Shanghai Automotive Brake Systems Co., Ltd. Business Report FY ended Dec. 2009 - 2013

Business Highlights

Product off Prodution Line

-The Company announced that it has produced its 100,000th brake booster assembly for SAIC-GM-Wuling. On October 28, 2012, a ceremony was held to celebrate this significant milestone. (From news releases issued by multiple sources on November 9, 2012)

New Company

-Continental has established a new joint venture named Continental Brake Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. with Huayu Automotive Systems Components Company Limited (HASCO) in China. With 51% share owned by Continental, this new joint venture will work on development of brake system technology and solutions. The product portfolio contains front and rear axle caliper, rear axle combined parking brake caliper, drum brakes, front and rear axle brake hoses, electronic parking brakes and electronic vacuum pump solutions. Manufacturing facilities are the Company and Continental Automotive Systems Changshu Co., Ltd. (From a press release on October 25, 2010)


R&D Facilities

- The Company owns an R&D center which costs approximately 20 million yuan to build.
- The Company is capable of developing and supplying brake systems to match its customers' specific requirements by working in close collaboration with automakers.

Testing Facility

- Winter testing center
Name Facility Year established City
Shanghai Automotive Brake Systems Co., Ltd. Winter Test Center. Winter testing facilities for electronic brake systems 2002 Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province

Targets Achieved in 2009

(1) Actuation (Vacuum Booster)
In 2009, the Actuation Development Team accomplished 14 application projects, while at the same time made great effort to localize work in China. For example, the Team accomplished localizing the following products in the country: tie rod bolts, adjusting nuts, and small rubber parts. All test results for the ABA series ACUs built with a freeze design were positive.

(2) Foundation Brake
Besides accomplishing 22 caliper application projects successfully in 2009 according to plan, the R&D team also engaged in developing FSIV calipers and brake discs. After, passing the engineering phase, the FSIV caliper is now waiting for series production in early 2010. This will be the first project in the world in which a FSIV caliper will be applied commercially. Meanwhile, Continental headquarters gave its approval to release the caliper, which is expected to be mass-produced beginning also in 2010. By achieving the expertise to develop disks and find commercial applications for its hydraulic brake systems, the Company's R&D brake capability has grown from developing individual brake parts to creating entire systems.

(3) Brake Hose
Brake hose development has progressed well in 2009. End fittings were successfully produced locally in China. LC hose was developed and launched in 2009. In time, both rubber parts and metal parts (such as metal sleeves) were also produced locally in China, being developed under DA and DC projects. Doing so reduced costs and met the requirements of customers. In the past year, the Company was awarded for two projects, namely the Haitec NV2 and the BATC BC701. 
Source: the Company's website

Investment Activities

Capital Investment Projects

(as of Dec. 2012 )
Project Planned amount of investment (in million yuan) Investment made in 2012  
(in million yuan)
Retooling production facility for Shanghai VW A-Entry project at Shanghai Automotive Brake Systems Co., Ltd. 28.59 9.72
Building A-29 vacuum booster production line at Shanghai Automotive Brake Systems Co., Ltd. 18.78 14.82