Yanagawa Seiki Co., Ltd.

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1-3-5 Shinsayama, Sayama-shi, Saitama 350-1331, Japan

Business Overview

-Automotive parts manufacturer belonging to the Honda Group.

-Integrated production of aluminum components from die to finished products, focusing on automotive components, such as engine related parts and manual transmissions and related parts.


Aluminum DC parts (Integrated production from die production up to finished parts
Engine components
-Chain cases
-Bearing caps
-Oil pans

Transmission components
-Transmission cases
-Piston related parts
-Differential carriers
-Extension cases

Components for Electric/Hybrid vehicles
-Motor gear cases
-Intermediate plates
-L-Side covers
-Inverter cases
-Inverter covers

Chassis components
-Aluminum hollow die cast frames

Transmission assembly, Forged components
-Differential cases
-Pulley covers

Chassis, Forged components
-Front hub assemblies
-Rear hub assemblies
-Knuckle assemblies


1952 Yanagawa Seiki was established in Fuchu-city, Tokyo with capital of 500 thousand yen.
1960 Established Suzuka plant in Mie.
1963 Started machining of automotive components.
1965 Established Sayama plant in Saitama (thus moving production from Fuchu plant).
1967 Established Kameyama plant in Mie.
1973 Set up Technology Development center in Sayama plant premises.
1974 Construction of headquarters building in Fuchu-city, Tokyo was completed.
Established Kyushu Yanagawa Seiki Co., Ltd.
1977 Completed a die-casting facility in Kameyama plant.
1982 Started manufacturing manual transmissions for 4-wheel vehicles at Sayama plant to supply to Honda's Saitama Factory.
1983 Completed a continuous heat treatment furnace and a die-casting facility (at the Sayama Plant).
1984 Increased capital by 485 million yen in March.
1987 Started manufacturing manual transmissions for 4-wheel vehicles at Kameyama plant to supply to Honda Suzuka Factory.
1988 Started knuckle assembly for Honda at both the Sayama Plant and Suzuka Plant.
Established YSK Corporation in Ohio, USA.
1990 Produced automatic transmission components for the Honda Accord in its Sayama Plant.
1992 Established Thai Yanagawa Co., Ltd. in Bangkok Thailand.
1995 Built a Technical Center. Completed construction of Thailand Yanagawa Co., Ltd., a mold/die cast factory.
1996 Established UYE Ltd. (Oxford, England).
1997 Added Nakamura Tanzosyo Group as an affiliate.
1997 Awarded ISO9002 certification at the Sayama Plant, Kameyama Plant and Suzuka Plant.
1998 Invested 676.4 million yen in capital in March.
1999 Awarded ISO9001 certification at the Technical Center
1999 Awarded ISO14001 certification at the Sayama Plant, Kameyama Plant and Suzuka Plant.


Upgraded its Tochigi satellite office to a full sales office.


Transferred its Technical Center to Tochigi.
2003 Began commercial production of multi-pinion gear differentials it developed in-house.
2006 Changed the names of its three group companies as follows:
Nakamura Tanzo Co., Ltd. was changed to Yanagawa Techno Forte Co., Ltd.; Hayakawa MFG Co., Ltd. to Yanagawa Machine Tech Ltd.; and Nakatan Thai Industry Co., Ltd. to Yanagawa Techno Forge (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
2007 Initiated construction of a new production facility at the Kameyama Plant in order to manufacture aluminum components for use in hybrid electric vehicles and other vehicles. The new plant is due to be completed in August 2008.
2008 Commenced production of aluminum parts for hybrid vehicles in Kameyama Factory.
2012 Commenced production of aluminum parts for electric vehicles in Sayama Factory.
2014 Thai Yanagawa Co., Ltd. opened a new plant in Prachinburi, Thailand.
2020 The technical center was closed down and a joint development system with Kyushu Yanagawa Seiki Co., Ltd. started.
2022 Absorbed Yanagawa Technoforge Co., Ltd. and Yanagawa Machine Tech Co., Ltd. and renamed it YTF Division and Kiryu Factory.
Established a new development base at the Kameyama Factory.

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