Mexican vehicle sales fall 3.3% in April

[ Mexico ]

On May 3, the Mexican automotive association AMIA reported sales of 114,477 light vehicle in April representing a 3.3% decrease from the same month in 2016.
Sales of 492,725 vehicles in the first four months of 2017 represent a 5.8% increase over the same period in 2016.
Kia sold 7,210 units in April, an increase of 78.8% from 2016 and a reflection of the activity of its new Mexican plant.
Toyota sold 9,009 units in April, an increase of 16.6%, and Honda sold 6,710 units, an increase of 11.0% from last year.
Mazda sales increased 5.5% to 3,830 units and Hyundai sales increased 5.0% to 3,205 units.
Nissan sales of 27,434 units in April decreased 4.6% from the same month last year.
Volkswagen sales decreased 12.1% to 17,228 units.
General Motors sold 19,584 units in April, a decrease of 14.6% from last year.
Ford sold 5,955 units, a decrease of 20.9%, and FCA sold 6,702 units, a decrease of 8.5%.

(AMIA release from May 3, 2017)

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