Shanghai Automotive Brake Systems Co., Ltd.

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No.915 ,Nanmen Community, Jiading District, Shanghai 201821, China

Business Overview

-The company is a joint venture between Huayu Automotive Systems Company Limited and Continental AG, and one of the largest suppliers in China of anti-lock brake systems (ABSs), brake calipers, and brake master cylinder assemblies with vacuum boosters.

-Its major product lines are electronic brake systems, hydraulic brake systems, brake calipers, and vacuum boosters.


-Unlisted (As of December 31, 2020)

Company  name Ratio of shareholding (%)
Huayu Automotive Systems Company Limited


Continental AG





-Electronic Parking Brake System
-Brake hose assembly
-Hydraulic brake hose
-Brake calipers
-Vacuum boosters


1993 Established as a joint venture between  Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (Group) (60%) and ITT Automotive (40%).
July 1995 Started brake production.
1997 Started ABS production.
1998 ITT's brake and chassis division was acquired by Continental (Germany) and was established as Continental Teves.  As a result, the Company was under the control of Continental Teves.
2002 The Company established a winter testing center for electronic brake systems (EBSs) in Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province.
Jan. 2004 Merged with Shanghai Automotive Brake Actuation Co., Ltd.
2008 Due to the reorganization of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (Group), SAIC transferred the shares of stock it owns in the Company to its subsidiary Huayu Automotive Systems Company Limited.
Nov. 2010 Huayu Automotive acquired another 1 % shareholding from Continental, turning the shareholding ratio to 51:49.

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