heaters provide a solution for low outdoor temperatures and move beyond the purely comfort-oriented feature towards an ecologically necessary component of the vehicle thermal management. The fuel operated Hydronic S3 InCat heater prevents the vehicle engine from starting up and, independently of the engine, makes for a pleasantly warm temperature with significantly lower fuel consumption.  The catalytic converter is completely integrated into the water heater and eliminates almost all CO and HC emissions, thus resulting in low-emission heating. The heater also heats the battery. A CO2-neutral solution for purely electrically powered vehicles comes in the form of ethanol heaters. Eberspaecher offers these on the basis of water and air heaters. Ethanol heaters provide the necessary heat for heating the vehicle interior and the battery, so that no energy from the vehicle battery is required at these points - an ecological solution that does not impact the electrical range of e-vehicles.  A new generation of ethanol heaters (2 kW) based on the Airtronic 2 air heater is currently being deployed in the new WORK XL from StreetScooter GmbH. (From a press release on November 7, 2019)

<Nov 07, 2019>