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7B West Veli Street Madurai, Tamil Nadu, 625 001 India

Business Overview

-The Group is a leading automotive component manufacturing group in India.

-TVSS, established in 1911, as the parent company held over 50 group companies, including the two-wheeler manufacturer TVS Motor. Through a restructuring initiative, the capital structure of each entity within the TVS Group underwent the following changes.

  • Established in 1911, T V Sundram Iyengar & Sons Private Limited (TVSS Sons) was the holding company of a large number of entities in the TVS Group. TVS group was divided into many families but they have three central promoters i.e. TVSS, Sundaram Industries Private Limited (SIPL), and Sothern Roadways private limited - collectively referred to as the TVS Holding Companies. All these companies had stakes in TVS Group companies.
  • In 2020, In a family arrangement, they decided that SIPL and Sothern Roadways private limited will merge into TVSS. and TVSS will transfer its shares into the family section. Instead of TVSS is holding the majority shares now the respected family section / company would hold the majority share.
TVS Group till 2022
TVS Group previously has three promotors group which hold whole group entities  

-TVSS has currently been demerged into multiple entities as part of the restructuring of the TVS Group. After the family arrangement, the concerned families are now the principal shareholders in their companies. AS of now, the owner/ majority shareholders companies are as below:

TVS Group till 2022
After restructuring of the TVS Group, each entities shareholding structure divided into multiple shareholders

-The following are the automotive component manufacturers that are part of the Group:

Company Name Main Product
Axles India Limited Axles, drive axle housings, trailer axle beams, hub reduction axle housings
Brakes India Limited Brake systems
Delphi-TVS Diesel Systems Limited Diesel fuel injection equipment
Firestone TVS Private Limited Air springs
India Nippon Electricals Limited Electronic Ignition Systems for two wheelers, three wheelers and General Purpose Engines
Global TVS Bus Body Builders Bus bodies
Lucas Indian Service Limited Ignition coils, solenoid switches
Lucas-TVS Limited Electromechanical components
Sundaram Auto Components Limited Plastic components and rubber components
Sundaram Brake Linings Limited Brake linings and clutch facings
Sundaram-Clayton Limited Aluminum die castings
Sundaram Dynacast Private Limited Die cast components
Sundram Fasteners Limited Fasteners
Sundaram Industries Limited (TVS Rubber) Molded and extruded rubber
Turbo Energy Limited Turbochargers
TVS Srichakra Limited Tires and Tubes for Two & Three-wheelers in India
TVS Argomm Pvt Ltd O-ring, Seal, Gasket, Grommet
Wheels India Limited Wheels
TVS Sensing Solutions Private Limited Switches and sensors


Axles India Limited
-Drive axle housings
-Trailer axle beams
-Hub reduction axle housings
-Rear axle housing
-Tag axle housing

Brakes India Limited
-Brake assemblies
-Brake calipers
-Brake rotors
-Tandem master cylinders
-Brake boosters
-Brake wheel cylinders
-Brake valves
-Brake chambers
-Spring brakes
-Slack adjusters
-Brake couplings
-Brake hoses
-Vacuum boosters
-Engine and Chassis parts
-Turbo Charger Components
-Automotive interior and exterior plastic parts
-Slip Control system
-Drum Brake
-S-cam Drum Brake
-Air Disc Brake
-Anti Lock Brake
-Clutch Cylinder
-Clutch Booster
-Heavy Duty Brake
-Clutch Fluid
-Radiator coolant concentrate
-Master Cylinder
-Permanent Mold Ferrous Die Castings
-Steering Knuckle

Delphi-TVS Diesel Systems Limited
-Light duty common rails
-Medium duty common rails
-Diesel fuel pumps
-Diesel rotary fuel pumps
-Rotary mechanical fuel injection pumps
-Diesel electronic unit injectors
-Unit Pump Common Rail (UPCR) systems
-Fuel injectors
-Medium duty diesel rotary fuel injection pump
-Multec medium duty diesel common rail system
-Common rail system with direct acting injector
-Diesel unit pump common rail system
-Light duty common rail diesel system
-Multec medium duty diesel common rail system
-Diesel unit pump common rail system
-Rotary and inline fuel injection system – pump, injectors, filter


Firestone TVS Private Limited
-Air springs
-Cabin air springs


Global TVS Bus Body Builders
-Bus bodies


Lucas-TVS Limited
-Starter motors
-Wiper systems
-Wiper motors
-Blower motors
-Fan motors
-Small motors
-Ignition coils
-Engine Cooling System
-Power steering motor
-Air Suspension motor
-ABS motor
-Shutter motor
-Vacuum pump
-EPS motor
-Compressor motor
-Roller Shutter motor
-Wiper linkage

Sundaram Auto Components Limited
-HVAC fans
-HVAC covers
-HVAC ducts
-Front grilles
-Front grille meshes
-Lighting housings and lens
-Instrument panels
-Air bag
-Dashboard panels
-Glove box assemblies
-Air vent assemblies
-Door trims
-Air intake manifolds
-Engine cam covers
-Handle bars
-Side pillars
-Radiator top covers
-Air filter parts
-Battery covers
-Center fascia
-Arm rest and pull handle
-Luggage trim
-Radiator grille
-Bumper absorber
-Cylinder head cover
-Timing belt covers
-Nozzle assemblies defroster
-Water connector
-Reservoir tank
-Pressure switches
-Entrance covers
-Front grille
-Pillar cover
-Tipper cover
-Grab handle
-DA tank
-Fender front
-Pillion handle
-Rear lighting
-Head lamp housing
-Radiator tank


Sundaram Brake Linings Limited
-Brake linings
-Clutch facings
-Brake pads


TVS Holding Ltd (Formerly Sundaram Clayton Ltd)
-Aluminum pressure die castings

  • Flywheel housings
  • Gear housings
  • Clutch housings
  • Filter heads
  • Air connectors
  • Lubricant oil cooler cover assemblies
  • Filtration module castings
  • Turbo charger
  • Compressor cover assemblies
  • Charge air pipes
  • Intake manifolds
  • Coolant duct covers
  • Cylinder heads
  • Transaxle case assemblies
  • Oil pans
  • Chain cases
  • Cylinder head covers
  • Oil filter adaptors
  • Fuel pump housings
  • Gear shift forks
  • Starter housings
  • A/C compressor housings
  • Crank Case
  • Cylinder Barrel
  • Wheel hub 


Sundaram Dynacast Private Limited
-Die cast components

  • Dashboard instrumentation and parts
  • Power steering components
  • Seat belt components
  • Connectors
  • Belt tensioners
  • Carburetor
  • Fuel Line
  • Seat belt and belt tensioners


Sundram Fasteners Limited
-High Tensile Fasteners
-Radiator caps
-Powder metallurgy  parts
-Cold extruded parts
-Hot forged parts
-Pumps & assemblies
-Powertrain Component


Turbo Energy Limited

  • Non-wastegated turbochargers
  • Wastegated turbochargers
  • Turbochargers for small engines
  • Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG) turbochargers
  • Regulated Two-Stage (R2S) turbochargers
  • Gasoline turbochargers
  • eBooster


Wheels India Limited
-Wire wheels
-Air suspensions
-Forged aluminum wheels
-Levelling Valve
-Electronic Controlled Air Suspension
-Electronic Kneeling System
-Steel Wheels
-Cast aluminum wheels
-CTIS (Central tire inflation system)
-TPMS (Tire pressure monitoring system)
-ERCV (Electronic ride control valve)


TVS Sensing Solutions Private Limited
-Switches and Controls
-Electro-Mechanical Assemblies
-Suppressor Cap


TVS Eurogrip (TVS Tyres)


India Nippon Electricals Limited
-Regulator and rectifier unit
-Ignition coil
-Exhaust gas recirculation controller
-Engine controller unit-EFI
-Dual output ignition coil
-Throttle position sensor
-PM alternator
-AC generator
-Auto choke – general purpose engine

Sundaram Industries Limited
-Rubber treads
-Battery chargers


TVS Rubber
-Air brake system
-Anti vibration mounts
-Hydraulic brake system
-Gear shift lever boots
-HVAC systems
-Wiring harness system
-Parking brake system
-Steering system
-Trim parts
-Other automotive parts

  • Bellow cover for suspension springs
  • Petrol tank inside hood
  • Gasket
  • Fenders
  • Foot rests


1960 Wheels India Ltd. was set up as a joint venture between the Group and Dunlop, UK for the manufacture of wheels.
1961 Lucas-TVS Ltd. was set up as a joint venture of Lucas Industries plc., UK and the Group to manufacture automotive electrical systems.
1962 Sundaram Industries Ltd.(TVS Rubber) was established.
1962 Brakes India Ltd. was established as a joint venture between the Group and Lucas Industries Plc, UK (now integrated with TRW) for the manufacture of brake systems and clutch actuation systems.
1962 Sundaram-Clayton Ltd. was established in collaboration with Clayton Dewandre Holdings Plc, (WABCO Automotive) for the manufacture of brake systems.
1966 Sundram Fasteners Ltd. was established for the manufacture of fasteners and radiator caps.
1982 Turbo Energy Ltd. was incorporated is a technical and financial joint venture between KKK Germany (presently BorgWarner Turbo Systems), Brakes India Ltd. and Sundaram Finance Ltd.
1983 Axle India Ltd. was established as a joint venture of Wheels India, Sundaram Finance and Spicer Heavy Axles Inc., USA, a 100% subsidiary of Dana Corp. for the manufacture of axles.
1989 Delphi-TVS Diesel Systems Ltd. was established as a joint venture between the Group and Delphi, USA for the manufacture of diesel fuel injection equipment.
1993 Sundaram Dynacast Ltd. was established as a joint venture between Dynacast International, UK, Brakes India Ltd. and Sundaram Finance.
1994 TVS Cherry Ltd.(presently ZF Electronics GmbH) was formed as a joint venture between the Group and Cherry Electric Corp, USA. for the manufacture of switches and sensors.
1997 India Japan Lighting Ltd. was established as a joint venture between Lucas-TVS Ltd. and Koito Mfg. Co., Ltd. Japan for the manufacture of automotive lamps.
1999 Irizar TVS Ltd. was established as a joint venture of three equal partners Sundaram Industries Ltd., Ashok Leyland Ltd. and Irizar S. Coop of Spain for the manufacture of bus bodies.
Jun. 2005 Sundaram-Clayton, inaugurated its new facility for the manufacture of air brake systems for commercial vehicles at Ambattur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Apr. 2008 Sundaram-Clayton un-merged its Brakes division to a wholly owned subsidiary, Wabco-TVS
Feb. 2017 Sundaram-Clayton Limited (SCL) announces its first overseas greenfield manufacturing plant in USA
Jul. 2017 Wheels India Limited annonced JV with Topy Industries, Ltd
Dec. 2019 Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd announced that its board of directors approved acquisition of all portions of the shares of India Japan Lighting and make it a wholly-owned subsidiary.
Jan. 2020 Sundaram Fasteners starts production plant in Sri City plant in India.
Oct. 2020 Wheels Indian Limited commissioned new cast aluminium wheel plant at Thirvoy Kandigai.

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