LS Automotive Corp. (Formerly Daesung Electric Co., Ltd.)

Company Profile



31, Sandan-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Business Overview

-The Company manufactures automotive switches, relays and other products. It holds more than a 50 percent share of the automotive switch and relay market in Korea.

-The Company is expanding its product lineup focusing on components for EVs and HEVs, as well as parts for autonomous vehicles.

-The Company accounted for 11.3% of sales during the fiscal year that ended in Dec. 2017, while Kia Motors accounted for 10.5% of sales.


(As of Dec. 31, 2018)

Major Shareholders Investment Ratio (%)
LS Mtron Ltd. 100.0
Total 100.0


-Power window switches
-Multimodal console switches
-Front console switches
-Rear armrest remote controls
-Luminous haptic controller switches
-Instrument panel switches
-Multi-level COOL/HEAT switches for the seat
-Multi function switches
-Steering roll connectors
-Multi-remocon switches
-Haptic&Non-haptic steering wheel remocon switches
-Combination switches
-Steering wheel remote controls
-Contact&Non-Contact switches
-Inhibitor switches
-Steering wheel haptic switches
-Touch screens
-Encoder console switches
-Concave touch pad type CCP
-Interior Switch
-CIM(Center fascia Integration Module)
-Fingerprint Identification Start Switch
-Combination Switch
-Steering Roll Connector
-Optical Finger Sliding Switch
-Button Type Shift By Wire (SBW)
-Steering angle sensors
-Torque only sensors
-Torque angle sensors
-Current transducers for HEV
-Yaw rate & G sensors
-Rain Sensor

Room lamps
-Overhead console lamps : LED/BLUE
-Vanity Lamp, High Mounted Stop Lamp
-Mood Interior Lamp
-HMSL(High Mounted Stop Lamp)

Body Control System
-Burglar Alarm Siren / UIP
-Junction box
-Power Seat Module ECU
-Steering column module ECU
-Stop Lamp Unit ECU
-Power Sliding Door ECU
-Body control system
-Rear Occupant Alert

-DC/DC Converter

Mechatronic Components
-Plug-in RELAY
-PCB Relay
-Ring Shape Terminal
-ABS/ESC Coil Housing


Mar. 1973 The Company was established.
Jan. 1974 The Company launched commercial production of switches.
Mar. 1976 The Company launched commercial production of relays.
Apr. 1980 The Company began manufacturing car audio systems.
Nov. 1982 The Company started commercial production of automotive control units.
Jul. 1986 The Company formed a technical alliance with Niles Co., Ltd.
Jun. 1987 The technical research center was established.
Mar. 1988 The Ansan Plant No.2 became operational.
Nov. 1991 The Company established Qingdao Daesung Electronics Co., Ltd. in China.
Oct. 1996 The Company established Deltech Co., Ltd.
Dec. 1996 The Company acquired ISO9001 certification
Mar. 1997 The Company signed a technical partnership with Delphi of the U.S.
Apr. 1997 The Company moved its headquarters from Seoul to Ansan.
Jun. 1997 The Company launched commercial production of hands-free systems.
Jul. 1997 The Bussed Electrical Center began commercial production.
Nov. 1997 The Company acquired QS9000 certification
Dec. 1998 Delphi Automotive System (Holdings) Inc. of the U.S. gained a 45 percent share in the Company.
Jun. 2002 The Company acquired ISO14001 certification
Dec. 2003 The Company established Delphi Daesung Wuxi Electronics Co., Ltd. in China.
Jul. 2004 The Company acquired ISO/TS16949 certification.
Mar. 2003 The Company established India Daesung Electric Private Ltd. in India.
Nov. 2008 The Company made Qingdao Daesung Electronics Co., Ltd. its wholly owned subsidiary.
Nov. 2008 The Company established Delphi Electrical Centers (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in China by investing 40.0 percent of the needed capital.
Dec. 2008 LS Mtron Ltd. of Korea acquired 50.5 percent shares of the Company's stock. The Company thereby became a subsidiary of LS Mtron.
Apr. 2009 The Company acquired the remaining shares in Delphi Daesung Wuxi Electronics Co., Ltd. in China, making it into its wholly owned subsidiary. The Chinese facility thereby adopted a new corporate name, Wuxi Daesung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Dec. 2010 The Company divested all 40.0 percent shares of Delphi Electrical Centers (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2011 LS Mtron Ltd. acquired a 49.5 percent equity stake in the Company from Delphi of the U.S., making the Company its wholly owned subsidiary.
Mar. 2012 Established Daesung Electric Japan Ltd.
Dec. 2012 Obtained ASPICE CL 2 certification.
Jun. 2016 Obtained ISO 27001 (Information security management systems) certification.
Oct. 2016 Changed corporate name to LS Automotive Co., Ltd. from Daesung Electric Co., Ltd.
Nov. 2016 Established LS Automotive Mexico S.A de C.V., a production plant in Mexico.
Aug. 2017 Transferred the automotive parts business to LS Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary.
Jun. 2018 Changed name from LS Automotive to Sindaeseong Electric Co., Ltd.

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