Somboon Advance Technology Public Co., Ltd.

Company Profile



129 Moo 2, Bangna-Trad Road, Tambon Bangchalong, Amphur Bangplee, Samutprakarn 10540, Thailand

Business Overview

-The Company is a part of the Somboon Group, Thailand’s leading automotive parts manufacturer. The Company manufactures axle shafts, disc brakes, brake drums, springs, camshafts, cases, exhaust manifolds, and flywheels.

-The automotive-related entities of the Somboon Group consist of the following companies, which includes the Company:

Company Products
Somboon Advance Technology Public Co., Ltd. (SAT) Axle shafts
Somboon Malleable Iron Industrial Co,. Ltd. (SBM) Disc brakes, drum brakes
Bangkok Spring Industrial Co., Ltd. (BSK) Leaf springs, stabilizer bars, coil springs
International Casting Products Co., Ltd. (ICP) Casting parts (disc brakes, drum brakes, brackets)
Somboon Forging Technology Co., Ltd. (SFT) Hot/cold forging parts


-Listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. (As of Mar. 6, 2017)
Largest shareholder accounts Shareholding (%)
Somboon Holding Company Limited 27.96
Nortrust Nominees Ltd-CL AC 6.38
Thai NVDR Co., Ltd. 4.42
AIA TH-EQ2 - P 1.91
Punika Kitaphanich 1.69
AIA TH-EQ3 - P 1.69
Nitaya Kitaphanich 1.65
Nortrust Nominees Limited-The Northern Trust Company 1.48
JPMorgan Thailand Fund 1.34
Wachiravit Kitapanich Liu 0.99
Total (Top 10 shareholders accounts) 49.51


Suspension Parts
-Axle shafts
-Inner shafts
-Coil springs
-Leaf springs
-Stabilizer bars

Engine Parts
-Exhaust manifolds

Brake Parts
-Disc brakes
-Drum brakes

Other Parts
-Differential cases
-Carriers and gear cases


1962 Established Somboon Spring Ltd.
1975 Established Somboon Malleable Iron.
1977 Established Bangkok Spring Industrial.
1995 Established Somboon Advance Technology.
2002 Commenced supplying for Toyota.
2005 Listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
2007 Acquired International Casting Products by 100% shareholder.
2011 Established Somboon Forging Technology Co., Ltd.

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