Hitachi Astemo Co.,Ltd. - Tomi Plant (Formerly Nissin Kogyo Co., Ltd.)

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801 Kazawa, Tomi-shi, Nagano-ken, 389-0514, Japan

Business Overview

-A brake manufacturer belonging to the Honda group. Since May 2015, the Company started supplying to Mazda.

-Manufactures and sells vehicle and motorcycle brake systems and aluminum products etc.

-The Company strives to enhance automotive safety and reduce environmental impact by making use of its proprietary technology such as high-level aluminum-casting technology and processing technology (aluminum calipers, aluminum knuckles, etc.) and braking technology (low-dragging brake caliper, etc.).

-On March 31, 2016, the Company spun off its automotive brake-control and brake appliance business and turned it into a joint-venture company with Autoliv (Sweden), called Autoliv-Nissin Brake Systems (ANBS). Nissin has a 49% stake while Autoliv has the remaining 51%. The Company aims at continuing to grow its business in the integrated brake system segment while increasing sales to global OEMs.


-Listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange. (As of Mar. 31, 2020)
Name or Company Name Investment Ratio (%)
Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 34.86
Taishin Sangyo Co., Ltd. 5.22
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 3.46
Individual shareholder 3.21
Mizuho Securities 3.16
JPMorgan Securities Japan Co., Ltd. 2.66
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd. (Trust Account) 1.92
Total 62.96


Automotive components
Disc brake calipers, front
Disc brake calipers, rear
Aluminum disc brake
Electronic parking brake ; EPB
Drum brakes, rear
Engine mount brackets
Aluminum knuckles, rear


Oct. 1953 Nissin Kogyo Co., Ltd. was established in Chuo-ku Tokyo for the purpose of manufacturing automotive brake parts.
Set up a plant in Kami-Kawahara Yanagi-machi, Ueda, Nagano to cast and process aluminum brake pistons for four-wheel vehicles.
Mar. 1961 Headquarters was moved from Chuo-ku, Tokyo to its current location, Kokubun, Ueda, Nagano.
Plant was moved to its current location, Kokubun, Ueda, Nagano (currently the No. 1 Plant).
Jul. 1963 Started assembly of drum brake wheel cylinders for four-wheel vehicles.
Oct. 1968 Technical tie-up relating to drum brakes with Lucas Industries (currently Lucas Vality) in the UK
Started production of four-wheel vehicle drum brakes.
Aug. 1970 Started production of brake master cylinders and master powers for four-wheel vehicles.
Sep. 1971 Started production of motorcycle master cylinders.
Jul. 1973 Established M.N. Industry Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
Dec. 1974 Started manufacturing motorcycle disk brakes.
May 1978 Started manufacturing four-wheel vehicle disk brakes.
Apr. 1982 Started manufacturing anti-lock brake systems for four-wheel vehicles.
Jul. 1985 Established the Tobu Plant (currently the No. 2 Plant) as the main site for producing four-wheel vehicle brakes in Tobu-machi, Chiisagata-gun, Nagano.
Jul. 1986 Opened the Tochigi Technical center in Takanezawa-machi, Shioya-gun, Tochigi.
Nov. 1987 Invested in P.T. Checmco Harapan Nusantarain Indonesia.
Oct. 1988 Established Findlex Corporation in Ohio, USA
Oct. 1989 Took over Nissin Muroga Seisakujo Co., Ltd. and Naoetsu Light Metals Industry Co., Ltd. and made them into the Muroga plant (currently the No.3 Plant) and the Naoetsu Plant (currently the No. 4 Plant), respectively.
Jan. 1990 Established Nissin Brake System Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
May 1995 Established Nissin Brake Philippines Corporation in Philippines.
Dec. 1995 Established Shandong Nissin Industry Co., Ltd. in Shandong, China.
Oct. 1996 Obtained ISO9001 certification, the international quality assurance standard.
Established Nissin Brake Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Vietnam.
Apr. 1997 Established Nissin Brake do Brasil Ltda. in Brazil.
Oct. 1997 Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Mar. 1999 Invested in Showa UK Ltd. in the UK
Jan. 2000 Built a test course named Tochigi Center Proving in Minami-Nasu, Nasu-gun, Tochigi.
Jun. 2000 Invested in Nippon Brake Industry Co., Ltd. in Hachioji, Tokyo.
Jul. 2000 Consolidated six affiliated companies in Thailand to establish Nissin Brake (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Daisin Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2000 Established Findlex Georgia Corp. in Georgia, USA
Mar. 2002 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
May 2002 Established Nissin R&D Europe S.L. in Spain.
May 2002 Established a joint-venture company, Japan Brake (Thailand) Co., Ltd., in Thailand together with Japan Brake Industrial Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2002 Nissin Soehi Seisakusyo absorbed Nissin Aoki Seisakusyo and changed the Company name to Nissin APS.
Dec, 2002 Established Zhongshan Nissan Industry Co., Ltd. in Guangdong province in China.
Feb. 2004 Findlex Corp. and Findlex Georgia Corp. changed their names to Nissin Brake Ohio Inc. and Nissin Brake Georgia Inc. respectively.
Feb. 2004 Established Nissin R&D Asia Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
Apr. 2004 Findlex Corp. changed its name to Nissin Brake Ohio Inc. and Findlex Georgia Corp. changed its name to Nissin Brake Georgia Inc.
May 2004 Acquired share capital in Ishii Corporation, which is a consolidated subsidiary.
Sep. 2005 Acquired capital in Yoshida Kogyo Co., Ltd., which is located in Saku, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.
Dec. 2006 Established Tungaloy Friction Material Vietnam Ltd. in Vietnam as a joint venture with Tungaloy Corporation.
Jan. 2007 Established Nissan Brake Indian Private Ltd. in India.
Oct. 2008 Nissin Brake Do Brasil Ltda. started operations at its Sao Paulo Plant.
Mar. 2010 Production of parts for four wheeled vehicles being conducted at the Muroga Plant was migrated to the Naoetsu Plant.
Oct. 2010 Established Zhongshan Nissin Industry Co., Ltd. in Guangdong, China.
Jan. 2012 Established P.T. Alcar Chemco Indonesia as a joint venture with the ALCAR Group.
Feb. 2012 Transferred stock shares it owned in Japan Brake Co., Ltd.
Nov. 2012 Established NISSIN BRAKE DE MEXICO,S.A DE C.V. in Mexico.
Mar. 2013 Transferred its stockholding in Nissin Showa UK Ltd.
Dec. 2013 Nissin R&D Europe S.L.U. opened a branch in Germany.
Jul. 2014 Established a new branch, Nissin R&D China-Chongqing, in Chongqing, China.
Sep. 2015

Formed an agreement with the Autoliv Group to create a joint venture for the automotive brake-control and brake-appliance business.

Established Autoliv Nissin Brake Systems Japan Co., Ltd. in Japan and Autoliv Nissin Brake Systems America LLC in the USA.

Nov. 2015

Established Autoliv Nissin Brake Research Asia Co., Ltd. in Thailand.

P.T. Chemco Harapan Nusantara of Indonesia merged and absorbed P.T. Alcar Chemco Indonesia.

Dec. 2015

Established Autoliv Nissin Brake Systems (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. in China.

Mar. 2016 Spun off the automotive brake-control and brake appliance businesses in Japan, the USA, China and Thailand and formed them into a joint venture with the Autoliv Group.
Jun. 2016 Moved the Company headquarters from Ueda City to Tomi City in Nagano Prefecture.
Jun. 2019 Transferred all shares in Veoneer Nissin Brake Systems America LLC to Veoneer Roadscape Automotive, Inc. , a wholly owned subsidiary of Veoneer.
Oct. 2019 Agreed at board of directors meeting that the final M&A and dissolution of Keihin, Showa,  and the Company would be finalized, and that Hitachi Automotive Systems would emerge as the surviving company, based on an M&A agreement formed among six companies as parties to the agreement, which also includes Hitachi Limited and Honda Motor besides the aforementioned four companies.
Feb. 2020 Acquired additional stock shares in Veoneer Nissin Brake Systems Japan and Veoneer Nissin Brake Systems (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., dissolving the joint-venture with Veoneer. As a result, the companies were renamed Nissin Brake Systems Co., Ltd. and Nissin Brake Systems Zhongshan Co., Ltd. (currently consolidated subsidiaries).

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