Woco Industrietechnik GmbH

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Hanauer Landstrasse 16, 63628 Bad Soden-Salmuenster, Germany

Business Overview

-The Company develops and manufactures components and systems for the automotive industry, primarily focusing on the areas of powertrain and plastic technology.

-The Company’s products are focused on improving comfort in both driving feel and acoustics, as well as reducing fuel consumption.


-The Company is family owned.


Powertrain Technology
Fluid management
-Air intake systems
-Oil separators

Control and regulation
-Control components for turbochargers
-Electro-pneumatic pressure converters (EPT)
-Pneumatic thrust-air valve
-Plastic compressor housings
-Pneumatic actuator with sensor technology

Noise, vibration, harshness
-Design and acoustic covers
-Encapsulation technologies
-Cylinder-head covers
-Wide-band silencers

Thermal management
-Electromagnetic water valves
-Electric motor-driven water valves
-Underpressure water valve

Automotive Polymers
-Suspension strut bushings
-Static and dynamic housing covers

-Function-tested molded parts
-Elastic grommets
-Cable seals


1956 Established as Woco Franz Josef Wolf & Co. by Franz Josef Wolf.
1969 Signed a cooperative agreement with RIS of Yugoslavia.
1974 Established Woco Tecnica S.A. in Spain.
1975 Signed a cooperative agreement with Fu Chon Ltd. of Taiwan.
1976 Signed a cooperative agreement with Taurus of Hungary.
1978 Established Woco S.A. in France.
1979 Opened branch factory in Boxberg, Germany.
1987 Signed a cooperative agreement with Semperit of Austria.
1989 Established Woco Automotive Ltd. in Canada.
1990 Signed a cooperative agreement with Ucyildiz of Turkey.
1991 Established Woco Spol s.r.o. in Czech Republic.
1993 Established Woco Autopartes de Mexico S.A. de C.V. in Mexico.
1995 Established Woco do Brasil in Brazil.
Established Woco USA Inc. in USA.
1996 Established Wuxi Woco Tongyong Rubber Engineering Co. Ltd. in China.
1997 Signed a cooperative agreement with MSSL of India.
1999 Established BEL-Woco in South Africa.
2000 Established Woco Michelin AVS in Germany and France.
Established Woco Motherson Ltd. in U.A.E.
2004 Signed a joint venture agreement with Motherson Sumi Systems of India.
2005 Opened a new facility in Togliatti, Russia.
2007 Divested Woco Michelin AVS.
2009 Established WacoTech USA Inc.
2011 Established S.C. Woco Pipe System Components ROM SRL. in Carei, Romania.

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