Mexico sets all-time record sales in 2016, up 18.6%

[ Mexico ]

According to AMIA, Mexican automobile sales in December were up 19.9% over last year, at 192,567 vehicles. Passenger cars were up 27.3% to 127,604 units, while SUVs and pickups were up 7.5% to 64,963 units. December sales marked the all-time high monthly record.
2016 annual sales were up 18.6% to 1,603,672 units. 2016 annual sales also marked the historical record.
Among by maker sales in 2016, Nissan is the market leader with 25.0% market share. GM follows with 19.2%, then VW Group with 15.4%. Toyota was 4th with 6.5% market share, and FCA was 5th with 6.5%. Toyota jumped from 6th in 2015 to 4th in 2016. Kia achieved a significant market share increase from 0.8% in 2015 to 3.6% in 2016.
By segment sales in 2016, the largest segment was Subcompact, up 20.9% y/y to 592,140 units. Chevrolet Aveo is the segment leader, followed by VW Vento. Compact car segment was the second largest with 380,575 units up 17.5%. Nissan Versa is the segment leader, followed by VW Jetta. The third largest segment was SUV with 312,125 units, up 17.8%. Nissan X-Trail leads the segment, followed by Chevrolet Trax.
(AMIA Release)

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