Faurecia (China)

Company Profile




No.3438, Yuanjiang Road, Xinzhuang Industrial Park, Shanghai, China

Business Overview

-In 1992, Faurecia enters into Chinese market.

-Faurecia's business in China consists of the following three parts.

  • Automotive Seating
  • Clean Mobility (as of January 2017, formerly known as Emissions Control Technologies)
  • Interior Systems


Automotive Seating
Complete seats
Adjustment mechanisms and motors
Seat covers
Seating accessories
Electronic and pneumatic systems

Clean Mobility
Exhaust complete lines
Tail pipes
Catalytic converters
Urea SCRs
NOx traps
Diesel particulate filters
Exhaust heat recovery systems
Exhaust heat recovery manifolds
Ammonia storage and delivery systems
Adaptive valves

Interior systems
Instrument panels
Cross-car beams
Center consoles
Decorative components

Door panels
Door modules

Acoustic package
Passenger compartments
Package trays
Trunk trims
Absorbtion acoustic parts


1992 Faurecia entered into Chinese market.

Faurecia Tongda Exhaust Systems Co., Ltd., Faurecia's first China-based jonit venture plant, is established in Wuhan to provide exhaust control techonology products to Dongfeng Peugeot-Citroen Automobile.


Changchun Faurecia Xuyang Automotive Seatings Co., Ltd., the first joint venture plant of Faurecia in China, is established to provide front seats to FAW-VW.

2005 Faurecia (Changchun) Automotive Systems Co., Ltd., the first joint venture plant of Faurecia Interior Systems in China, is established to provide interior systems to FAW-VW.
Aug. 2005 Faurecia (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd., as well as a R&D center was established in Shanghai, focused on research and development of seating, interior and exhaust control systems.
Aug. 2008 Faurecia (China) Holding Co., Ltd. is found in Shanghai.
2011 The first joint venture plant of Faurecia Automotive Exteriors in China is established in Changchun, to provide exterior systems to FAW-VW.
Apr. 2011 Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies established its new R&D center in China.
Mar. 2013 Faurecia China established its new Tech Center and Headquarter in Shanghai.
Mar. 2015 Faurecia S.A. and Dongfeng Hongtai, a majority-owned subsidiary of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, jointly established a 50-50 joint venture "Dongfeng Faurecia Automotive Interior Co., Ltd".
Oct. 2015 Faurecia S.A. and Beijing WKW Automotive Parts Co. Ltd., a Chinese interior and exterior trim systems manufacturer, signed a 50/50 joint-venture agreement to create an entity named Beijing WKW-FAD Automotive Interior Parts Co. Ltd. (BWKWFAD).
Nov. 2015 Dongfeng Faurecia Automotive Interior Company began constructing a plant in the Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone.
Dec. 2015 Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies held groundbreaking ceremony for new building of China headquarter and R&D Center.
Jan. 2017 Faurecia announced that Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies has reoriented its strategy and becomes Faurecia Clean Mobility.