Woodbridge Foam Corporation

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4240 Sherwoodtowne Boulevard, Mississauga, Ontario, L4Z 2G6, Canada

Business Overview

-The Company provides material technologies for applications in a wide range of markets including automotive, commercial, recreational, packaging, healthcare and building products. It is a global leader in the development and production of polyurethane products.

-For the automotive industry, the Company manufactures molded foam, expanded phone, chemicals, components, and engineered composites for applications including seating, structural support, occupant protection, headliner systems, and NVH management.


-The Company is privately owned.


-Seatback panel assemblies
-Seat back bolsters
-Rear seat stacked interior components
-Flexible foam

  • Climate-controlled seating foam
  • Flexible foam lamination
  • Low-emission flexible foam
  • Topper pads

-Molded foam

  • Adaptive comfort and support foams
  • Trimvisible foam products
  • Textured surface foams
  • High-performance foams
  • Multi-zone foams

-Head restraints

  • Head restraint assembly
  • Energy management polyurethane foam
  • Foam-in-place head restraint assembly
  • Integral skin head restraint
  • Foam-on-rod assemblies
  • High-resiliency foams
  • Dual hardness foams
  • Comfort safe head restraints

-Encapsulated StructureLite Module combining seating support with urethane seating pad in a single module
-Integral skin seat armrests
-Foam-in-place armrest assemblies
-StructureLite structural seat foam 

-Thin profile interior foam console armrests
-Integral skin console armrests
-Cab back panel insulators
-Interior soft trim spacer foams
-Rear seat bolster foams
-Rear seat bolster assemblies
-Acoustical foam
-Cargo management solutions
-Thin profile interior foam door armrests
-Integral skin door armrests
-Energy management foam
-Load floors
-Headliner composites
-Coverstock headliner foam
-Thin, high-strength headliner composites
-Package trays
-Technical foams for filters or NVH applications 

-Structural exterior foam bumper assemblies
-Underhood insulators
-Underbody shields
-Tailgate liners
-Compressor shields
-Acoustical heat shields
-Wheel liners


1978 Began its business as the Woodbridge Foam Corporation, a privately owned Canadian supplier created by the purchase of the polyurethane foam division of the Monsanto Corporation in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada.
Early 1980s Experienced growth primarily through acquisitions.
Late 1980s Expanded further by building new facilities strategically located near the Company's customers.
Mar. 1999 Group and Poliuretanos S. W., de C. V. announced the expansion of their Joint Venture with the addition of a third manufacturing facility in Mexico.
Apr. 1999 Opened manufacturing facility in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.
Sep. 1999 Signed contracts with the Belgian Group, Recticel.
Recticel will have a 51% stake in the manufacturing joint venture and the Company will have 49%.
Feb. 2000 Acquired the Morval division of PFB Corporation of Calgary Alberta for CAD 17 million.
Mar. 2001 Woodbridge and its European partner Recticel will together acquire 50% of Gestind.
May 2001 Signed a letter of intent to enter into a Joint Venture with Technicon Industries Inc. of North Carolina.
Jan. 2005 New address of Automotive Headquarters.
Sep. 2005 Established a joint venture in China with Chinese company called GSK.
May 2007 Johnson Controls (JCI) joined with Proseat (a joint venture between Recticel and the Company) to set up a new manufacturing joint venture for the production of molded foam seating cushions in Slovakia and Poland.
Nov. 2007 The Group and Inoac Corp. announced to establish four joint venture companies in North America.
Jul. 2008 Proseat (joint venture with Recticel S.A.) has signed an agreement for the takeover of all the shares of Indepol, a Spanish moulded foam manufacturer.
Jul. 2011 The Company and Wuxi Jixing Auto Parts Co., Ltd. announced that they have agreed to form a joint venture "Wuxi Woodbridge Jixing Advanced Polymer Technology Co, Ltd." in China.
Aug. 2011 The Company and the Summa Group announced the expansion of their partnership, with the establishment of a joint venture "DuraLite Formed Plastics" in Leon, Mexico.
Jan. 2018 The Company and Inoac announced that they had set up a new equal joint venture "Woodbridge INOAC Technical Products".
Dec. 2018 The Company announced that it has entered into an agreement to sell its stake in Proseat, its European joint venture, to partner Recticel S.A.
Nov. 2021 Completed acquisition of Hematite, a company specializing in NVH technology development.

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