Unick Corporation

Company Profile




90, Seobu-ro, 179beon-gil, Jinyeong-eup, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

Business Overview

-The Company is a manufacturer of automotive clocks, cigarette lighters, solenoid valves, valves, and sensors. 

-It started operations in 1976 as the first manufacturer in Korea to develop automotive clocks.

-Through a technical alliance with Tosok Corporation (now called Nidec Tosok Corporation), the Company engineered hydraulic solenoid valves in Korea in 1992.

Market Share in Korea (Estimated by the Company, %)

FY ended Dec. 31, 2020 FY ended Dec. 31, 2019 FY ended Dec. 31, 2018
Solenoid valves 45 45 42
Automotive clocks 50 50 50
Cigarette lighters 50 50 50
Indicators 10 10 10
Power outlets 62 62 62
Controllers & pads 19 19 19
Automotive USB chargers 65 70 96
Solenoid valves for electronically controlled engine oil pumps 80 80 100
Solenoid valves for dual clutch transmissions (DCTs) 100 100 100
Exhaust gas control valves 100 100 100


(As of Dec. 31, 2020)

Major shareholders Investment ratio (%)
An Young-Koo 19.09
An Jung-Koo 9.34
Total 28.43


Powertrain System
Transmission Part
-Solenoid valve for transmission (Direct VFS)
-Solenoid valve for transmission (Pilot VFS)
-Solenoid valve for transmission (PWM)
-Solenoid valve for transmission (On/Off)
-Thermal bypass valve
-Speed sensor (MT/AT)

Engine Part
-Solenoid valve for oil pump in engine (VFS)
-Solenoid valve for oil pump in engine (On/Off)
-Engine mount solenoid valve
-Pneumatic solenoid valve
-Water level sensor

Eco-Drive System
Emission control system
-Bypass valve for emission reduction
-Pneumatic solenoid valve for bypass valve

Fuel control system
-Fuel cut valve
-Fuel vent valve
-Fuel tank isolation valve

Hydrogen gas control system
-Hydrogen gas control valve

Human Machine Interface System
Information system
-Battery charge info indicator
-Automatic gear shift lever indicator

Safety & Comfort system
-Motor & Controller for haptic steering wheel
-Heating pad & Controller for heated steering wheel
-Intelligent battery sensor
-USB charger (external)
-USB charger (internal)
-Cigarette lighter
-Power outlet
-AGM (Absorbent Glass Material) battery cap


Apr. 1976 The Company was established.
Nov. 1976 The Company developed automotive clocks for the first time in Korea.
May. 1989 The Company developed an EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve.
Feb. 1991 The Company developed hydraulic solenoid valves through a technical alliance with Tosok Corporation of Japan.
Aug. 1991 The Company developed three meters for installation on Jeep vehicles through a technical alliance with Jeco Co., Ltd. of Japan.
Jul. 1992 Completed Gimhae Plant.
Oct. 1992 The Company developed a hydraulic solenoid valve for automatic transmissions.
Dec. 1993 The Company was listed on KOSDAQ.
Dec. 1995 The Company acquired ISO9001.
Nov. 1996 The Company developed electric wiring systems for small passenger vehicles through a technical alliance with Siemens of Germany.
Sep. 1997 The Company developed automotive multi meters through a technical alliance with Jeco Co., Ltd. of Japan.
Feb. 1998 The Company developed an electronic EGR valve.
Mar. 1999 The Company developed digital multi-meter.
Dec. 1999 The Company acquired QS9000.
Apr. 2000 The Company adopted a new corporate name, Unick Corporation.
Mar. 2002 The Company developed an engine oil deterioration sensor (coil type).
Jul. 2002 The Company developed a full level control valve for on board refueling vapor recovery system.
Sep. 2002 The Company established Qingdao Unick Co., Ltd. in China.
Jan. 2004 Completed Asan Plant.
Mar. 2005 The Company acquired ISO14000 certification.
Apr. 2005 The Company acquired TS16949 certification.
Mar. 2008 The Company acquired ISO14001 certification.
May 2009 The Company acquired ISO9001 certification.
May 2009 The Company acquired ISO/TS16949 certification.
Dec. 2010 Established Plant No. 3 at Gimhae.
Mar. 2012 The Company moved its headquarters from Busan Metropolitan City to its Gimhae plant in Gyeongsangnam-do.
May. 2014 Established R&D Center in Pangyo, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggido.
Sep. 2015 Established Plant No. 5 in Gimhae.

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