Brano Group, a.s.

Company Profile



Opavska 1000 - 747 41 Hradec nad Moravici, Czech Republic

Business Overview

-The Company manufactures electromechanical components for the automotive industry, specifically parts for locking and closing systems, as well as small castings.

-The Company has nine Strategic Business Units (SBU).

Business Unit Location Remarks (Main Products)
Door Systems Hradec nad Moravici,
Czech Republic
-Side door systems
-5th door systems
-Locking mechanism for rear seats
-Front bonnet systems
Foundry Hradec nad Moravici,
Czech Republic
-Castings for automotive industry
Cockpit Systems Rakovnik,
Czech Republic
-Pedal modules
-Hand brake levers
Commercial Vehicles Jilemnice,
Czech Republic
-Shock absorbers
-Brake mechanics
Plastics Zubri,
Czech Republic
-Automotive products
Car Jacks Hradec nad Moravici,
Czech Republic
-Car jacks
-Wheel chocks
Heaters Unicov,
Czech Republic
-Non-automotive industry components
such as electric boilers, gas boilers and heaters
(Lifting devices and door closers)
Hradec nad Moravici,
Czech Republic
-Non-automotive industry components
Tools Hradec nad Moravici,
Czech Republic


Seat latches

Side door parts
-Side door latches
-Side door strikers
-Side door hinges

Rear bonnet parts
-Rear bonnet latches
-Rear bonnet strikers
-Soft touch openings
-Rear bonnet hings

Front bonnet parts
-Front bonnet latches
-Front bonnet hings

Door closers

Lifting devices

Car heaters
-Water car heaters
-Stand alone car heaters

Shock absorbers

Manual brake lever

Car jacks

Bifunctional headlights


1862 Established as an ironmongery.
1867 Became a public trading company owned by C.R.O. Schuller and Co., Opava.
1927 Acquired by Yale and Town Manufacturing Co., located in the U.S.
1946 Nationalized under the name Branka Ironworks n.p., Branka u Opavy.
1988 Established as Brano - Branka Ironworks and Engineering Works as a state enterprise located in Hradec nad Moravici.
1992 Established as Brano a.s. due to privatization project legislated by the Czech government. 
1999 Acquired partial ownership of Ateso a.s.
2004 Merged with Ateso a.s.

Supplemental Information 1

>>>Business report FY ended Dec. 31, 2014

Note: A figure in brackets ( ) indicates a loss