Huizhou Desay SV Automotive Co., Ltd.

Company Profile



No.103, West Hechang Wu Road, Zhongkai High-tech New Zone, Huizhou, Guangdong 516006, China

Business Overview

-As one of the leading automotive electronics companies in China, the Company is an active player in the domain of intelligent cabin.

-It provides electronics solutions and services to intelligent driving and Internet of Vehicle (IOV) technologies.


-Listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (As of Dec. 31, 2018)
Shareholders Shareholding ratio (%)
Desay Industry Development Co., Ltd. 58.3
Wei Yongde 6.2
Wei Yongjie 4.9
Shenhua Investment 4.1
Heng Yongwei 3.1
Others 23.4
Total 100.00


In-vehicle infotainment system

Climate control

-Body control module

Driver information display system

-Combination instrument
-TFT instrument platform
-Virtual instrument platform

Display system

-TFT module and TFT display system
-IR touch
-Information display with proximity sensor

Driver assistance system

-High definition camera
-Lane departure warning system
-Blind spot detection
-Forward collision warning system
-Intelligent warning and protection system by 360° full range protection

  • Surround view system
  • Front monitoring system
  • Rear view monitoring system
  • Side view monitoring system
  • Interior monitoring system


Jan. 1986 Car Audio Electronics Co., Ltd., the Company's predecessor, was founded.
Jan. 1989 The Company bacme supplier for FAW Audi.
Jan. 1992 The Company established R&D department for local market.
1996 The Company developed premium car audio platform with Singapore R&D team.
Jan. 1998 Mannesmann VDO, the Company's shareholder, acquired Philips Car Systems.
Sep. 1999 Mannesmann VDO, the Company's shareholder, acquired remaining shares of HK Gold Peak Industries Group, making the Company a two-party joint between Mannesmann and Desay Industry.
Jan. 2002 The Company changed its name from "Car Audio Electronics Co., Ltd." into "Siemens VDO Automotive (Huizhou) Co., Ltd."
Nov. 2004 Desay Siemens VDO Industrial Park was built.
Jan. 2010 Desay Industry acquired the remaining 70% shares from Siemens VDO and the Company became wholly subsidiary of Desay Industry. It changed its name into "Huizhou Desay SV Automotive Co., Ltd."
Nov. 2012 Desay SV Automotive R&D Building was opened.
May 2013 Desay SV Automotive Japan Co.,Ltd was set up
Jun. 2015 The Company changed its name into "Huizhou Desay SV Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd."
Dec. 2017 The Company was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange market.
Mar. 2019 The Company acquired Antennentechnik ABB Bad Blankenburg GmbH (ATBB), an advanced antenna technology company based in Germany.

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