Tokai Rika Co., Ltd.

Company Profile



3-260 Toyota, Oguchi-cho, Niwa-gun, Aichi-ken, 480-0195, Japan

Business Overview

-The Company is an automotive-interior parts manufacturer affiliated with the Toyota Group, producing switches, seat belts, key locks, shifting levers and other products. In the fiscal year that ended in March 2023, 73% of its sales were to Toyota.

  • HMI (Human machine Interface) products
  • key-locks
  • seat belts
  • shift levers


-From April 2022, the Company will move from the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange to the Prime Market and from the First Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange to the Premier Market. (As of Mar. 31, 2023)
Name or Company Name Investment Ratio (%)
Toyota Motor Corp. 32.15
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 10.25
Denso Corp. 9.71
Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 3.19
The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited 2.49
Employee stock holdings 1.85
State Street Bank and Trust Company 505001 1.40
The Bank of New York, Treaty Jasdec account 1.33
Tokai Rika Co-prosperity Society 1.24
Total 65.11


Human Interface Systems and Controls
-Touch pad switches
-Multi-function switches
-Power window switches
-Steering switches
-Heater control switches
-Rear seat switch modules
-Push start switches
-Shift levers
-Various switches

  • Hazard warning switches
  • Fog lamp switches
  • Power outer mirror switches
  • Defogger switches
  • Rheostat light control switches
  • Seat switches

-Various sensing switches

  • Neutral start switches
  • Parking brake switches
  • Engine oil pressure switches
  • Door locking switches
  • Brake lamp switches
  • Courtesy lamp switches
  • Back lamp switches

Security Systems
-Smart key portable devices and Emergency keys
-Electronic key systems
-Powered/Mechanical steering lock assemblies
-Remote keys
-Key sets

Safety Systems
-Seat belts
-Steering wheels
-Outer mirrors
-Digital outer mirrors

Electronic Products & Devices
-Power supply ECUs
-Immobilizer ECUs
-Speed sensors
-Steering angle sensors
-Custom ICs

-Full wheel covers
-Center caps

Application Products

  • Board lock PCB connectors
  • SMT connectors

-Auto Alarm


Aug. 1948 Established as Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho in Nishi-Biwajima, Aichi and started producing and selling automotive switches.
Mar. 1960 Established Tokai Rika Service Co., Ltd.
Oct. 1961 Listed on the Second Section of Tokyo and Nagoya Stock Exchanges.
Dec. 1963 Started producing and selling seat belts.
Jun. 1967 Started producing and selling shift levers.
Sep. 1978 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo and Nagoya Stock Exchanges.
Sep. 1980 Head Office moved to the present location of Oguchi-cho, Aichi Pref.
Aug. 1981 Started producing and selling automotive mirrors.
Jun. 1982 Head office moved to Oguchi, Aichi.
Oct. 1983 Started producing and selling steering wheels.
Feb. 1985 Started producing and selling child seats.
Apr. 1986 Established a 100% owned subsidiary, Tokai Rika USA, in Detroit, Michigan
Jul. 1986 Established in partnership with TRW Canada, pursuant to Ontario law, a joint venture, Quality Safety Systems Co. in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Jun. 1987 Established Rica Auto Parts Co., Ltd. in Taiwan..
Jun. 1989 Started producing and selling air bags
Dec. 1989 Established a 100% owned subsidiary, Houga, in Toyohashi, Aichi.
Mar. 1991 Established a 100% owned subsidiary, TAC Manufacturing, in Southfield, Michigan.
May 1994 Established a joint venture, Thai Seatbelt, in Thailand with Toyota Boshoku, Toyotsu Thailand, and a local company.
Jul. 1995 Established a 95% owned joint venture, TRP in Laguna, Philippines with Mitsui Co.
Jan. 1997 Established a 100% owned subsidiary, TRIN, of its US subsidiary, Tokai Rika USA in Ashley, Indiana.
Sep. 1997 Established a 100% owned subsidiary, Tokai Rika (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
Jan. 1998 Established TRMI, Inc. in the United States, taking over the manufacturing function of Tokai Rika USA, Inc.
Changed the corporate name of Tokai Rika USA, Inc. to TRAM, Inc.
Aug. 1998 Decided that the Company should be commonly referred to as Tokai Rika
Dec. 1998 Established TRB Limited in the United Kingdom
Jan. 2000 Completed a network of R&D functions in Japan, North America, and Europe by establishing a development center at its European office in the Netherlands. The move was to support TRB, a new UK factory opened in May and started operation in fall 2000, in its marketing efforts to attract local carmakers and improve TRB's utilization rate
Jan. 2000 Expected growth in the wooden interiors market, purchased 50% of the shares of Microtecnowood, which was established in November 1999 as a 100% subsidiary of Miroku works.
Feb. 2001 Established a joint venture, Tianjin Tokairika Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. with a local company and Toyota Tsusho Corp. in Tienjin, China
Mar. 2001 Established Hsin Chong International Investment with a 60% owned joint venture, Wuxi Risho Technology Co., Ltd (with capitalization of 920 million yen), which will start producing seat belts in February 2002, with targeted sales of 3.67 million yen in 2005.
Mar. 2001 Established a joint venture, Wuxi Risho Technology Co., Ltd. in Wuxi, China with Hsin Chong International Investment Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2001 Established a joint venture, Tianjin Tokai Rika Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (capitalization of 1.15 billion yen with Tokai Rika holding 75%, Toyoda Tsusho Corporation, 5%, and Tianjin City Traffic Apparatus Factory , 20% of shares), which will start producing switches in September 2002 and is targeting sales of 980 million yen in 2005
Jun. 2001 Established a 100% owned subsidiary, TRBR Industria e Comercio ltda.(with capitalization of 90 million yen), in Brazil from where the company will supply switches to Japanese customers based in Latin America. The subsidiary is planning to start production in 2002, with targeted sales of 590 million yen in 2005.
Oct. 2002 Set up a joint venture company, STF Company, Ltd. in Korea with Shinchang Electrics Co., Ltd. and Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., to develop and produce electronic parts for automotive components.
Feb. 2003 Established wholly owned subsidiary, Tokai Rika Belgium N.V. in Diegem, Belgium.
Mar. 2003 Rika Technica was merged into Houga Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2003 Established a wholly owned subsidiary, Tokai Rika Canada, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Company purchased all the shares in Quality Safety Systems Co. that TRW Canada held.
Sep. 2003 Established Suzhou Huachang Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. in Suzhou, China as a joint venture together with Shinchang Electrics Co., Ltd. and other entities.
Jun. 2004 Established Foshan Tokairika Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. in Foshan, China as a joint venture with Rica Auto Parts Co., Ltd. and Toyota Tsusho Corporation.
Aug. 2004 Established TRMAC engineering in Nagoya, Japan as a joint venture with Macsystems Corporation.
Jan. 2008 Established Tokai Rika Northeast Technological Center, a new development center in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan.
Feb. 2008 Made Sandenzaisha Co., Ltd. its subsidiary.
Apr. 2008 Established wholly-owned subsidiary, Tokai Rika Asia Co., Ltd., in Samut prakan, in Thailand.
Aug. 2008 Established Tokai Rika Minda India Private Ltd. in Bangalore, India, as a joint venture with local capital.
May 2011 Established PT. Tokai Rika Indonesia in Jawa Barat, Indonesia as a joint venture with Toyota Tsusho Corporation.
Dec. 2012 Established PT. Tokai Rika Safety Indonesia in Tangerang as a joint-venture with the Hsinchong Group based in Taiwan.
May. 2015 Established Tokai Rika Mexico, S.A. de C.V., a joint venture with TRAM Inc. and Toyota Tsusho Corp., in Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.
Oct. 2018 Established a new wholly-owned sales and technical subsidiary, Tokai Rika (Jiangsu) Automotive Parts Co., Ltd., in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China.
Sep. 2020 Established the Tokai Rika DigitalKey brand, launching operations in this business segment.
Jul. 2021 NSK Corporation and Ena Tokai Rika Corporation merged to form 100%-owned Tokai Rika NExT Corporation.
Apr. 2022 Moved from the First Section to the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Moved from the First Section to the Premier Market of the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
Nov. 2022 Established TOKAI RIKA TOHOKU CO.,LTD.

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